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Coping Methods For Oral Thrush & Can You Have Thrush For Years?

Oral thrush refers to an oral infection, which takes place from the yeast named Candida fungus.(1)

Coping Methods To Deal With Oral Thrush

Patients suffering from oral thrush should follow a few of the home remedies or coping methods to treat the problem of oral thrush. Accordingly-

Saltwater: Salt comes with cleansing, antiseptic and soothing properties, which makes it a common type of home remedy to deal with different types of oral problems. Indeed, when you rinse your mouth by using saltwater, you may expect to relieve your oral thrush symptoms in less period.

Yogurt: Yogurt or probiotic type of yogurt contains good live bacterial culture to treat the problem of oral thrush. These cultures do not destroy or kill the yeast of Candida. However, they prevent its growth largely, while assists in the restoration of the proper balance between good and bad bacteria in one’s mouth. Moreover, yogurt is a soft food, you may even have it in the case you face difficulty in swallowing your food because of the painful throat and mouth lesions.

Baking Soda: A large number of research studies have proved that sodium bicarbonate is a strong disinfectant of oral Candida albicans, which are adhered to the acrylic resin. The test intends to stimulate the disinfection of one’s dentures daily. Because of this, you may get help in the treatment of oral thrush by rinsing your mouth by using baking soda.

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice comes with antifungal and antiseptic properties to help you in fighting against various fungi, which cause oral thrush. Lemon juice has especially proved to be effective to treat people suffering from HIV aids.

Gentian Violet: Gentian violet is a violet-colored and synthetic dye and it comes with antifungal properties. This is a common type of home remedy to deal with oral thrush and you may purchase it even without prescription at online sites or any of the nearby pharmacies.

Turmeric: Turmeric has obtained its vibrant yellow color from a powerful compound called curcumin, which comes with various anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin has proved to be a strong antifungal against both non-albicans and Albicans species present in Candida, particularly, when it combines with piperine. Here, piperine refers to a compound present in black pepper and it allows easy absorption of turmeric in one’s body.

Apple Cider Vinegar: People with dental fixtures or dentures remain at a high risk to suffer from oral thrush. Dentures, which fail to fit perfectly or may not undergo cleaning provide an ideal environment for thriving of Candida. This leads to denture stomatitis or dentures’ oral thrush. Positively, these people may get relief from apple cider vinegar, as it contains antifungal properties to oppose Candida and hence, constitutes an excellent alternative for people suffering from denture stomatitis.

Oregano Oil: Oregano oil is mainly useful in the flavoring of food items. However, it also contains antifungal and antimicrobial abilities, because of which the oil is effective to handle Candida albicans.

Clove Oil: Clove oil contains eugenol as the primary compound and hence, it is effective to treat oral thrush in the same way, as done by an antifungal drug named Nystatin.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C or ascorbic acid even though does not cure the condition of oral thrush directly; is essential for the proper functioning of your immune system. It mainly encourages the production of white blood cells to protect one’s body from certain infections, including the problem of oral thrush.(2)

Can You Have Oral Thrush For Years?

Are you suffering from oral thrush for many years? In some cases, treatment prescribed to treat oral thrush fails to clear the infection completely and hence it recurs. Hence, you should make sure to complete the entire course of your thrush treatment even when you do not experience any of the underlying symptoms. Secondly, diabetic people may get thrush repeatedly, as higher blood-sugar levels, create an environment for the growth of Candida fungus.(3)


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