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Can Chewing Gums Cause Wrinkles Around Face & Mouth?

Can Chewing Gums Cause Wrinkles Around Face & Mouth?

According to several studies “chewing gum promotes muscle over-activity and potentially breaks down support tissue within the skin, contributing to volume loss and perhaps loss of skin elasticity”.

There has been a lot of debate on whether chewing gum causes wrinkles around face and mouth. According to a lot of physicians, people who chew gum compulsively are likely to develop wrinkles around their mouth.

According to several studies “chewing gums promotes muscle over-activity and potentially breaks down support tissue within the skin, contributing to volume loss and perhaps loss of skin elasticity.”

It is believed that the wrinkles around face and mouth are caused by the repetitive motion of chewing, which causes the skin around the mouth to fold and eventually cause lines.

Additionally, if you have got cosmetic fillers injected in to your skin to get rid of wrinkles, chewing gum after a filler treatment stops the results from lasting as long by dislodging the fillers.

This means your wrinkles around face and mouth will come back faster if you keep chewing gum after having cosmetic treatments done to get rid of them.

Can Chewing Gums Cause Wrinkles Around Face & Mouth?

Should You Chew Gum or Not

  • Researchers say that as long as you chew only occasionally, you should be fine. Just try to lay off the gum if you’ve had a recent filler treatment or if you already have lines as a result of your gum-chewing habits.
  • Chewing gum causes unnecessary wear and tear of the cartilage that acts as a shock absorber in your jaw joints. Once damaged, this area can create pain and discomfort for a lifetime.
  • People who chew gum start getting wrinkles in a weird pattern around the mouth and if the practice is continued, it will result in the creation of thick lines and folds on the facial skin which can deepen further.
  • It has been observed that repeated facial expressions like smiling, squinting or, frowning actually leave marks on your skin. As we grow old, these expressions leave their imprints on the skin which keeps deepening further with time. However, with regular facial and other exercises you can strengthen skin tissues which can also help on improving elasticity of the skin. For such issues, jaw exercises are also very helpful.

With the above mentioned points it is clear that with the over and repetitive facial movements, certain patterns in the form of lines and grooves appear on the skin. With regular habit of chewing gums, the facial movements are aggravated and thus the facial activity further increases the possibility of appearance of lines and grooves. So, you should not blindly just keep on popping gums into your mouth.

You should rather watch the number of gums you put in your mouth and popping balloons put of them is strictly refrained and it puts all the facial muscles into action which then increases the chances of wrinkles appearing early.

There are also few benefits of chewing gum in limited quantities as it keeps the jaw in action and keep it well exercised and also helps in relieving stress.


There are advantages as well as disadvantages of chewing gums, so in the end it is alright to say that you need not completely refrain yourself from chewing a gum in your mouth. Just make sure that you do not keep doing it one after the other. Too much of chewing gums can harm your skin, but having it rarely may sometimes help you as well. Just remember to chew it in moderation.


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