4 Best Exercises to Correct Collapsed Arches

Arch is quite important for the foot as it develops the elasticity and fabricates the springy connectivity between the forefoot as well as the hind foot. It helps in the management of the weight and does not let the bones of the legs take on an extra pressure on them.

About Collapsed Arches

The arches of the foot get collapsed because the talus bone has its head displaced from the medial point and goes apart from the navicular bone. It leads to a condition in which the medial longitudinal arch either stops functioning or is lost completely which is termed as collapsed arches. Fallen arches are also the enemies of beauty. Arches of feet not only act as the shock absorbers, but they also render shape and beauty to the feet.

4 Best Exercises to Correct Collapsed Arches

Collapsed Arches in Children

Collapsed arches can be easily located in infants, but the general reason behind it is the existence of baby fat that tends to cover up the arch and also because the arch is still in the developing phase and so has not yet acquired a shape.

Kids are unaware and won’t be able to spot the existence of collapsed arches in their feet and so it should be the duty of the adults to locate such type of deformity in their children. Notice the way your child is walking. Does he appear to be walking in an odd manner or is his walk marked by laziness? In case the child complains about the pain or the discomfort in the calf area or any other pain pertaining to the foot region, it is a sign that he/she is still developing or has developed collapsed arches where they have flat feet. Knee joints may also be affected in collapsed arches.

4 Best Exercises to Correct Collapsed Arches

There are a good number of physical exercises that can help correct the formation of arches and removing the problem of collapsed arches. Beneath are enlisted some stretching exercises, which might prove to be useful in the treatment of collapsed arches. So if you are suffering from Collapsed Arches, then this article is surely for you. Do read ahead to know the solution to correct your Collapsed Arches:

  1. Beach Walking to Treat Collapsed Arches: If there is a beach nearby then you must start going there. Having a walk on the sandy beach for at least 3 times every week can aid in stretching as well as correcting the sagging or collapsed arches. There is no requirement for incrementing the speed for your walk just to derive instant results from your exercise. Try spreading your toes and make your feet fall in line with your knee. Do not rush as your walk ought to be marked with care.
  2. Towel Scrunch Exercise to Correct Collapsed Arches: This is an exercise that aids in the stretching of arches. Spread the towel on the floor and place one foot on it. Crumple your toes inwards and then straighten them once again. Try to bunch up the towel as much as you can. When the towel is completely creased, use your foot to spread it out once again and repeat the process for a few more times to treat and correct Collapsed Arches.
  3. Stork Stretch Exercise to Correct Collapsed Arches: This is a type of stretching exercise that requires you to stand on one foot while the other leg is folded and is lifted off the ground, so the entire pressure comes on the foot that is present on the floor. You can make use of the wall or some furniture in case you need some support. Hold on for 10 seconds and then place your foot back on the floor. Repeat the same act using your other leg as well.
  4. Raising The Top With The Aid Of Aversion To Treat Collapsed Arches: The posterior of the tibia can be strengthened with this stretching exercise; and this stretching exercise is the one that can be executed throughout the day. Stand up on your feet in proportion of your hips. The outer edges of your feet must carry on the entire weight and feel the arches lifting up slightly. Try to rise with the support of your feet balls while the outermost toes must bear most of your body weight. The knees ought to be pulled inwards a bit and the weight must go over to the outer toes as usual. You need to remain in the same position for a minimum of 10 seconds before returning to the normal position.

The above mentioned stretches are some of the proven stretching exercises that are meant for correcting the collapsed arches.

Collapsed Arches in Infants

As in the case of infants, you need not worry, the reason being that their arch is still under development and as they grow up, their arches will appear on their own, but still the guardians or parents must keep in check if the arches are developing or not.

Collapsed Arches in Adults

Collapsed Arches can develop in the adults as well and the reasons could be employment of faulty mechanics, some sort of an injury, constant stress on the foot or due to some illness. Collapsed Arches may also result from growing age. The more you grow older the problem of collapsed arches might erupt as a result. Pregnancy too, in some cases may cause Collapsed Arches.

What to Do if Conventional Treatment Does Not Resolve Collapsed Arches?

If Collapsed Arches persist, then make sure to pay a visit to the doctor immediately in order to avoid further complications. Pay close attention to the foot and do not ignore in case the flat foot is causing you any sort of pain because this pain is a serious matter and must be taken into concern. If there is no relief even after doing stretching exercises and even after all the medical treatments have been employed, then the last option is nothing but surgery as that is the only way left to correct the problem of Collapsed Arches. However, it can be pricey and takes up a lot of time.

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