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Vaping Vs Smoking : Differences Worth Knowing

Any type of addiction is dangerous to health. Vaping and smoking are two such addictions. Vaping is generally seen as a safer alternative to smoking. There are significant differences between vaping and smoking and we will look at some of those differences in this current article.

Vaping Vs Smoking

Vaping Vs Smoking: Differences Worth Knowing

We have known about the smoking of tobacco cigarette. However, there is something which makes use of flavored steam or vapor containing nicotine which is a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette or vaporizers (or e-cigarettes). Such cigarettes are also known as e-cigarettes which make use of nicotine. Using such a type of cigarette is called vaping, while using tobacco cigarette (that produces smoke) is called smoking.

Let us take a look on some of the differences between vaping and smoking.

  1. Vaping Vs Smoking: Difference Based on How They Impact Our Body

    Vaping or using e-cigarettes or vaporizers can cause dependence as most of the e-liquids comprises of nicotine. There have been scientific studies which tell about the dangerous health risks of vaping or the way they impact our body. As per one study published in the New England journal of Medicine, during 2015; if someone vapes at a very high temperature, Formaldehyde (or a chemical which is a known carcinogen) can be produced and inhaled. However, the same study also explained that when vaping is done at moderately high temperature, there were no traces of Formaldehyde. So, it can be said that so far, no scientific study has provided any solid proof that vaping can have life-threatening consequences as smoking.

    Smoking tobacco cigarettes contains lots of harmful chemicals, at least 70 of which are known to be cancer-causing agents. When such types of chemicals enter one’s body, they impact every organ they come in contact with and also many organs they even do not come in direct contact with. Some of the minor health issues like a cough to lethal disorders such as lung cancer and heart diseases can be caused by smoking. In fact, smoking tobacco is the biggest avoidable cause of death all over the world. As per cancer.org; smoking kills about 6 million people around the world every year.

  2. Vaping Vs Smoking: Differences Based on Health and Safety

    Vaping can be considered as safer that smoking. In case of vaping, a liquid or e-liquid containing nicotine (not of high concentration) may be employed. It must also be mentioned that though vaping may be considered as safer than smoking, it too contains several chemicals that are not very good for your health.

    However in case of smoking lots of dangerous chemicals, especially the cancer causing chemicals are used which may causes major health issues to not only the person smoking but also to the person who inhales the secondhand smoke.

  3. Vaping Vs Smoking: Differences Based on Availability

    Finding vaporizers for vaping can be much harder than getting tobacco cigarettes for smoking. In fact cigarettes are pretty much available everywhere. For buying vaporizers and their assorted product lines, you need to go for online markets or can find then in some markets and many tobacco and vaporizer stores.

  4. Vaping Vs Smoking: Differences on Legal Status

    Coming to the differences on legal status of vaping and smoking; it is like that for those who vape, the use of vaporizers is slowly being outlawed in public places, city by city. And such bans do not seem to ever lift up/ so, unless new research is discovered, it is likely that the bans will continue until vaping is just as prohibited as smoking is.
    Smoking cigarette has been banned in some form or another ever since they started appearing. They were at first banned on airlines, then in government buildings and later in various public places.

  5. Vaping Vs Smoking: Differences on Social Acceptance

    In case of vaping; the vapor does not smell bad like smoke in case of smoking cigarette. It is also that vaping vapors does not discolor your teeth or makes your breath smell bad. In fact it smells good like vanilla or candy depending on the e-liquid you use.

    However the smoke from smoking tobacco cigarettes is really disturbing and unacceptable by many people who do not smoke. Smoking also discolors your teeth and gives you a bad breath.

    So, it can be said that vaping is more acceptable than smoking in society.

  6. Vaping Vs Smoking: Differences on Cost Effectiveness

    Now comparing Vaping and Smoking in terms of money one has to spend, vaping comes out as a clear winner. Though there are many cheaper options available; the very best high-end vaporizers costs somewhere around $250. After purchasing a vaporizer, all you need to buy is your favorite e-liquid, and it must be mentioned that almost all e-liquids come at a nominal cost. However, coming to the cost of smoking cigarettes; your monthly cost will be somewhere around $300 depending on the place where you live.

    So, switching to vaping from smoking can help you in saving big bucks.


It must be highlighted that may it be smoking or vaping; any kind of addiction is injurious to self and other’s health too. So, try to keep away from the addiction and enjoy a healthy, fit and fine life.


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