Can Exercise Help Poor Leg Circulation?

What Causes Poor Circulation In The Legs?

Having good blood circulation is the key to overall health and fitness of an individual. While good blood circulation is required throughout the body, it is extremely important for the legs to have a good blood circulation because if the legs have poor circulation then it will become extremely difficult for an individual to carry out daily activities both at home or at work as the individual will not be able to stand or walk for any distance due to the pain.

Peripheral artery disease is believed to be the most common cause of poor circulation in the legs. It is a medical condition in which the arteries and veins become narrow due to plaque and fatty material deposits along the walls of the arteries and veins. This results in the arteries and veins of the legs to get narrow which does not allow the blood to pass through smoothly causing variety of symptoms, including pain and difficulty walking.

Can Exercise Help Poor Leg Circulation?

While many people think that exercise can actually worsen the blood circulation in the legs, studies suggest exactly the opposite. There are many lower extremity exercises especially walking which can help improve blood circulation in the legs and help with the symptoms of peripheral artery disease.

Studies have proved that walking helps improve the blood flow in the legs. While it is extremely difficult for an individual to walk with peripheral artery disease as any attempts at walking with this condition tends to trigger pain and cramping in the legs. However, braving the pain and attempting to walk at least one block on a daily basis over time will definitely improve the symptoms of poor leg circulation. This is because walking promotes formation of new blood vessels in the legs which in turn improve blood flow and leg pain, and also increases the walking tolerance of an individual. In addition to walking, leg extension exercises and hamstring curls are also quite beneficial when it comes to increasing blood circulation in the legs.

In conclusion, Studies have proved that exercises are extremely beneficial for individuals with poor circulation in the legs. Walking is the best way to improve blood circulation in the legs even though it may be tough for an individual to walk any distance in the beginning but over time the pain tends to ease as the blood flow improves. Additionally, leg extensions and hamstring curls are some of the other exercises that an individual can do to help with poor circulation in the legs.

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