Butt and Thigh Workout for a Bigger Butt

Are you looking for some real great workouts for a bigger butt? If yes, then enjoy reading this post where we will let you know about some of the butt and thigh workouts for a bigger butt.

Butt and Thigh Workout for a Bigger Butt

Before you begin with the butt and thigh workout for a bigger butt, it is important for you to warm up. This will not only prepare your body and muscles for a great workout, but also gives you better results and prevent injuries.

Below are some of the forms of squats that you can perform for a bigger butt. You need to do each of these squat types for about 40 seconds in a sequence with about 5-10 seconds of rest in between each of the squat forms.

Ski Squat:

Back exercises are really great and help in improving your spine’s condition and also improve your posture. Ski squat exercise is a workout that strengthens your thigh and your back muscles. However, it must be noted that you must avoid this form of exercise if you have knee problems.

Here are the steps of performing this butt and thigh workout for a bigger butt. Make sure you have to do this work out for 40 seconds.

  • Stand straight by joining your feet together and placing your hands by your sides.
  • Now bend your knees squat down till you make a 90 degree angle with your knees.
  • Raise up your arms to shoulder height as you squat down. Make sure that your arms are kept straight.
  • Then, stand again and lower your arms down to your waist.

Duration: 40 seconds

Sumo Squat:

After doing 40 seconds of ski squat, take 5-10 seconds of rest and then begin with a sumo squat. This squat is also known by the name of plie squat, and it is a variation of the standard squat. You need to do this squat once you have mastered with the standard squat.

  • The sumo squat is an amazing butt and thigh workout for a bigger butt and must also be done for 40 seconds.
  • Stand by keeping your feet wider than a hip-distance apart, (that would be around 3-4 feet), turning your toes outwards 45 degrees and holding hands by your sides.
  • Bend down by bending at your knees and hips such that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Make sure that your knees do not move further than your toes. Raise your hands and join the palms or lock them at the level of your chest. Make sure you keep the abs tight and your back straight.
  • Rise back upwards to stand in the starting position. This completes one repetition.
  • Depending on your level of fitness, begin with 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

Duration: 40 seconds

Pop Squat:

After a 5-10 seconds of rest you can move on to the pop squat. This is again an excellent butt and thigh workout for a bigger butt. This exercise effectively burns fat and also improves your endurance.

Read below and know about the steps to perform this move. This workout is also to be done for 40 seconds.

  • Stand straight keeping your feet joined with each other.
  • Now stretch out your arms right in front of you.
  • Jump up high.
  • Then, place your feet little wider than shoulder width while you land from jumping.
  • Now, without interrupting the motion, do the squat by bending your knees quickly and pushing back your butts. Bend at your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Stretch your legs and again jump back to the starting position.
  • Quickly do a number of repetitions.
  • Make sure that you always land softly on the floor as you jump.
  • In order to make this workout harder, you can tie weight cuffs around the ankles.

Duration: 40 seconds

Squat Hold:

This is another form of squat which helps in activating your glutes and it can be easily incorporated into your regular exercising routine without much additional effort. This is a “Thighs parallel to the ground squat”.

Here are the steps to perform this butt and thigh workout for a bigger butt.

  • Stand upright keeping your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • By pushing back your hips, bend at your knees to lower your body as much as possible. Make sure that you keep your knees in a straight line with your feet and do not extend beyond.
  • You can keep both your hands on the hips or can extend them straight in front of you.
  • Hold this squat position as long as possible by you. Try to do at least for 40 seconds.
  • Then push yourself back slowly and stand upright.

Duration: 40 seconds

Jump Squats:

The next in the list of butt and thigh workout for a bigger butt is the jump squats. We already know that there are some wonderful exercises that can be done without using gym equipment and by simply using the weight of our own body. Though regular squats are great to do, jump squats could be more effective than the regular squats. You can feel the effect right in your quads.

Perform this squat by following the steps as mentioned below. Do this butt and thigh workout for a bigger butt, at least for 40 seconds.

  • Stand upright by keeping your feet at a shoulder-width apart.
  • Begin by doing a standard squat and then engage the core while explosively jumping up.
  • Lower your body back into the regular squat position while you land softly. This completes one repetition.
  • Do, at least 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Keep it noted that you make use of your entire foot for jumping and not just your toes and also try not to allow your shoulders to lean out beyond the knees.

Duration: 40 seconds

Squat Pulses:

  • After 5-10 seconds of rest perform the next workout of squat pulses. Squat pulses are a wonderful variation of the regular squat and can be a great butt and thigh workout for a bigger butt.
  • Do this exercise for 40 seconds. Read below to know about how to do this butt and thigh workout for a bigger butt.
  • Begin by standing upright with your feet in a wide stance, while your toes pointing out as far as you are comfortable.
  • Tighten your core, while keeping your spine and back in a neutral position and straightening your torso.
  • Bend your knees outwards so that they remain over the ankles and sit into a squat position.
  • Now, by squeezing your glutes, rise up few inches and then lower. This is known to be one “Pulse”.
  • Continue pulsing for some time for completing one set, and then raise yourself out of the squat.


Thus, these are some of the butt and thigh workout for a bigger butt. You can try these out to get your desired results. However, we must say that your butt’s shape is based primarily on the genetics. Doing the lower body exercises or the butt and thigh workouts and consuming protein rich foods can assist you in building muscle, but it also varies from person to person.

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