Why Do Gums Swell During Pregnancy And How To Treat Them?

“Pregnancy is the most wonderful phase in every woman’s life.” However, there are many difficult conditions, ill health and irritating symptoms seen and experienced by a pregnant lady during her entire course of pregnancy. One such symptom is the swollen gums, which may be sore or also may be more susceptible to bleeding. This inflammation is primarily caused due to certain hormonal changes occurring during the pregnancy. In this current article, we will take a look on the fact why exactly gums swell during pregnancy and will note down some of the effective treatments for swollen gums in pregnancy.

Gums Swell During Pregnancy

Why Do Gums Swell During Pregnancy: Explained!

Almost 50% of the would-be mothers suffer from the swollen, red and tender gums that also at times bleed, especially when brushed or flossed. This is primarily due to a gum disease known as the pregnancy gingivitis. Because of hormonal changes during the pregnant phase in woman, she is likely to suffer from gingivitis where the gums receive an excessive blood flow supply, causing them to swell. The hormonal changes during pregnancy also give rise to inflammation in the gums where the gums are more sensitive to the bacteria in plaque. The severity of pregnancy gingivitis or swollen gums is seen during the second trimester of the pregnancy.

There are also chances of the growth of a benign nodule on your gums which might bleed while you brush your teeth. Such a nodule is called as a Pregnancy tumor or pyogenic granuloma and is rarely seen. These pregnancy tumors usually can develop up to three quarters of an inch in their size and mainly appear in the portion where you have gingivitis. It must be noted that such rare nodules on gums are usually not harmful and also are painless. You can also keep your relaxed breaths with the fact that most of the pregnancy tumor disappear with the childbirth. However, in case they do not disappear you need to remove them if they cause discomfort or interfere while chewing or brushing. Though such pregnancy tumors grow up anywhere in the body, they are more likely to develop on the mouth.

Can Swollen Gums in Pregnancy Cause any Danger?

Though in most cases swollen gums may not be dangerous; however, in some cases the swollen gums in pregnancy gingivitis may cause danger to the pregnancy or childbirth. Gingivitis when left untreated in pregnancy may lead to a condition called periodontitis, which in turn may cause a preterm childbirth and low-birth weight in the child. However, it must also be informed that such cases are seen only in case the pregnant mothers suffer from serious gum diseases.

When is it Essential to Visit a Dentist in Swollen Gums during Pregnancy?

It is necessary to meet a doctor and go for the prescribed diagnosis and treatments in case you have symptoms of severe swelling, pain, bad breath, redness of gums or in case your gums bleed while brushing or chewing.

Treatments for Swollen Gums in Pregnancy:

Swollen gums in pregnancy can occur due to pregnancy gingivitis or pregnancy tumors. Following are some of the treatments which can be practiced in order to treat such conditions in pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy tumors can cause your gums to swell. Though such tumors are harmless and get disappeared after your baby is born; yet at times it might cause discomfort or may bleed while brushing or chewing. Such tumors are necessary to be removed. Your dental health care provider will undergo a simple removal procedure on you under local anesthesia so as to remove the pregnancy tumor. It must also be noted that even after removal, tumors may again develop in the gums.
  • There are also certain antibiotics which are pregnancy safe drugs. You can consult with your doctor and go for such safe drugs during pregnancy so as to treat the swollen gum conditions.
  • Plaques built up can cause your gums to swell. Your dentist might follow the necessary procedures to remove the plaques. You can go for a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums to a dentist and keep yourself safe from severity of the condition which might cause swollen or bleeding gums in pregnancy gingivitis.

Holistic Treatments and Home Remedies for Swollen Gums in Pregnancy:

Because of no or very less side effects; it is good to look for holistic treatments or take the best treat from the effective home remedies available for treating swollen gums in pregnancy. As the dentist practicing holistic treatments believe; one single tablet of 30c strength of Arnica taken three times in a day may ease the swelling and pain of swollen gums in pregnancy. There are many more holistic treatments for swollen gums which can be searched online. Here below are some of the best home remedies for swollen gums in pregnancy.

  • Eat a lot of vitamin C rich food for best of your gums’ health and take calcium filled diets for best dental support.
  • Go for warm salt water gargling twice in a day for reducing swelling of gums.
  • Take the best dental and oral care including brushing of teeth, flossing, and scrapping of tongue twice a day.
  • Chewing sugarless gums, or a handful of nuts or a chunk of cheese with antibacterial properties, after brushing your teeth and after eating meal can help in reducing the swelling of gums caused due to bacterial plaques.
  • One of the best home remedies for swollen gums can be rubbing of Aloe vera on the gums and rinsing your mouth with warm water.
  • Gargling with warm lemon water twice a day can also be an effective home remedy for swollen gums.
  • Various essential oils are known to be the best home remedies for swollen gums. One of the best essential oils is the tea tree oil. Massaging the oil over the affected gum may help in reducing the swelling, pain and irritation in gums and relief you from any discomfort.

How to Prevent Swollen Gums in Pregnancy?

There are ways to prevent swollen gums in pregnancy. Following are some of the best ways to prevent self or your known ones, from the encounter of swollen gums in pregnancy.

  • It is essential for you to avoid sweets or sugar for preventing swollen gums.
  • Giving a warm water rinse to the mouth regularly at morning and night will help in preventing the inflammation of gums or the swollen gum conditions in pregnancy.
  • It is good to brush and floss your teeth and gums twice a day for the best oral care.
  • Use a tooth brush with soft bristle and toothpaste containing fluoride for best dental care which can keep you protected from swollen gums.
  • It is advisable to have at least one oral check up with an expert dentist during your pregnancy.
  • Practicing good nutrition and healthy eating habits in pregnancy will help you keep safe from the swollen gums.
  • In case you are into smoking, stop smoking during pregnancy which can worsen the gum diseases.
  • Avoid mouthwashes containing alcohol during pregnancy.


Taking the best oral care for keeping safe from bacterial or germ built-up in teeth or causing swelling of gums, must be practiced by every individual. However, as women in their pregnancy are more susceptible to gum diseases, especially the swollen gum conditions, it is more important to take enough of good care of the teeth, gums and entire mouth during pregnancy. It must be kept in mind that at least a one-time dental check up keeps a great worth in preventing the severity of the swollen gums during pregnancy.

“A bit of your oral care can help you and your baby, live a healthy and full term pregnancy!”

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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