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Fastest Ways To Remove Popcorn Kernel Stuck In Throat

Most of us enjoy eating popcorn, especially in the movie theaters. There are also people who love to eat popcorn at their homes in leisure time. This has become one of the favorite snacks of most of us. However, many a times it happens that we get a scratchy feeling in the throat while eating popcorn. This is probably due to the popcorn kernel being stuck in the throat. If this happens with you next time, the first thing that needs to be done is not to panic; and follow some of the fastest ways to remove the popcorn kernel from your throat. Read below to know about some of the fastest ways to remove popcorn kernel stuck in throat.

Fastest Ways To Remove Popcorn Kernel Stuck In Throat

Fastest Ways To Remove Popcorn Kernel Stuck In Throat:

Heilmlich Maneuver:

Heilmlich maneuver is known to be quite beneficial at dislodging any type of food particle out from the throat. This is also called as abdominal thrusts and is a first aid method that is used for treating the upper airway obstruction that might be caused by any foreign object. This type of life skill is taught commonly during basic life support classes and in advanced cardiac life support classes.(1)

The procedure requires some type of expertise to help another person. In this method the person stands behind the victim or the affected person clasping the hands around the patient’s waist. Then the clasped fist must be located in the middle part of the patient’s upper abdomen, just above the umbilicus. The person performing the Heilmlich maneuver must grasp his fist which is in the midsection and then push it up or offer it an upward thrust. However, it must be kept in mind not to put too much of pressure or else the rib might be damaged.

This procedure must be repeated until the popcorn kernel that is stuck in the throat, is expelled. This helps in removing the food items stuck in the throat because the air present inside the lungs is forced from your lungs to come out. It must be noted that at times this method might also cause vomiting in the affected person.

NOTE: Heilmlich maneuver or the procedure of abdominal thrust is performed in adults and children in different ways.(2)

Coughing and Swallowing:

One more effective and fastest ways to remove popcorn kernel stuck in throat is through coughing and swallowing alternatively. It actually helps to dislodge the popcorn kernel from the throat. Popcorn kernel can be removed from the throat by regularly rotating between the action of coughing and swallowing.

Drinking Water:

Drinking water is known to be the simplest and fastest ways to remove popcorn kernel stuck in throat. This might help you to wash away the kernel down the throat. You can also drink other liquids too.

Drinking Soda:

You may also try to drink soda for some effective results in removing the popcorn kernel stuck in throat. At times, the soda fizz might aid to remove the food particle stuck in the throat. You can also try Ginger Ale or any frothy liquid to remove the kernel from your throat and to wash it to your stomach.

Drinking Olive Oil Or Eating Egg Yolks:

It is also suggested by experts that drinking a little olive oil can even help to remove the popcorn kernel stuck in your throat. The Olive oil actually makes the passage of the throat quite slippery and this in turn helps in moving the kernel, down into the stomach. You can also eat egg yolks can also have the same effect in the throat passage; and by this you can help yourself to remove the popcorn kernel quite effectively.

Eating Some Other Food Stuff:

As per the experts, it is said that popcorn kernel go away when you eat some other food stuff. The kernel moves away to the stomach along with the other foods which you eat to remove the kernel. You can consume banana, cooked and sticky rice, or slices of fluffy bread. These foods actually give you quick and better results.


So, above we talked about some of the fastest ways to remove popcorn kernel stuck in throat. If you are experiencing a choke because of the popcorn kernel in throat and want to get rid of it then try out any of these above mentioned ways and experience the benefits by self. However, keep in mind that in case you do not get the desired results from these ways then rush to any nearby hospital or consult with a medical professional and take the best advice and treatments immediately.

NOTE: Because of the risk of the popcorn kernel being stuck in the throat, children must not be encouraged to eat popcorn.


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