Worst Foods For Skin That Can Cause Wrinkle, Pimples, Acne

“You are what you eat” is absolutely true and it reflects on your skin too. Are you aware that your skin and your looks depend much on the diet you take? Yes, of course, there are foods, which can help your skin glow and make you look great. But there are also some worst foods for your skin, which are best avoided. It is necessary to know about such foods, so that you can avoid them and have a beautifully glowing skin.

Certain foods, which are considered as worst foods for your skin often tend to cause inflammation and cell damage leading to wrinkles, pimples and acne. This in turn triggers oxidative stress and gradually damages the DNA and collagen thus damaging your looks making you seem older. So if you want to look younger, you should definitely plan your diet.

Many foods are considered healthy for your skin. There are foods to maintain hydration of your skin. Fresh fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, foods rich in omega-3-fatty acids like fatty fish, nuts, seeds, etc. and water can protect your skin from damage and keep it healthy and glowing.

Worst Foods for Skin That Can Cause Wrinkle, Pimples, Acne

Worst Foods for Skin That Can Cause Wrinkle, Pimples, Acne

There are few forbidden food items which should be avoided to prevent wrinkles, pimples and acne breakouts. Foods like caffeine, fatty foods, chocolate and red meat cause skin problems. Know about worst foods for your skin that can cause wrinkles, pimples and acne and make changes in your diet.


Candy is one of the worst foods for your skin. Candies are made of processed sugar, which can seriously damage the collagen and make your skin more prone to pimple and acne. Kids and teens who eat lots of candies often face this problem more often. Excessive consumption of any sugary foods can cause skin damage and make it look unhealthy.

Sugary Smoothies

Just like candies, sugary foods and particularly sugary smoothies can cause great damage to your skin. Basically sugar is considered harmful for your skin and anything which is loaded with simple sugars is one of the worst foods for your skin. Be it smoothies, ice creams, yoghurt, colas or other sugar laden desserts, the glucose in it can cause inflammation. It can damage your skin and can cause wrinkles, pimples and acne.

Rice Cakes

Earlier rice cakes were thought to be good but not anymore. Frequent consumption of rice cakes can cause increase in blood sugar levels and cause more damage to your skin and overall health. It damages the protective mechanism of the skin and wrinkle fighting protein-collagen, thereby making your skin appear saggy and wrinkled at an early age.


Certainly, alcohol is one of the natural diuretics and it clearly signifies that the more you are drink the more dehydrated you will be. Your natural moisture would soon be wiped off, which can result in wrinkles and fine lines and old looking skin. Thus, alcohol can not only affect your health but is also one of the worst foods for your skin.


Without salt, the food seems tasteless but too much salt consumption can increase water retention. This can lead to swelling, especially the skin around the eyes, which can make them appear boggy. Apart from this, salt can cause more damage to the skin cells and hence is included in the list of worst foods for your skin.


If you are wondering how shellfish can disturb your skin, well lobster, shrimp and crab consume seaweed. These are loaded in iodine and when you consume food loaded with too much of iodine, it increases your risk of acne and breakouts. Although such foods can cause skin damage if they are taken in large quantities for a long time, they are still considered as one of the worst foods for your skin.

Fast Food and Junk Food

It often happens that to satiate our craving for food we consume fast food and junk food which is high in glycemic index and saturated fat. Research proves that those who are into consuming such food, seen to be developing blemishes. Such foods are definitely the worst foods for your skin as they not only trigger inflammation but contain high amounts of salts, sugars and preservatives, which can affect the skin health causing wrinkles, pimples and acne.


Certainly, fats are important to have supple and healthy skin. But that’s possible only when you have healthy fats, like those found on nuts and seeds. Fats like margarine, basically contain trans-fat, which can zap out moisture from your skin. Margarine is one of the worst foods for your skin and regular consumption of it can make your skin look dull and wrinkle faster than ever. Make healthier choices, go for low fat products and avoid trans-fat containing products completely.


Undoubtedly, milk is good as it is one of the best resources for calcium. Milk is great for good health but not necessarily for your skin. Milk is loaded with growth hormones and substances which can cause inflammation and affect the skin. This can ultimately cause skin acne and affect your skin. Organic milk may be considered good in some cases.

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