3 Exercises to Increase Flexibility of Big Toes

What Are The Ways To Increase Flexibility Of Big Toes?

The toes are perhaps the most neglected part of the body. People do not tend to take care of their toes as much as they do for their other parts of the body. However, the toes especially the big toe plays a major role in maintaining balance of the body and ability of an individual to ambulate distances. The big toe also acts as a shock absorber especially when moving up hills.

An individual with a flexible big toe will not only be able to ambulate long distances but also can participate in running and marathons without much trouble. If the Big Toe is not flexible enough an individual will have problems with walking and have an unsteady gait which will predispose that individual to frequent falling episodes.

The flexibility of the bight toe can be affected due to many reasons to include injury, fractures, infection, or an underlying medical condition like arthritis. In case if the injury is significant then it may take several weeks for an individual to return back to normal ambulation and regain good flexibility of the Big Toe.

If an individual has an injury or a surgical procedure to the Big Toe, then it may take several weeks of physical therapy to regain back the flexibility. The best way to regain flexibility of the Big Toe is by doing toe stretches. These stretches are simple and easy to do.

An individual does not have to go to the physical therapist every time to do the stretches. These stretches are simple enough to be done anywhere. There are basically three simple stretches that can be done to increase the flexibility of the Big Toe.

Manual Manipulation: This type of exercise is also known as toe pullback and is quite a simple exercise to increase flexibility of big toe. All the individual needs to do is sit on a chair either at home or the workplace. The individual needs to cross the ankle over the opposite knee. Now, place the fingers on the Big Toe such that the fingertips rest on the bottom of the foot where the toe joints the rest of the foot. Press the thumb into the joint and move the toe backwards as far as possible making sure there is no exacerbation of pain or discomfort. Maintain this position for about 10 seconds and then release. Repeat this about five times on the affected foot two to three times a day.

Toe Curls: This is yet another good exercise to increase the flexibility of the Big Toe. You can just sit within the comfort of your home or workplace and place the feet flat on the floor and the back straight. Now slowly curl the toes as much as possible of the affected foot making sure not exacerbate the pain. Maintain this position for about 10 seconds and repeat this about 10 times a day to increase the flexibility of the Big Toe.

Toe to Wall Stretches: This is quite a different exercise and also stretches the calf as well. You need to stand to do this exercise. Flex the toes upwards and place it against the wall while keeping the rest of the foot on the floor. Put pressure on the Big Toe by leaning towards the wall and gently raise the heel. You will feel a sensation as if you are pushing the foot against the wall. Maintain this position for about 10 seconds and then get back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise about 10 times to increase the flexibility of the Big Toe.

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