5 Energy Increasing Exercises

In contrast to the popular belief that exercising makes you lose energy, the fact is that regular exercises can actually increase your energy. It can not only improve your overall health and fitness but also reduce your risk of several diseases. To help guide you to such splendor, we list here some exercises that can increase your energy.

5 Energy Increasing Exercises

Exercises are a necessary part of healthy lifestyle. However, certain exercises can increase your energy and are best practiced regularly.

#1. Brisk Walking: A sure shot means to retain and refresh your energy is a brisk walk. If jogging, nor running is possible, but simply brisk walking. It is one of the simplest exercise that can increase your energy. A brisk walk increases your heart rate a little and prepares it for the rest of the day, which completely fuels you with energy. There are some basic things which should be kept a lookout to ensure gaining maximum energy from brisk walk and not losing the already stored energy. These include breathing evenly and consciously, keeping track of the movement of your hips and thighs and keeping the posture erect. Though a little strange, if these points are kept in mind while your exercise lasts, the walk will be extremely beneficial in raising your energy levels.

#2. Free Form Dancing: Nothing beats the fun of free form dancing, so rip out your earphones, plug in your music and let yourself free. It is the sheer simplicity, comfort and fun of the exercise that makes it rank high among the exercises that can increase your energy. The music in this case plays a major role, as it is the tunes of the melody that relieve us of any inhibited stress, compunctions and refreshes us. Thus, dancing not only stretches and comforts the body but it increases the efficiency and energy further by distressing the person.

#3. Hopping or Jumping Ropes: Return to the fond memories of the jumping ropes for a new and energized self. This is among the full fitness, energy generating aerobics which increases strength. It is undoubtedly one of the best exercises that can increase your energy. It might seem odd, but you practice hopping at any time of the day and any place for simply thirty times and see the result for yourself. Hopping not only makes you increase your heart rate, but returns the double of the energy that you put into the task. Rather, any form of aerobic exercise is bound to award you with the same results, be it kick boxing, cross training or the practice of simple aerobic exercises.

#4. Pushups and Core Crunches: Known to build up the core strength of the body, pushups and crunches leave the body refreshed, relaxed and more comfortable than before. This form of exercise takes your energy to strengthen your body and tops the list of exercises that can increase your energy. The perfection of this form of exercise lies in the fact, the pushups and crunches tone your body to rid you of the excess fat too. The fat which makes a person essentially lethargic is treated upon through this exercise, and as the fat on the body is reduced gradually, the energy levels are increased simultaneously at about the same pace.

#5. Yoga: Yoga is considered as one of the most scientific form of exercise to maintain a healthy mind and body. But practicing this form of exercise daily, you realize that yoga not only helps maintain good health, but also infuses exceptional positivity and vigor by improving the blood circulation. Hence, yoga is one of the effective exercises that can increase your energy. The stretches, holds and breathing exercises everything in yoga seems to have been designed to increase the energy levels in the human body. The stretches that yoga puts the body through are mild and yet they open up the body making it lighter and more relaxed than before. A consistent practice of this exercise is sure to increase the flexibility and maintain the youth of the practitioner.

To sum it up, almost all cardio centered exercises can increase your energy levels. It is up to you to find the form of exercise that you find comfortable and refreshes you the most. For people with medical problems, it is best to seek medical opinion. However, basic walking and gentle stretches are useful for all. Above all, all cardio exercises, like cycling, swimming, aqua aerobics, too can increase your energy; it is just important to know and practice the form that suits your health status.

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