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Can Bell’s Palsy Go Away On Its Own & What Are Its Natural Remedies?

There’s no specific test for Bell’s palsy. It can be diagnosed only based on clinical examination.(1)

Imitation of symptoms of Bell’s palsy can also be seen in some other conditions such as a stroke, infections, Lyme disease, and tumors, etc.(1)

Can Bell’s Palsy Go Away On Its Own?

Bell’s palsy is a temporary and self-limiting phenomenon that can reverse itself with time. Many of the cases of Bell’s palsy are seen to get cured itself within a period of few days to few months. Sometimes there is even no history of any treatment taken for the condition, so it is quite possible that it can go away on its own.(2)

But it is not a prudent thing to do, as this is also a serious condition which can produce a lot of symptoms and disabilities which may greatly affect the quality of life of the individual. When the patient suffers from symptoms of Bell’s palsy such as inability to close eyes, deviation of the mouth, absence of frowning, inability to move facial muscles on the affected side then the patients should go to the doctor for expert consultation.

Immediate treatment with glucocorticoids like prednisolone is to be started to limit the damage to the facial nerve and prevent the condition from further deterioration.

Physiotherapy is the best mode of treatment and has shown great results in various trials. It should be started to regain the control of facial muscles of the affected side and improve the physical disfigurement.

What Are The Natural Remedies For Bell’s Palsy?

Apart from the medical treatment regimen that can be followed there is a lot of scope in handling this condition with the help of natural remedies. These preferably include all those measures that can help to improve the symptoms as well as stop the deterioration of this condition. A patient with Bell’s palsy is known to have a problem of lid lag in which there is an inability of the eye to get closed. That eye is prone to dehydration and dryness and must be protected. Regular eye drops and eye closure by external measures should be done to prevent eye damage.

For the sake of pain relief, over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol are sufficient in most cases. Physical therapy and massage should be continued on the affected side to improve the function and its control.

Few other older techniques have also been found to help in this condition such as acupuncture and biofeedback. In acupuncture, the piercings are done with the help of very fine needles into the affected area up to certain depth which helps to stimulate the nerve endings and increase the pain relief and rehabilitation.(3)

Biofeedback is a purposeful and conscious training of the mind in such a way that it can control the movement of facial muscles of the affected part by regular practice. It can be enhanced by the use of some electrical devices which may help to stimulate the nerve endings and improve the functional rehabilitation. The mechanism by which biofeedback therapy works is not known.(4)


It is a temporary condition and is very much possible that it can go away on its own without any treatment but it is not a recommended way. Because in a few of the cases, it may not recover at all or may even deteriorate further which may not get reversed. It can lead to permanent physical and functional disability which affects the quality of life of the individual.

Physical therapy and massage are the best ways to regain control of the affected muscles. Acupuncture and biofeedback have also shown good results but there is a lot of research pending in this area.


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