What Causes Gurgling in the Throat & How to Get Rid of It?

Gurgling in the throat can be quite frightening for those who experience it. However, gurgling is nothing to worry about. Most people often feel a gurgle in their stomach and hardly ever pay attention to it. A gurgle is basically a bubbling sound like that of water flowing through a bottle. Anyone can have gurgling in their throat. But why does my throat gurgle after i swallow & how to get rid of it? Well, gurgling can occur because of several reasons. Along with the rumbling noise, several other associated symptoms like burning in throat and nausea may be experienced as well. These symptoms together with gurgling can help in identifying its right cause of rumbling in the throat. Once the underlying cause is diagnosed, the annoying gurgling sound can be stopped easily. Read on to know more about the causes and treatment of gurgling in the throat.

What Causes Gurgling in the Throat?

What Causes Gurgling in the Throat?

It is common to have gurgling in throat and most people do experience it sometime or the other in their life. Gurgling can occur because of several reasons. When suffering from cough with expectoration, a person can sometimes experience peculiar gurgling in throat after swallowing. Acid reflux and dysphagia are other common causes of gurgling in throat after swallowing. Esophagus is the food pipe through which food enters the stomach. The sphincter present at the lower end of the esophagus prevents food from re-entering the food pipe, once it has gone into the stomach. When the sphincter becomes weak and incompetent, the ingested gastric content can reverse back in the esophagus and can further rise up till the throat and mouth. This condition is termed as acid reflux. When having an acid reflux, a person can experience gurgling sound in their throat. It is specifically experienced when the person is bending over or is in a supine position. Dysphagia means difficulty in swallowing. In this condition, more effort and time is taken for the food or liquid to move from the mouth to the stomach. Occasional difficulty in swallowing can occur when one eats too fast or does not chew their food properly. This can be accompanied by gurgling in the throat as well, and usually is not a cause for concern. Croaking and gurgling sound from the throat can also occur if something is stuck in the throat. The individual may have swallowed some type of foreign body in the past. This should especially be remembered when a child is experiencing gurgling in the throat. The rumbling sound from the throat can also arise due to the repressed emotions of the person. However, this cause is concluded only after all other causes have been excluded.

How to Get Rid of Gurgling in Throat?

Although gurgling in throat is mostly experienced for a short while, it can, however, make the individual feel embarrassed and annoyed. But if gurgling persists quite often, the sufferer should seek medical attention. Since gurgling can happen due to many reasons, it is necessary to ascertain the underlying cause for determining the appropriate treatment. For instance, if collection of sputum in throat due to cough is causing gurgling in the throat, the patient would need to take medicines to expel the sputum.

They can even use steam inhalation to loosen the sputum. In case of acid reflux, throat gurgling is accompanied by other associated symptoms like posture and meal related burning in chest and throat. Once acid reflux is diagnosed, the patient needs to alter their life style and food habits to control this problem of throat gurgling after swallowing. They should avoid having aerated drinks, spicy food, and alcohol, and also quit smoking to reduce acid reflux and to get rid of throat gurgling after swallowing.

Certain postures can also prove helpful in preventing acid reflux. For instance, the patient should avoid bending and must try to lie down in the supine or left lateral position with their head 6 inches above the horizontal position. People should chew their food well and eat slowly to prevent dysphagia and the associated gurgling in the throat. When throat gurgling is being caused by an impacted foreign body stuck in the throat, the condition should be treated as an emergency and the patient should get hospitalized immediately for proper treatment.

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