5 Ways to Balance Hormones Naturally

Hormone imbalance is when one or more of the hormones are present in the wrong quantities. These chemical messengers can wreak havoc on your body.

Fatigue, numbness, depression, and anxiety are just a few of the things that you’ll experience. Most women go through serious issues like premenstrual syndrome too.

Of course – the solution is simple. Go to a doctor, and they’ll prescribe you medicine.

But what if you don’t want additional chemicals and foreign substances in your body? Well, then you need to learn how to regulate your hormones naturally.

In today’s post, we will discuss the best 5-ways in detail. From checkups to vitamins for PMS, here is everything you need to know about balancing female hormones naturally!

Know What’s Going on in Your Body

There are several different hormones in the female body. These include:

  • Estrogen – role in reproductive development
  • Progesterone – role in stabilizing the menstrual cycle and pregnancy
  • Testosterone (found in small quantities) – role in fertility, menstruation, and red blood cell production

Other general hormones include insulin, serotonin, cortisol, hormones of the thyroid, etc. All these can cause an imbalance in the system. So, the first thing you must do is get a checkup.

Book an appointment with your doctor and ask them to do a detailed hormone test. This will show you whether you need to work on main sex hormones or some others.

Record Your Cycle

The menstrual cycle has great insights to offer about your hormonal health. You need to track the cycle and record how you’re feeling in each phase.

For example, if you’re feeling more exhausted than usual from day 1st till the 14th, then you probably have an estrogen imbalance.

It’s best if you keep a journal and note all your findings in it. This will give you a better view of what’s going on in your body. Once you’ve developed a good understanding, it’s time to find ways to resolve the issues naturally.

Eat a Balanced Diet

You’re what you eat. So, if you eat a healthy and balanced diet, you’re providing the body with the nutrients it needs to produce the hormones.

We recommend visiting a dietitian to get a specialized plan for yourself. But if you wish to skip the trouble, try these hormone-balancing foods:

  • Leafy vegetables
  • Quinoa, legumes, and beans
  • Olive oil
  • Flax and pumpkin seeds

Consider Hormone Supplements

Many women hesitate to try supplements, but they’re a quick way out of hormonal issues. These supplements don’t include any harmful chemicals or substances. Instead, they have B vitamins, probiotics, and lecithin.

That said, it’s best to do thorough research and get a professional consultation before taking any hormone balance supplements for women.

Take Deep Sleep

Sleep can solve a lot of life problems – quite literally!

When you sleep, the brain shuts down everything in your body and focuses on repairing the damage. It also works on making temporary memories into permanent ones.

So, what does sleep do for your hormones? Well, sleep regulates cortisol, which is a stress hormone. One of its main objectives is to regulate other hormones in the body.

Perhaps, now, you can see how a good night’s sleep can fix most of your hormonal issues!

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Last Modified On:November 22, 2023

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