5 Best Flat Abs Moves for Men

Have you put on extra pound on your tummy? Wish to get rid of hideous belly fat and get flat abs? These 5 best flat abs moves for men will help you bid adieu to those embarrassing surplus pounds on your abs.

5 Best Flat Abs Moves for Men

Getting a flat ab, chiseled muscles and a well-toned body is every man’s dream. Along with a healthy diet and regulated lifestyle, doing regular workouts is extremely important to get the perfect physique.

Here are the 5 best flat abs moves for men to get a well-crafted physique with fitness.

#1. Burpee – To get rid of belly fat, one needs to work as many muscles as possible and burpee does that perfectly. A burpee exercises every muscle of the body, right from head to toe and tops the list of 5 best flat abs moves for men. Burpee starts with a push-up, followed by a jump and then back to the push-up position. Studies have shown that 10 fast-paced repetition of this exercise can revive the metabolism and burn belly fat more effectively.

For doing a burpee, the individual has to stand with their feet shoulder-width apart and then lower their body until their palms rest on the floor. They then have to kick their legs backwards in the position of a push-up, perform a push-up, and finally reverse the movement quickly followed by a jump as they stand.

#2. Mountain Climber – In this exercise, one needs to imagine a mountain climber like a moving plank wherein they need to perform a mini crunch as they quickly draw one of their knees to their chest. This too is one of the most effective 5 flat abs moves for men.

Herein, one has to get into a push-up position with their hands below their shoulders and their body forming a straight line from their head to heels. This is the starting position. The individual then has to lift their right foot off the floor and draw their right knee towards their chest. After this, they need to tap the floor with their right foot and then get back to the starting position. The legs need to be alternated with each repetition. One should do as many reps as they can in 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds before continuously performing the move again for 4 minutes. This exercise can be performed at intervals to burn more calories and pump up the heart rate. It is a difficult exercise to perform because the core has to work extensively to keep the body straight and stable every time the practitioner lifts a foot up from the floor. But the efforts are worth it and it surely is one of the best flat abs moves for men.

#3. Archer Row – A bulging tummy can form because of poor posture. To fix this problem, one should try the archer row exercise. This is not only one of the best 5 flat abs moves for men but also important to strengthen their back and core, simultaneously.

In archer row, one needs to grab a dumb bell, get into a push-up position with their hands under their shoulders and their body in a straight line from head to heel. They then have to separate their feet, at a distance slightly wider than hip-width, and turn them both leftwards. With their right palm on the floor and the dumb bell in their left hand, the individual has to perform a row. As one rows the dumbbell in the plank position they tend to use their back muscles to keep their body in a strong, straight line. Holding this position helps to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles to stay upright. However, it is important to make sure that their torso does not rotate because of the dumb bell’s weight.

#4. Mogul Jump – A mogul jump helps one to burn tons of belly fat and surely included in the 5 best flat abs moves for men. It trains the lower back, abs, and hips to work in tandem to help the individual rotate their body from side to side. The more powerfully one jumps off the floor, the more will they make their muscles work and thus boost their heart rate.

In this exercise, the performer needs to assume a table-top position with their hands directly under their shoulders and their knees right below their hips. They then need to dig their toes into the ground and raise their knees to make them hover right above the floor. While keeping the feet together, the individual has to jump them to the left, pause, and then jump them to the right. This move needs to be repeated for a number of times to kill belly fat successfully.

#5. Val Slide Leg Curl – This move impacts the front and backside simultaneously, making it the perfect way for getting a flat belly. This is one of the most effective 5 best flat abs moves for men. When performing this exercise one should think of it like performing a plank while lying on their back. They need to work every muscle in their torso to keep their back straight from shoulders to knees, while the leg curl hits the glutes. This combination hammers the abs effectively, exercises the upper back to help rectify poor posture, and hits the large muscle groups in the lower body which are responsible for revving up the metabolism, simultaneously.

These the most popular and the 5 best flat abs moves for men. By performing these regularly, you are sure to get flat and fit abs.

In this type of leg curl, one has to lie on their back with their knees bent and their heels placed on a pair of Val slides. They then need to lift their hips to make their body form a straight line from their knees to shoulders. Keeping their core tight, the practitioner has to extend their legs, till the maximum distance, without letting their back curve. Then, they have to take a small pause and pull their heels backwards to their body using their hamstring and glutes, until they reach the starting position again.

By practicing this fitness regime religiously every day, men can attain their dream physique in no time.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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