10 Effective Daily Stretching Exercises

10 Effective Daily Stretching Exercises

Following are the Top 10 Daily Exercises, Which needs to be Followed Correctly:

  1. Head Roll

    Stand straight with arms at your sides & feet shoulder width apart. Bend your neck down and slowly roll your head to one side in clockwise direction and complete a full rotation. Then roll the head in anti-clockwise direction. Repeat it 5 times.

    Benefits: Head roll can help improve upper-body stability, neck range of motion and flexibility. Because head rolls strengthen and stretch the back and neck, they can also help ease upper back pain and even help prevent injury.

  2. Shoulder Rolls

    Stand straight with arms at your sides. Lift your shoulder blades up and roll your shoulder blades back and down. Repeat it 5 times, then repeat it in the other direction as well.

    Benefits: Shoulder rolls are the perfect exercise for removing accumulated stress and tension in the shoulders and it improves the circulation in joints. This exercise warms up and stretches the muscles and tendons, and joints and helps in reducing pain and stiffness in the shoulder area.

  3. Triceps Stretch

    Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold right arm straight out in front of you, then cross it in front of your body towards left shoulder. With your left arm hold the right elbow, and guide it close to your chest. Hold for 5–10 seconds and then release. Repeat it on the other side as well.

    Benefits: Triceps stretch improve flexibility, lengthens muscles and increase range of motion. And, they can help to prevent tightness in muscles, loosen connective tissue and boost circulation, without using any equipment or minimum equipment.

  4. Arms and Abs Stretch

    Stand straight with feet and hip-width apart, cross left foot over right foot. Stretch your hands up, hold your right wrist with left hand and lean towards right. You should feel a nice stretch in your sides and shoulders without pain or tingling. Hold this pose for 10 seconds. Then, return to your normal position and repeat on the other side.

    Benefits: This stretching exercise helps runners.

  5. Standing Quad Stretch

    Stand straight and bring the left foot up towards your butt and grab your foot or ankle with left hand. Hold it for 10 seconds, then lower your foot. Repeat it on the other side as well.

    Benefits: It activates the quad muscles and increase your short-term range of motion. Increase long-term flexibility by relieving muscle soreness.

  6. Standing Hamstring and Calf Stretch

    Stand straight and stretch your right foot in front of your left foot. Keep left heel planted on the floor and start flexing your right foot with the heel, still on the floor. Lean forward to grab right toes with left hand, and place right hand behind your back for the support. Hold it for few seconds and then gently move your back into standing position. Repeat it on the other side as well.

    Benefits: It Prevents Low Back Pain. Tight Hamstrings Reduce the Mobility of the Pelvis, Which Can Put Pressure on the Lower Back and It Increases Your Flexibility.

  7. Figure Four Stretch

    Lie face-up and lift your legs off the floor, bend your knees at a 90-degrees angle. Place right ankle over left knee and then hold your hands on top of your right knee. Pull Your Right Legs Towards You, Until You Feel The Stretch. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat on the other side as well.

    Benefits: Figure Four Stretch is a good exercise for piriformis, hips and glutes. This exercise can be helpful in relieving sciatica pain.

  8. Hamstring Stretch

    Lie face-up on the floor with legs extended in front of you and then bend right leg in, so that your right foot is resting next to your left thigh. Place both the hands behind your right thigh. Gently straighten right leg with heel flexed as you pull your leg towards your body. And please stop when you feel the stretch in the back of your leg. Hold this position for 15 seconds. Switch legs and repeat it on the other side. Try using a towel or a stretch strap, if it’s too hard to reach your legs.

    Benefits: Hamstring Stretch Prevents low back pain. Tight hamstrings reduces the mobility of the pelvis, which can put pressure on the lower back and then, Hamstring Stretch helps in Reducing injuries, it is good in Increasing flexibility. Hamstring Stretch also helps in improving posture.

  9. Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

    Kneel down on the floor and step-up the right foot forward, and then make a 90-degree angle at your hip and knee. Do engage your core and glutes to create an upward tilt in your pelvis, and you will feel a light stretch in your left hip. Hold this for up to 15 seconds. Switch legs and repeat the exercises.

    Benefits: The Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch is one of the best stretches (exercises) to help with mobility in the front pelvis. Benefits of stretching the Hip Flexors includes alleviating low back pain, improves your posture and align your legs in a manner that makes them work more powerful.

  10. Child’s Pose

    Start on all 4s (Fours) on a yoga mat. Slowly sit back, so your butt goes down towards your heel. Lower your chest towards the floor by letting hands slide forward. Hold this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Release the pose and then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat it at least 3 times.

    Benefits: Stretching: Child’s pose helps in gently stretching your spine, thighs, hips and ankles. Relaxation: Along with deep breathing exercises, child’s pose can calm your mind, reduces anxiety and fatigue. Blood Circulation: Child’s pose can help in increasing blood circulation to your head.

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