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Exercises for Men in Late 40s

One of the myths that are most sternly believed by humans is that as men age they need to relax and give their bodies rest. However, the fact is that this is the time your body needs your compassion towards yourself the most. One of the ways for the same is maintaining a healthy routine inclusive of various strengthening exercises which would eventually prove extremely beneficial for you, later in life. As the human body ages, it becomes more prone to injury, but that does not imply letting go of physical activity rather it is an indication for the need for your body to be stronger and fitter and the only means to attain the ideal body at the right age is to make workouts or exercises a daily habit.

Exercises For Men In Late 40s

As a reference, some of the exercises that are suitable for men in their late 40s have been listed below:

Start Yoga

The perfect exercise for mind, body and soul is yoga which is one exercise known to be extremely effective in curing your body of the torments you have put it through in your youth. The low impact of this exercise energizes and strengthens the body at the perfect pace without hampering its functioning. The perfect exercise for men in their late 40s, yoga also includes deep breathing exercises which equip the human body with the strength to fight against a number of diseases.

Go Hiking

Another of the soul-stirring exercises is hiking, which in addition to helping you keep your mind healthy helps maintain the body weight too, especially in men who are in their late 40s. One of the biggest advantages of hiking is the availability of fresh air, which in itself is the cure to a whole set of issues including psychological troubles and breathing problems. The continuous supply of fresh air with the racing heart is the recipe for a healthy body; and hiking ensures the same. To include this form of exercise in your routine would simply mean replacing your Saturday activity with an outdoor exploration plan, which would not only work your muscles but refresh your mind too. Thus hiking is another one of the ideal exercises for men in their late 40s.

Run for Good Health

One of the biggest challenges for men as they age is their increasing weight. Increased weight brings along with it a whole range of problems and diseases, especially when you are in your late 40s. One way to keep the weight within limits is to make running a part of your exercise routine as you age. Running is the form of exercise that burns a lot of calories, in addition to enhancing the balancing capabilities of an individual. One of the points to be kept in mind while including running exercise in your daily routine is to ease into it and not start off with a rigorous regimen as it can lead to injuries. Sliding slowly into a running routine is one of the best habits for men in their late 40s.

Other Physical Workouts

The package of cardiovascular exercises, strengthening exercises and the flexibility training is another form of exercise recommended for the men in their late 40s. The diversity of these workouts make them aptly suitable for keeping the body healthy as well as inducing strength into it. The perfect schedule for the same would include a minimum of 45 minutes of cardio exercises with the inclusion of at least three sessions of weightlifting, stretching and body resistance trainings per week.

Cardiovascular Exercises

The aim of including these exercises in the workout regimen is to raise the heart rate for at least 20-30 minutes during a day. There are a number of exercises that come into the purview of cardio exercises like running, jumping, climbing stairs, martial arts, rowing or pedaling. The steady impact of these exercises helps take good care of your body and increases the capacity of the body to perform better when you are in your late 40s.

Strength Training to Strengthen your Body

The second range of must include exercises is that of strength training exercises. These exercises help strengthen the entire body as well as the core. This regimen can include workouts like lifting dumbbells, pumping hand weights, doing calisthenics and floor exercises that make the body weight work for bodybuilding and strengthening. The main purpose of these exercises is to pump more energy to the muscles, which make the person burn calories around the clock making healthy aging of men a distinct possibility, especially after they have crossed 40. Three different sessions of this workout are recommended for men who are in their late 40s in a week, each stressing on the different parts of the body like upper body, lower body, abs and/or core strengthening exercises.

Flexibility Training for a More Flexible You

The last but not the least of the exercises recommended for men in their late 40s is flexibility training. These are the form of exercises that keep the joints lubricated and help the body maintain all its necessary motions as it ages. These exercises can be easily coupled with cardio exercises to help maintain the flexibility and agility in exercises and in daily life too. Yoga is also a form of flexibility exercise and therefore is highly recommended when you have crossed 40 years of age. Other form of flexibility exercises include bends, stretches and overhead reaches.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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