The Fastest Ways to Lift Your Butt Naturally

To have a well framed body is the desire of many. A sagging part of the body is never appreciated and must be toned to remain in a good shape. When it comes to the back part of your body, i.e. your butt, many desire it to be in a good shape. This shape does not come just by sitting idle and simply eating all the time. Besides eating low calorie food, it is important that certain important exercises must also be executed.

If you are interested in knowing as to how to uplift and maintain the butt area naturally, then continue reading ahead for the physical exercises that can help you lift your butt fast. To maintain a well-shaped butt is a tedious task and is a one that requires more effort too.

The Fastest Ways to Lift Your Butt Naturally

The Fastest Ways to Lift Your Butt Naturally

Below are enlisted some of the finest exercises that you must execute in order to acquire a well maintained butt:

Astounding Squats Exercises to Lift Your Butt Fast Naturally

Many fitness trainers recommend targeted squats, as this is one of the best exercise to lift as well as make your buttocks one of the best toned part of your body in a natural way. In order to execute squats, you need to stand straight with your legs as well as your shoulders drawn apart with a width. Your feet must be in a correct position, that is, they must not be turned sideways, but to the front. For the purpose of acquiring stability, you need to make the muscles of your stomach quite firm.

Then, bring your palms in contact with each other, but make sure that they do not touch your chest and must be in a parallel position with your chest. Now your knees ought to be bent. It must look as if you are going to sit on some chair. The moment your thighs come parallel to the ground, halt. Avoid squatting forward. Make it a point to squat in a downward position. If you have a doubt in regards to the position, then stand before the mirror and execute the exercise. In this way you can have a better look at your positioning. You can make sure that you are not undertaking wrong positions, as it will inflict an opposite impact on your body. Halt while at the bottom. As you rise, wring the muscles of your butt. It is important that you feel that you are able to feel the butt muscles as well as the muscles of the thighs while lifting you upwards. Try repeating this exercise for 10 to 20 times. Also make it a point to increase the weight of the squats as you try to bend sideways.

The Pile Workout to Lift Your Butt Naturally

Begin by moving your feet apart. This width must be slightly more than the width of the hips when apart. Your toes must be in correct position, that is, they must be poked outwards and not sideways. Do have a look that you are not standing in a wrong position. They must fall in a straight line of the second toes. Now throw your arms on the side in such a position that they lie parallel to the ground. Then your thighs must be parallel to the floor as well. In case you are facing some sort of an issue with this, do not compel your body. Instead try to undertake smaller steps. While at the bottom, you need to hang on a bit. Avoid rising at once. As you lift your back upwards, trying squeezing your glutes while you return to the position from where you actually started. Try doing this exercise at least 15 to 20 times on a regular basis for better results. If you want, you can hold on to a kettle bell using both your hands. This entire procedure of moving out the legs will focus on the dissimilar areas of the glutes.

Practise Lunges to Lift Your Butt Quickly in a Natural Way

This is an exercise that is considered to be the best and fastest in toning as well as uplifting your butts naturally. Lunges have been known for keeping the butt in shape if they are executed on a regular basis. Have a read as to how it is done. Stand with your legs apart about hip’s width. Before you commence doing this exercise, make it a point to check that you have got a good spacious area around you that will not restrict your body movement. Push one of your legs in the backward position with the knee bended to the point that it almost comes into contact with the ground. However, as far as the knee of the front foot is concerned, it must be held in the straight position and must fall in a straight line of the foot that is in front. As and when you draw towards the bottom of the lunge, stop a bit. Then turning to the actual posture, pull your front leg backward in the standing structure. For better results, you must at least try to repeat lunges 10 times and with each leg. For a better position, you might opt for grabbing some light weight dumbbells so that the strength of your exercise increments.

Hip Extension Exercise to Lift Your Butt

This exercise is considered to be the most effective one to help you lift your butt fast naturally. The reason behind this is that it can be done anywhere and at any point of time and no special training is required if you have caught up with the basics of this particular physical exercise. All you need is a chair. That is all as it would alone suffice the purpose. Now come up to the back part of the chair and stand there with your hips and legs slightly apart. Gently grab the back of the chair and lift one of your leg. Now make sure that the raised leg must come up to the parallel position with your hips. The other knee requires a miniature bend so that you do not encounter any impediment when it comes to stabilizing yourself. Now the raised leg must be brought downwards to touch the ground. You have to repeat this process for some time.

You will do the same things with the other leg as well. Carry out this particular exercise for at least 10 to 20 times with one leg and repeat the same on the other leg. Doing this exercise is quite fruitful as it aids in the isolation of your butt muscles and lifts and tones them up.


The above mentioned exercises are actually of great use to help you lift you butt fast naturally. You must not forget two things before you opt for executing these exercises for lifting your butt. Firstly, do not do these exercises until and unless your fitness trainer as well as your doctor allows you to do so. In the absence of any medical permission, the exercises might also end up in giving you muscular pain or any other muscular problem that might not be good for you. Exercises are good for maintaining good health, but do not be too obsessive to undertake their execution in the absence of any guidance.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:October 23, 2018

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