How Does Skipping Help Your Body?

It obviously is one of the sure facts that we all must have been in to skipping during our childhood. However one of the best things to be made aware about skipping is that it is one of the best forms of exercises which can be performed not only by the children but also by the adult men and women. It in fact is one of the most convenient and inexpensive form of exercise which help our body in a great way. Go through the following arrays of the article to know how does skipping actually help our body and the best benefits of skipping.

How Does Skipping Help Your Body?

How Does Skipping Help Your Body?

Here Below are Some Ways Skipping Help Your Body.

  1. Skipping Helps in Improving Heart Rate:

    Skipping is known to be of the best forms of cardio exercises which aids in improving your heart rate and keep a healthy heart. By performing skipping rope exercise; you can make your heart perform more efficiently. You will develop more of stamina and will be suffering less from shortness of breath amid various physical activities.

  2. Skipping Helps in Weight Loss:

    If you are looking for a convenient exercise for weight loss, then skipping could be a great tool for you. Bouncing jumping rope for about 30 minutes can burn 300 calories and thus by skipping for 30 minutes consistently each day for a week and by cutting out 400 calories from your diet regiment can help you lose one pound. Though it may be difficult for you at first, it would wonderfully help you reduce weight in the most beneficial way.

    However it is essential for you to keep in mind that if you have remained inactive for long then do check with your doctor before starting a skipping exercise routine

  3. Skipping Tones Muscles in Lower and Upper Body:

    Skipping can help you to tone the muscles in your lower legs and lower body. If your muscles have been inactive for long, you may experience soreness in your legs at first. By giving them a couple of days to recuperate, it will soon lead to stronger and more conditioned muscles as your regime continues.

  4. Benefits of Skipping in Increasing Height:

    Skipping is also known to be helpful in improving height to some extent. However, before knowing how skipping helps in increasing height, it is important to educate us about some factors that affect the height growth. Some of the main factors that contribute to height are our hereditary aspects, our lifestyle and environment, other health conditions, a healthy diet, proper exercise, good posture of body etc. Now, talking about how skipping help us improve height, here is what we can mention below.

    • Skipping is a heart pumping exercise. While you are skipping; you are alternating your legs by keeping it on and away from the ground. It is also a high speed activity where the entire muscles and ligaments in the body are stretching and contracting. This stretching and contracting causes them to become elastic and eventually they stretch.
    • While you are skipping, the body is completely erect, stretching the spine and the back muscles too. The constant bending of your knee while skipping causes your calf muscles to expand vertically.
    • Skipping also increases the bone mass by making them longer. That is the reason why skipping can help in gaining you a few inches
    • Apart from all these, one more effect of skipping is that it makes our entire body slimmer. And when your body gets slimmer, you look taller.
  5. Skipping Helps in Improving Skin:

    Skipping is also known to be beneficial in improving skin health. It is beneficial even if you go for 15 minutes of skipping every day. This exercise increases the circulation of blood in the body; thus provides nutrients to the skin and aids in flushing out toxins. This would help your face glow and look beautiful.

  6. Skipping is Beneficial in Improving Bone Density:

    Skipping also helps in improving bone density and helps in strengthening the bone. Bone mass usually decreases after the age 35 and bone loss occur more rapidly in women after menopause. It is also believed that skipping or jumping rope can help in stimulating the bone the best in the femoral neck and aids in strengthening it. It is also to be noted that in case you are suffering from osteoporosis then do avoid jumping ropes as it could worsen the condition.

  7. Skipping Helps in Attaining Balance, Coordination and Agility of the Body:

    It is known that skipping is one of the most wonderful exercise for attaining body balance, coordination and agility. There are many martial arts experts, athletes, boxers and tennis players who add skipping in to their training

  8. Skipping as a Rehab Exercise:

    Skipping is one exercise used for rehab purposes. While beginning to rehab your footankle or knee injury; it is essential for you to start with a very low-impact activity like swimming or riding stationary bike. Then after you can progress to skipping which helps in strengthening muscles, including the calves, hamstrings, glutes, calves etc. along with the tendons and ligaments that protect the feet, knees and ankle. It is essential for you to consult a doctor before starting the rehab process.

  9. Skipping as a Full Body Exercise:

    Skipping can be considered as a full body exercise where while jumping rope, one practically utilizes all the body parts. While skipping, your lower body is persistently bouncing, your arms and shoulders are in motion constantly and also your abdominal area is involved. Skipping also helps in maintaining a good body posture.

Concerns and Caution While Skipping:

One serious concern about skipping is that it can cause uterine prolapse; especially in case of pregnant women. This happens when the ligaments supporting the uterus get so weak that the uterus cannot stay in its place and slips down from its regular position. So, make sure if you are pregnant, then it is extremely necessary for you to consult with your doctor before starting the skipping program.

Apart from this, there may be problem in case you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle for long and want to begin skipping. You must maintain some cautions and follow them strictly.

  • Start skipping for 30 seconds at first and then march at your place for 30 seconds. Repeat this for 10 minutes at first. As you develop you fitness level, you can increase the length of time skipping.
  • Apart from this, choose a flat surface to skip so as to avoid twisting of your ankle joints.
  • Always wear protective athletic shoes while skipping.


Now we know about some of the best ways skipping help our body. With this, it is obvious that you must be looking for something real great to start with the skipping exercise. However, as skipping gets your heart rate high very quickly, if you have been leading an inactive lifestyle since long then do check with your doctor so as to know if you are fit enough to begin your skipping exercise.

Always talk to an expert medical professional to know about your health conditions before skipping and get experts’ advices.

Skip for being healthy, but do not skip safety!

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