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Can Ocular Albinism Go Away On Its Own & What Are Its Natural Remedies?

Ocular albinism is a genetic disorder that affects one’s eyes. it occurs when there is less or no pigment melanin in one’s eyes. that includes eyelashes, eyebrows, and irises. It is an extremely rare condition and is seen mostly in boys and rarely in girls.(1)(3)

Can Ocular Albinism Go Away On Its Own?

Ocular albinism is a genetic disorder. It can neither go away on its own nor by treatment. However, its symptoms can be managed, and the quality of life can be improved in some cases. Those affected with ocular albinism can follow some steps so that their eyes are protected, and their vision is improved.(2)

What Are The Natural Remedies For Ocular Albinism?

Certain home remedies and lifestyle changes can help you manage the symptoms of ocular albinism. These may include:

  • Using Certain Aids For Remedying Low-Vision- A magnifier, monocular or a magnifying glass can help in improving the vision-related difficulties
  • Protecting Eyes- Those affected by ocular albinism should always protect their eyes from harmful UV rays, harsh sunlight and bright light.
  • In the school, you may ask the teachers to help your child with the seat at the front, as it will be difficult for him to read anything from the back of the room
  • Textbooks with a large print can help. In today’s digital world, tablets can also be helpful for the same job.
  • Whatever is written on the board, print outs in large font for the same can be given to the child for the ease of reading
  • Using black and white prints can be more helpful than using color prints, as those are more contrast in nature.
  • Use dim lights instead of bright lights in the classroom can be helpful.
  • While studying on a computer, an enlarged font can help read things easily
  • Affected students should be given additional time to complete their exams, tests or reading their study material(2)

Coping with ocular albinism, especially in kids can be quite challenging. To better manage ocular albinism, start working with your child’s teachers and school administrators quite early. Explain to the school people about albinism and the way it affects your child mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Enquire about services that the institution provides in case of the child’s needs.

Ocular albinism makes it quite challenging for the child to develop socially. Special skills taught to the child about how to deal with other people’s reactions to his condition can go a long way in building up his self-esteem.

  • Ask your child about his experiences and feelings quite often
  • Tell him how to respond if someone is embarrassing or teasing him
  • A mental health professional can gently guide the child when he’s feeling low

Support groups can be of immense help, as these include many other people with the same kind of condition. Talking about similar things might make it just a tad bit easier for your child to deal with his problems.(3)

Ocular albinism is a genetic disorder. It can be quite challenging for the affected person, especially a child to get accustomed to his condition and behavior of other people toward him. Though there is no cure for this condition, treatment can be started to minimize the impairment of the vision. Natural remedies can help in improving the condition and coping with ocular albinism.


Ocular albinism cannot go away on its own as it is a genetic disorder. That said, even with treatment, a complete reversal of the condition is not possible. The eye problems due to the disorder can be managed with a yearly eye examination and other measures if needed. Some natural remedies can help you or your child in arresting further vision impairment and coping with ocular albinism.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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