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Why Do I Sweat More Than Others?

Sweating is a natural and essential bodily process. Though sweating at a normal amount is natural and required for the body, too much sweat can make you feel embarrassed. Do you feel that you are sweating more than others? Read further to know about it.

What Could Make You Sweat More Than Others?

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a condition where you sweat more because the sweat glands turn overactive.

Around 2.8% of Americans live with hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.(1) Persistent sweating could be a problem. Research suggests that sweating too much can affect all aspects of your life.(1)

You might sweat more than others because of the following reasons.

You Are Exposed To Hot Weather

When we are exposed to hotter temperatures, we naturally sweat more. Our bodies are designed to maintain an internal body temperature within a temperature range of 91.76 to 100.76 degrees Fahrenheit. When we get exposed to high temperatures, our body works to cool itself and maintain its internal temperature within a safe range. This is when sweating occurs.

Thus, sweating is a way that allows the body to cool down. The ability of our body to regulate its internal core temperature is known as Thermoregulation. This process of thermoregulation initiates sweating.(2)

You Might Be Exercising A Lot

Exercise improves the ability of our body to produce sweat and keep itself cool. Those individuals who exercise daily, especially in the heat, can produce more sweat while exercising. This aids their bodies to perform better and longer with less physiological strain.(3)

If you sweat more due to exercise then you should drink water before, during, and after the workout to replace lost fluids and to help your body cool down. This would also prevent dehydration.

Diabetes Could Make You Sweat More

Are you diabetic? If yes, then you would sweat more than others and also in normal. You might experience night sweats, or excessive perspiration when your blood sugar level is low. Apart from this, you might also be sweating more because of a side effect of diabetes medications including insulin.

Consuming Excessive Alcohol

Consuming too much alcohol can also cause you to sweat more than others. Alcohol can increase your heart rate and widen your blood vessels in the skin, which can make you sweaty. You can also sweat more if you are going through alcohol withdrawal.

Certain Medications Can Make You Sweat More

Some medications, including those medicines taken for diabetes, blood pressure medications, NSAIDs, and antidepressants can also make you sweat. So, if you are taking any of these medications then it is natural to sweat more than others.

Sweating Could Be More Due To Infection

If you are suffering from any infection, you might be sweating more than others. Some examples of infections that could make you sweat more are tuberculosis, endocarditis (a condition that leads to inflammation of the inner lining of your heart), and osteomyelitis (bone infection).

Your Anxiety Could Make You Sweat More Than Others

Are you suffering from anxiety or are you stressed? If yes, then you might sweat more than others. Stress hormones trigger the sweat glands and they increase your heart rate and blood pressure, which ultimately leads to an increase in the temperature of your body. Emotional stress causes more sweat on our palms and soles.

Hormones Could Be Blamed For Excessive Sweating

When you are during your menopause years you would sweat more. Around 75% of women during menopause experience acute bouts of excessive sweating or a hot flush.(4) During menopause there is a fluctuation in the estrogen levels. They might sometime go up and at times come down. This makes it hard for your hypothalamus to know if it requires cooling down your body or not. Thus, it can make you feel hot and sweaty.

You Might Sweat More Than Others If You Are Very Fit

Your fitness level has also a lot to do with how much you sweat. If you sweat more than others, you might be fitter than others.

When you are active, your body temperature spikes. So, the higher the intensity, the more will you sweat. Studies have shown that athletes sweat sooner and also more heavily than others as they have a higher maximum oxygen uptake, which is the measure of high cardiovascular fitness along with aerobic endurance.(5)

Your Big Body Size Might Make You Sweat More

Bigger-sized people generate more heat than others because they have to move more body mass. When they generate more heat, they tend to sweat more. So, if you have a big body size then you might sweat more than others.

You Might Have Fever If You Sweat More Than Others

Your body temperature raises when you have fever. You could experience chills at first. However, as your fever breaks and the temperature comes down, you will feel too hot and sweaty since your body starts working to regulate its temperature back to normal.

Your Sex Or Gender Might Make You Sweat More

Studies have shown that men sweat more than women. Women have more sweat glands, however, the sweat glands in men tend to be more active than those of women. Thus, they tend to sweat more.(6) So, if you are a man then you might sweat more than your fellow women mates.

Eating Too Many Spicy Foods and Caffeine

You might sweat more than others if you are eating too many spicy foods and taking more caffeine. Drinking caffeine activates your CNS or Central nervous system, which controls your body’s sweat glands. Spicy foods like hot sauce can also trigger your sweat glands.

When To See Your Doctor?

Though occasional sweating is okay and is not a big concern, however, if you are sweating more than others then you need to see your doctor. You should make sure to consult with your doctor if you sweat excessively even if it is not too hot.

Moreover, if your skin is turning white or peeling, if you experience frequent skin infections because of excessive sweating, then you should see your doctor. Sometimes, sweating can also cause emotional distress and interfere with your life. This is also a time when you should consult with your healthcare provider.

Your doctor might begin with a physical examination and ask for your clinical history. You might even be screened for infection, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, or other diseases that can lead to excessive sweating.

To know the severity of sweating and identify areas where you sweat more, your doctor might prescribe a sweat test that involves coating the skin with a substance that changes color when you begin to sweat.

Ways To Manage Your Excessive Sweat

To help manage excessive sweat, you can try out the following ways.

  • Drink More Water: You should stay hydrated when you are prone to more sweating. This would help in regulating your body temperature.
  • Use Clinical-Strength Antiperspirant: You can find these antiperspirants from a chemist’s store. While purchasing antiperspirants you should look for products with 15% to 20% aluminum chloride.
  • Wear Light Breathable Clothing: Light and loose clothing would help you if you sweat a lot. Choose cotton fabrics that allow for good airflow.
  • Go For Botox: Ask if this could help in controlling sweating. Botox treatments include injecting botulinum toxin to control sweating

Apart from all these, ask your dermatologist about other ways to get rid of excessive sweating.

Take Away

Sweating too much or sweating more than others can affect your life in various ways. If you feel you might have some underlying condition that could be causing you to sweat more then you should seek medical help and get yourself treated well.


Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Sheetal DeCaria, M.D. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:December 2, 2022

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