Hula Hoop: What Is Hula Hoop Good For & Can It Flatten Your Stomach?

Hula hoop exercises could really be very much interesting. Hula hoop is known to be beneficial in several ways. In this article we will talk about what is hula hoop good for and also know if hula hoop can flatten your stomach.

Hula Hoop: What Is Hula Hoop Good For & Can It Flatten Your Stomach?

Hula Hoop: An Introduction

Want to stay fit? You must try hula hooping. There are evidences that the ancient Egyptians and Greeks twirled hula hoops around their belly so as to have some fun and also maintain their level of fitness. Hula hooping is a physical activity where one needs to twirl the hula hoop around the belly, waist, arms and leg. A hula hoop on an average for adults is about 45 inches in its diameter and it weighs around 2 pounds.

The best benefit of a hula hoop is that it burns calories. You can burn up to 420 calories, depending on your body weight, duration of hula hoop exercise and the intensity at which you exercise.

What Is Hula Hoop Good For?

Now, the real question comes; ‘What is hula hoop good for?” Well, hula hoop are the best way to burn calories, get rid of those unwanted fat from your belly, develop strength, and also fight several kinds of mental illnesses, such as depression. If you are looking for an aerobic and core exercise that is really universal and fun, then get a hoop and start hula hooping. All you require is a hula hoop, some comfortable clothing and at least 30 minutes of exercising time. Read on more about what hula hoop is good for, and we are sure you will get convinced to begin hula hooping right away.

What Is Hula Hoop Good For?

Hula Hoop Works Core Muscles:

Spinning the hula hoop works on 30 core muscles, which includes the glutes, abs, thighs, and the lower back muscles that are known to support and stabilize the posture. This is a low-impact way for balancing muscle tone all throughout the core.

It Is Good For Your Heart Health:

Hula hoop is good for your heart health. You just need to hula hoop for at least 15 minutes and then feel the heartbeat to realize that hula hoop exercises actually works your heart. By hula hooping for 15 to 30 minutes every day, you can strengthen your heart muscles and this in turn allows the heart to pump blood more efficiently throughout the body. This leads your heart to beat faster and also lowers the level of your blood pressure.

It Is Good For Your Back:

Hula hoop is also good for your back. The kind of movements that occur while hula hooping, releases the tensions out of the muscles that surround the sacrum or the lower part of your back and realigns the sacrum with the rest of your spine. This in turns increases the blood flow to the spine and thus there is an increase in the total flexibility of your spine. Everyone who is fixed in a desk job, must do at least 15-30 minutes of hula hoop exercises on a daily basis.

Hula Hoop Activates Your Joints:

Hula hoop exercises when done on a regular basis, activates your joints. The continuous, push-pull motion that takes place while hula hooping, stretches the muscles and introduces the movement to your spine that aids in bringing nutrients to your intervertebral discs.

It Builds Your Aerobic Capacity:

Hula hoop is also known to build your aerobic capacity. It takes a lot of oxygen and an increased flow of blood to keep your hoop in the orbit around the waist. An hour of intense hula hooping can actually burn as many calories as an hour of run on the treadmill. It must be noted that heavier your hula hoop, easier it becomes to keep it up.

It Improves Your Mood:

Hula hoop is also known to improve your mood. There are evidences that hula hooping is a wonderful antidepressant and a confidence booster. You get amazing fun and happiness while hula hooping. The best thing you can do is find a friend or a partner for hula hoop exercises, or instead join a group hoop for more of enjoyment.

It Fights Depression And Anxiety:

It is very much obvious that exercise releases endorphin hormones and they in turn make you happy. However, hula hoop is really amazing and offers you so much relaxation to fight against depression and anxiety.

Hula Hoop Is Good For Your Brain:

Hula hoop exercises can be very much similar to meditation and can benefit your brain in the same way. There is relaxation because of the rocking and rhythm and it causes deep breathing. The repetitive motion in hula hooping is smooth. Moreover, it also takes a specific level of concentration to do hula hooping, even training your mind.

Hula Hoop Increases The Body Awareness:

One of the finest benefits of hula hoop is it increases the body awareness. It helps you focus your mind on where your body is in this space, while working on the core muscles. You can add some music while hula hooping; and that would offer you more of energy and help you in relieving stress.

Can Hula Hoop Flatten Your Stomach?

One of the most important questions is can Hula hoop flatten your stomach? Well, it can be said that it really helps to tone the abdominal muscles and also helps in burning calories, and both of these can actually contribute to getting you a flat stomach. However, it must be strictly noted that hula hooping alone won’t be able to flatten your stomach, as it is impossible to target fat loss only from one particular body part.


Hope with this article, we made it clear about what hula hoop is good for and also if it can flatten your stomach. If you are willing to try this then do meet an expert and do it under professional guidance.

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