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Ways To Get Rid of Hard Boogers

Booger is the dried mucus in the nasal passage. Mucus is a very important fluid of the human body. It keeps your nasal passages lubricated and properly functional. The mucus not only keeps the soft inner nasal linings moist and lubricated but also helps to arrest dust, dirt, and other foreign particles, which entering into the human body is not really desirable.(1) What has been said as of now, we can understand that nasal mucus is good for the body. The problem arises when this mucus accumulates in the nasal passage.(2) With time it becomes hard and dry, it takes the form of boogers.

Ways To Get Rid Of Hard Boogers

Ways To Get Rid Of Hard Boogers

Boogers are irritating and unwanted elements in the nose. You can habitually or sometimes unknowingly start picking your nose to remove those boogers. Removing hard boogers can be difficult and painful if not done in a proper manner. Again, they must be done in the right way so that the whole affair will not look gross and ludicrous. Some effective ways to get rid of hard boogers are as follows:

Use Saline Spray To Get Rid Of Hard Boogers:

Hard boogers can really cling to the inner passages of your nasal tract. They can be quite stubborn at the time of getting rid of them. This happens as they become dry and hard. The trick lies in removing the element that adds to their stubborn nature – dryness. Adding some traditional nasal saline spray will moisten up these hard boogers.

Once they are adequately moistened, they can get removed with comparable ease.(2)

Use a Humidifier:

If you wish to prevent your nose mucus from drying up and forming the hard boogers you can actually work on the environment where you live for the longest stretch of time. Place a humidifier in the room. This will add all the required moisture in the room air. It will prevent your nose mucus from drying up and forming hard boogers. Even after the boogers are already formed you can use a humidifier to moisten up the air and hence moisten up the hard boogers. Once they are softer, removing them becomes a lot easier.(2)

Blow in Some Water To Get Rid Of Hard Boogers:

If you do not have nasal saline sprays at your ready disposal, you can also use some water to be blown into the nose. This can also effectively moisten the hard and dry boogers in your nasal passages. Once they are soft and moist, they can be easily removed.(3)

Steam Inhalation Can Help Get Rid Of Hard Boogers:

Steam is effective in removing these hard boogers. You can also try having a bath with hot water after which you can try removing these boogers. Inhaling steam however happens to be a much more effective way through which you can remove these stubborn snots. The hot steam carries a good amount of moisture that travels to your nasal passages in the form of vapor. However, once it touches the nasal passage, it condenses into the water softening up the hard boogers. This is an effective way to remove these sticky hard boogers even from a child’s nose.(2, 3)


The human respiratory system is stuffed with mucus. From the nose to the respiratory tract, mucus plays various roles. Inside the nasal passage, it acts like a natural air purifier. (4) The concern is the sticky and hard boogers. Removing these snots or hard boogers can indeed be a tough and tiring job. However, do not try to remove them with your fingers or worse still any kind of pin-like objects. It could hurt your internal nasal passages which can lead to bigger trouble like bleeding.(5)


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