Forearm Exercises: How to Train Your Forearm?

What are Forearm Exercises?

Forearm exercises that are specific for the human forearm is the suggested way to completely fatigue the muscles in your forearm and they are also probably the only way to ensure your forearm muscles are worked through the entire range of motion. After a hard day of doing upper-body workout, you can also do some specific movements and exercises for the forearm.

If you do not believe when someone says that you should not train your forearms before your back or biceps, then try holding on to a heavy barbell. You probably won’t be able to grip the heavy barbell for too long. For this reason, you should always train your forearms after you train your back and biceps.

How to Train Your Forearm?

  1. Farmer’s Walk Forearm Exercise

    Farmer’s walk forearm exercise is the first step in building a strong forearm. This exercise with a funny name is not actually that funny and it is a serious and essential exercise for building a vice-like grip and forearms everyone will be jealous at.

    Farmer’s walk forearm exercise is also great because it develops a strong core and improves the stability of your shoulders.

    In order to do farmer’s walk forearm exercise, you should grab a heavy kettlebell or a heavy dumbbell in each of your hands, stand very tall, and start walking. Keep your abdominal muscles braced, your core tall, and pull your shoulders back at all times.

    To do this exercise as a warm-up and to stimulate and improve the overall total-body stability, do 2-3 sets of farmer’s walk exercise for 20 yards. Or if you do not love doing warm-ups, then you can do this exercise as a brutal last exercise in your exercise plan.

    Farmer's Walk Forearm Exercise

  2. Trap Bar Carry Forearm Exercise

    Trap bar carry forearm exercise allows you to carry much more weight than the farmer’s walk forearm exercise. This is an effective forearm workout for increasing the strength of your forearms and it is also good for your overall body stability.

    To perform trap bar carry forearm exercise, you should load a quality trap bar with a heavy weight, and then you should stand inside, lift the trap bar up, and then start walking. While performing this exercise, stay as tall as you are able to; keep your abdominal muscles tight, and your shoulders pulled back.

    So you could maximize the strength of your grip, we advise you to 2-3 sets of this forearm workout for 15 yards. If you do not want to do that, then you can save this exercise for the end of your exercise routine as a brutal finish exercise.

    Trap Bar Carry Forearm Exercise

  3. Towel Pullups Forearm Exercise

    “Normal” pull-ups make you build a strong grip and have thick arms. But, you can always grip a towel instead of the regular bar for pull-ups; doing pull-ups with a towel skyrockets the strength of forearm. In towel pullups forearm exercise, you literally have to crush and squeeze towels so you could just pull yourself up.

    Do not get surprised if you could only do one or two towel pull-ups on your first try ever.

    To perform towel pullups forearm exercise, you should wrap around a pull-up bar two towels. Grab each of the two towels for each of your hands and do your pull-ups while you keep your chest up and your shoulders down as you rise. If this feels very hard for you, then you can start with only one hand, and then switch to another hand, and the other way around.

    Towel Pullups Forearm Exercise

  4. Plate Curls Forearm Exercise

    Plate curls forearm exercise is an excellent workout for building stronger forearms. The next big step to achieve those menacing and muscular forearms is to increase your ability of how well and hard you can pinch your fingers. To train this grip, vary the way you hold your weights.

    Instead of doing biceps curls with a kettlebell or a dumbbell, use a heavy plate and grab the plate’s end. Do 5-6 sets of this exercise in 4-8 repetitions. If you can do more repetitions, use a heavier plate.

    Plate Curls Forearm Exercise

  5. Pinch Carries Forearm Exercise

    Pinch carries forearm exercise activates your forearms by making you squeeze your fingers so the plates you carry do not separate. You have to pinch two or more plates actively so they do not separate and slip.

    To perform pinch carries forearm exercise, you should grab two plates and you should pinch them together but with their smooth-side out. You do this in both of your hands. Stand as tall as you are able to, tighten your body’s core, and then walk. To benefit the size of your forearms, do 2-3 sets of this workout for 15 yards.

    Pinch Carries Forearm Exercise

  6. Single Arm Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press Forearm Exercise

    You will blast definitely your forearms by holding kettlebells upside down. Single arm bottoms up kettlebell press is an effective forearm exercise. In order just to keep the kettlebells stable and balanced, you will have to pulverize the kettlebells’ handles. As you press the kettlebells overhead, you will tighten all of your body’s muscles to drive the force from the ground into your arms.

    In order to perform this excellent forearm exercise, you will have to grab a kettlebell in an upside-down position – hold the handles while the weighted parts of the kettlebell are above the handles. Squeeze the handles, brace your abdominal muscles, tighten your glutes, and push the kettlebell overhead. Do 6 repetitions on the each side for 3-4 sets.

    Single Arm Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press Forearm Exercise

  7. Fat Grip Dumbbell Rows Forearm Exercise

    By using a thicker bar you will be able to build big and firm forearms because a thicker bar forces you to squeeze harder and to hold the same weight amount.

    In order to perform fat grip dumbbell rows forearm exercise, place fat grip around the handle of a dumbbell. In case you do not own a fat grip, you can wrap a towel around the dumbbell handle. Place your right hand and your right knee onto a gym bench, and then grab the dumbbell, and then pull your shoulder blade inward while you pull your elbow to your ribcage. Do 8 reps of this exercise of 3-4 sets for each side.

    Fat Grip Dumbbell Rows Forearm Exercise

  8. Plate Tosses Forearm Exercise

    Performing plate tosses forearm exercise will make you have a machine-like grip and build massive forearms. You will achieve that all because you will have to snatch moving and heavy target from the air.

    To perform plate tosses forearm exercises, hold the bumper plate by its end so it is in front of you. Start at the waist height, drop the bumper plate, and reach quickly down to catch the plate by its end. Do 10 repetitions and then switch sides. Add this exercise to your forearm workout and do it for 3-4 sets.

    Plate Tosses Forearm Exercise

  9. Grip Crusher Forearm Exercise

    Unlike the previously listed exercises, grip crusher forearm exercise only focuses on your forearm muscles and involves only them.

    To perform grip crusher forearm exercise, wrap your hand around a quality grip crusher and squeeze the grip crusher until its two handles touch completely. Do 2-3 sets of this exercise of 10 repetitions.

    Grip Crusher Forearm Exercise

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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