Best Exercises for Physical Fitness

Gone are those days when you could spend your weekend afternoons simply sleeping after a sumptuous meal. Time has changed and various negative impacts of such lifestyle are now telling upon our lives. It is paving way for chronic as well as some fatal ailments, which have raised eyebrows of doctors across the world. Physical fitness is a term, which has gained paramount importance worldwide in the recent years, for which people are ready to spend handsomely for getting a fitness regime under the guidance of trained instructor or gyms. Physical fitness is related to regular and scientific exercise under the guidance of a professional and well-informed trainer. Such a fitness regime will keep your overall fitness intact and reduce your risk to various ailments. For making the most of it, you need to pick up the exercises which are suitable for your health and fitness.

Best Exercises for Physical Fitness

Let us take a look at the different fitness exercises that you can go for improving your bone structure, lose excess weight by burning calories, strengthen memory, tone your muscles and keep you fit and moving all the time.

SWIMMING- With Its Time-Honoured Benefits For Perfect Physical Fitness

If you are suffering from arthritis, asthma, obesity, diabetes or even stress problems, swimming should be the topmost of your priority list. As swimming is an exercise which involves the movement of all the body muscles, it helps in burning calories along with toning of your muscles. Swimming also improves your respiratory system and cures ailments like asthma and bronchitis. If you swim regularly for half-an-hour, you will find a remarkable difference in your fitness level within a month.

WALKING- An Exercise Which Is An All-Time Mind Booster

Walking is an exercise, which has an all-around positive effect on your health. People suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, some types of joint pains, high cholesterol, and obesity are advised to go for long walks at least for an hour every day. Walking may look simple apparently, but it has very effective results on your system. Walking also improves your memory and cure depression and other stress-related problems.

DANCING- A Great Way To Exercise Your Body & Mind

If you love music and rhythm, here’s a great option for you. Dancing is a good exercise for those who are trained in it. Just like swimming, it involves the rigorous movement of all muscles of your body and helps to keep you strong and slim. Dancing burns your excess calories and leaves you light and flexible always. Dancing includes both the classical dance forms as well the western dance feats as your ultimate goal is to energize your mind and body. If you spend at least half-an-hour a day in dancing, your mind and body will respond in a very positive mood and you will see a significant improvement in your fitness levels.

YOGA- The Key To An Uplifted Mind & Body

This traditional form of exercise has acquired a place of extensive importance among people who are involved with health and lifestyle industries. Regular yoga practice helps you get rid of various ailments and gives your life that extra boost which you require for healthy living. As it is said “health is wealth”, only a strong mind and body can make your life really beautiful. Yoga is a kind of performing art which requires proper training from an experienced and enlightened yoga practitioner. Also, you cannot expect to get the desired result overnight from yoga, as it is a matter of perseverance and also perfection. If you practice yoga every day according to the instruction of your trainer, you will see how it can work wonders for your physical fitness and entire lifestyle.


Freehand exercises are a great way of strengthening your biceps and keeping them in good shape. You may find it bit difficult while you start up. But it gradually becomes easier as you break up your exercises in small chunks. Lifting light weights is also a very effective way to stretch your hand muscles. But all these should be performed under the supervision of a professional trainer. Freehand exercises also make your muscles stronger and keep your hands in good shape.

GYMMING- Get Rid Of Your Extras

If you have tried all the options for keeping your body fit and yet not achieved the desired result, it’s time for you to visit a gym that will help you choose the correct fitness regime after knowing your physical history or physiological setup. In the gyms, you have trainers who not only select the list of exercises you need to do, but also give you a routine that includes your diet and other factors you need to follow for achieving an effective result. Gymming is an all-inclusive process and one is linked with the other inextricably. Doing rigorous exercise and not following a proper diet will not get you the result you are looking for. Also, you need to give sufficient rest to your body as per its requirement.

If you can merge all these exercises in your fitness regime, you will see how dramatically your physical fitness improves!

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