Biceps & Triceps Workout for Building Mass

It is important to have a complete arm workout for building biceps and triceps in the exercise routine of not only men, but also women. Men exercise towards building well-developed arms with well-built biceps and triceps; whereas, women want a well toned look for their arms. There are several ways in which this can be achieved. Workout for biceps and triceps to build muscle mass can be done by lifting weights and stretching exercises etc. However, overdoing any type of workout exercise can harm and damage the biceps and triceps muscles. Therefore, measured and calculated reps of these exercises should be performed for best results.

Biceps & Triceps Workout for Building Mass

Biceps & Triceps Workout for Building Mass

The building of muscle mass in the arms by working on the biceps and triceps muscles is done as a routine part of strength training in gyms. For beginners, light and steady routines of arm building/workout exercises are suggested by physical trainers. To build bigger arms and to enhance the muscle mass, there are many factors, which should be taken into account. Overdoing any exercise can build the biceps and triceps muscles in the arms in a disproportionate manner. Before starting your training, it is essential to know which exercise is responsible for building which muscle. For a well-built arm, you should work on both biceps and triceps equally. Biceps form the 1/3rd part of the upper arm and triceps are the 2/3rd part of the upper arm. Once you know which muscle needs to be worked on and which workout can be the most beneficial, you can achieve the target of building muscles in the arms in the best way possible to get bigger arms. Given below are some workouts, which can help you immensely in building muscle mass by working out the biceps and triceps. However, these exercises should be done in a proper manner and under the supervision of an expert.

Biceps & Triceps Workout for Building Mass #1: Bicep Curls

To build the biceps muscle, many exercises can be done. While all of them can be beneficial, only a selected few can be considered as the best biceps workout for building mass. There are several types of bicep curls that are said to help in the building of the biceps. A few of them are enough for building biceps. One such exercise is the barbell curls where a barbell is held in the front with a outside grip and with slow and steady motion, the barbell is lifted up and then down back to the original position. Similar to barbells, E-Z bars are also used as a variation to barbell curls. Apart from barbells curls, weights can also be used to perform curls to build mass in the arms. These can be done in an alternate left-right fashion or lifting both the dumbbells together. Another variation of dumbbell curls are hammer curls where the dumbbells are held as hammers and curls are performed. All these exercises are a great workout for building muscle mass in biceps.

Biceps & Triceps Workout for Building Mass #2: Push-Ups & Chin-Ups

The muscle mass in the arms can be built not just with the help of weights, but also without weights. It is not necessary to use any equipment for the arm exercises. Push-ups and chin-ups, which use our own body weight to tone the biceps and triceps, are also equally helpful in building the biceps and triceps and are considered as effective workouts for building muscle mass in the arms. Different variations of push-ups, such as wide grip push-up; narrow grip push-up, single leg push-up, triangle push-up and one arm push-up can be included in the daily workout routine for best results. Every different type concentrates on building a specific muscle in the arm, thus giving a complete arm workout. Similarly, chin-ups can be extremely helpful in building mass in the arms. The typical movement of a chin-up, that is the functional up-and-down movement, targets the muscles in the biceps. A weight vest can be added to the workout to increase its intensity and to achieve a good workout of the biceps and triceps and for faster building of muscle mass in the arms.

Biceps & Triceps Workout for Building Mass #3: Bench Press

Bench press exercise concentrates on the triceps. This exercise is performed by lying on a bench and holding a barbell over the chest, lifting and resting slowly yet steadily in an up-and-down motion. Another way of performing the bench press is by holding the barbell over the head, similar to triceps press. The bench press movement can be intensified by increasing the weights of the barbell. Bench press can be done in two ways, close grip and wide grip. In close grip the hands are in level with the shoulders or a little inwards. In wide grip, the hands holding the barbell, are placed closer to the ends of the bar bell thus intensifying the movement. This exercise also gives a little boost to the muscle in the chest along with building mass in the arms.

Biceps & Triceps Workout for Building Mass #4: Dumbbell Press

Dumbbell press is a perfect workout for building mass in the triceps and to get bigger arms. This exercise is performed by holding a dumbbell over the head and pulling it up till the arms are at a 90 degree angle. This exercise enables to put enough load on the triceps, which helps the arm muscles to build. This exercise is also known as the triceps press. The intensity of the workout can be varied with different weights. Dumbbell press is an effective workout for building triceps.

Biceps & Triceps Workout for Building Mass #5: Dips

While performing dips, there is a major impact on the triceps leading to building of muscle mass in arms. There are two ways in which dips can be performed, bench dips and upright dips. Bench dips are performed with the help of a bench. In this, the bench is held in an outward manner and the body is pulled up by applying pressure. This exerts enough pressure on the triceps helping the muscles to build and resulting in bigger arms for men and toned arms in women. In upright dips, the similar action is performed with the help of a T-shaped pole.


A good and measured biceps and triceps workout can help build muscle mass in both of them and give bigger arms which men so desire. Whether the exercise is performed using heavy weights or without weights, equally distributed reps are essential for an even development of the muscles. It is also important to make sure you warm up before performing these exercises to avoid any injury or damage to the muscles, which you are working on. It is also important to stretch the biceps and triceps before and after the workout of the arms. Performing heavy sets of these exercises can help build the mass in the arms and this may lead to increase in your weight. No matter which form of exercise one chooses, it is important to carry them out appropriately or seek a professional’s help who can guide you through these arm workouts appropriately.

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