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Best Exercises/Activities For Ocular Rosacea

Ocular rosacea is an eye disease characterized by redness in the white portion of the eye. It usually appears as a preceding symptom before the skin rosacea manifests symptoms. Its symptoms involve dry eyes, sensitivity to light, red and swollen eyelids, frequent styes, and many more. Its risk factors include age between 30 to 60 years, white skin, light-colored hair or eyes, women in their menopausal age, and many more. It is more common in women than in men. It can be treated with anti-inflammatory medicines, maintaining self-hygiene, consumption of omega-3 fatty acids and many more

Best Exercises/Activities For Ocular Rosacea

Best Exercises/Activities For Ocular Rosacea

Ocular rosacea can be managed by following a strict eye care routine. This routine can be maintained by performing specific exercises and activities. These activities should be performed even after this condition appears to clear. Following these activities are also helpful to prevent the flare-ups of this condition.(2)Following are the activities that can be used for ocular rosacea-

Cleaning Of Hands And Eyelid Area- Washing face and eyelid area with an all-natural, tea tree oil-based soap will help to reduce the redness and itching. Tea tree oil is known to manage Demodex eyelid mites. These mites are common in people with ocular rosacea and skin rosacea.(1)

Reducing Inflammation- Inflammation is needed to be controlled by the consumption of an organic and plant-based alkalizing diet.(1)

Proper Cleaning Of Eyelids- eyelids are cleaned with a cotton round/ball sprayed with a hypochlorous acid eyelid cleanser, such as Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser. It can remove oil and debris from this area.(1)

Use Of Warm Compression On The Eyelids – warm compression is advised to be applied on blocked eye glands to reduce the inflammation.(1)

Avoidance Of Make-Up- facial cosmetics often irritate the skin. In the case of ocular rosacea, make-up may induce frequent flare-up, so make-up should be avoided.

Moreover, any facial products usually consist of skin irritants like fragrances. Natural make-up remover can be used to clean the cosmetics on the skin.(1)

Replacement Of Contact Lenses By Glasses- In this condition, the eyes often get irritated. Contact lenses often irritate the eyes in such a situation. One should switch to glasses in place of contact lenses. Once the episode of such inflammation subsides, contact lenses can be used. It is advisable to use disposable contact lenses daily.(1)

Limitation Of Sun Exposure- exposure to sunlight can trigger the symptoms of ocular rosacea. The use of sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, or avoidance of sun tanning beds can assist in limiting the exposure to sunlight and UV rays.(1)

Consumption Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids- various studies estimate that flaxseed oil and fish oil consumption assist in the lowering of flare-ups of rosacea. It is found in abundant quantity in whole flaxseed, omega-3 supplement capsules, or flaxseed oil.(1)

Make Use Of Artificial Tears- artificial tears are often prescribed by eye doctors as it can help alleviate the dryness in the eyes. It is not the absolute treatment of ocular rosacea as it may provide temporary relief of symptoms for some time.(1)

Avoidance Of Friction Of Eyes- It is advised to avoid rubbing of the eyes to prevent further inflammation and irritation in the eyes.(2)

Avoidance Of Stress On The Eyes- Working long before the computer can yield friction or stress on the eyes. It is advised to blink eyes when work at the computer is done or take frequent breaks.(2)


Ocular rosacea is an eye disease characterized by inflammation of the eyes and eyelids. It can be managed with cleaning the eyelids and eyes, warm compression, avoidance of sunlight, UV rays, contact lenses, the friction of eyes, make-up, etc.


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