What are the Benefits of Doing Jumping Jacks?

From circuit training to boot camp, no hardcore workout is complete without adding some jumping jacks to the mix. The idea of going back-to-basics calisthenics reflects the philosophy of multitasking. Know the benefits of jumping jacks and plan your workout routine with it.

There are a number of vigorous calisthenics, including jumping jacks that help do much more than just burn calories. Jumping jacks work as cardiovascular, stress-relieving, and strengthening exercises. If you really want to shed those pounds, include jumping jacks as part of your daily or weekly fitness plan. They can also be modified to meet your fitness goals.

Benefits of Jumping Jacks

Benefits of Jumping Jacks

Here are some of the most popular benefits of jumping jacks.

Awesome Aerobics

One of the main benefits of jumping jacks is that it is an awesome aerobic exercise. It helps boost the heart rate, while you are able to breathe more deeply while jumping. This helps deliver more oxygen to your bloodstream, and then to your muscles. You will also shed weight at a rapid rate, thereby aiding weight loss. If you happen to weigh 130 pounds, and do vigorous jumping jacks or other calisthenics, you stand to burn 472 calories every hour. If your weight hovers around 155 pounds, you burn 563 calories per hour, and if you weigh 180 pounds, you will burn 654 calories. Also, if you weigh 205 pounds, you burn 745 calories.

Strength Building

Jumping jacks is effective because it provides a full-body workout. Those who engage in it will be quick to testify that the exercise works the large muscle groups. This is another great benefit of jumping jacks, in which it offers muscle strength building. When performing jumping jacks, take deep breaths so that you engage your core and work on your abdominal muscles as well. You can modify jumping jacks if you want to turn them into an intense muscle-building activity. After jumping with your feet positioned wide, instead of going back to the standing position, assume a deep squat to work on your calf, thigh, gluteal and abdominal muscles. Make sure that you maintain a brisk pace in order to reap the full aerobic benefits of jumping jacks.

Relaxation Benefits of Performing Jumping Jacks

One of the most valuable benefits of jumping jacks is that it offers great relaxation. Performing jumping jacks for a long period of time initiates a chemical effect in your body. Your body releases endorphins, which act as pain relievers and thereby allows you to feel relaxed. This apart, the deep breathing you do during exercise helps clear your mind, energizes you and makes you mentally sharp. In order to reap the full benefits of stress-relieving jumping jacks, ensure to maintain an elevated heart rate for close to 20 minutes. If you cannot sustain jumping jacks for the entire duration, alternate between jumping jacks and marching in the same spot.

Interval Training

An unmatched benefit of jumping jacks is that it is a perfect fit for an interval training session. Engage in a one-minute session of jumping jacks or other forms of aerobics to boost your heart rate before slowing down to a recovery rate for close to one minute. During the recovery period, your heart rate will continue to remain elevated. This will also ensure a continued high-level of fat-burning and stamina improvement.

You can also use jumping jacks to make moderate exercise a little more of a challenge. How can you achieve this? Walk briskly for five minutes, then engage in jumping jacks for one minute and then go back to walking. Follow this pattern throughout your walk.

Improved Co-ordination

The other benefit of jumping jacks when performed regularly is that it will help increase your coordination. This is because engaging in jumping jacks requires coordination of different muscles and movements. The more you do it, the better you become at it. By constantly jumping and raising and lowering your hands, you are using your coordination better.

Weight Watcher

One of the greatest benefits of jumping jacks, when done on a regular basis is that they can help you lose a pretty good amount of weight. While this exercise might be simple to do, it actually is quite strenuous and requires a lot of stamina over a sustained period of time. Therefore, when you engage in jumping jacks for some time, you can be assured of losing a good chunk of weight.

Increased Metabolism

There is another health benefit of jumping jacks, which is an increased metabolic rate. Most exercises you would engage in will increase your metabolic rate and help you burn calories. But with the benefits jumping jacks, they are a must fit into your exercise schedule.

The more you engage in physical activity, especially by doing jumping jacks, the more your metabolism is boosted and the longer it stays that way. Even if you take a break and stop exercising, your body will continue to get rid of a certain amount of calories. This will assist you in reaching your weight loss target.


If you have sustained injuries or have medical problems or arthritis, it is better to take medical opinion before you begin. But if you are fit, the benefits of jumping jacks are many and anyone can perform it without training. Jumping jacks do not require a lot of space, and you don’t have to enroll in a gym for it. With an exercise so accessible, it makes sense engaging in it.

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