How Aerobics Can Help Seniors & Easy Aerobic Routines for Them

Most of us think that regular aerobics are must for health benefits for young adults but not for seniors. However, that is not true. Even senior citizens want some dose of fun and excitement and they are seen to be deriving much benefit from aerobics. Know how aerobics can help seniors and the easy aerobic routines for them.

How Aerobics Can Help Seniors?

How Aerobics Can Help Seniors?

Aerobics actually increase quality of life thus making seniors super energetic and full of oomph, also researches have proved that regular aerobics enhance possible life expectancy. Once you know how aerobics can help seniors, you are sure to follow it regularly.

Maximum seniors are seen to have achy joints and they find troubles in simple regular jogging. Exercising in water is a wonderful recreation and it reduces arthritis and other joint pain. Aerobics help in increasing strength, flexibility, balance and muscle toning.

Before beginning with aerobics, it is better to learn about the limits also maintain the safety tips. Aerobics is more enjoyable when performed in group. If you have any health problem, are on medication or under clinical supervision, it is better to seek medical opinion before starting aerobics.

Some of the Best Ways in Which Aerobics Can Help Seniors Include:

Weight Management

One interesting fact about following aerobic routines for seniors, is that they can effectively keep extra pounds at bay. Aerobics actually help in keeping body slim and slender.

Maintain Stamina

With growing age, there is a tendency to lose stamina, but aerobics can help seniors by improving their stamina. After few days of training, stamina would increase and the feeling of fatigue would go away.

Improved Immunity

Aerobic routines for seniors can help to get rid of common infections and viral illnesses, thus strengthening immune system. There would be less attack of minor viral illnesses like flu and cold.

Reduced Health Risks

Aerobic routines are known to reduce health risks of obesity, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes or stroke.

Better Bone Health

Aging increases the risk of reduced bone density, osteoporosis and fractures. Aerobic routine for seniors has proved beneficial in improving bone density and can prevent osteoporosis. Aerobics help seniors by reducing the risk of fractures, improving bone mass and reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

Reduced Risk of Heart Diseases

With increasing age, the risk of heart diseases increases. Aerobic routine for seniors helps to improve aerobic conditioning, which augments blood supply to the heart and improves overall heart functioning. Varying health conditions like coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and blood sugar can be prevented or managed with regular aerobics. Aerobics help seniors by preventing clogging of arteries, maintaining blood cholesterol levels and improving blood circulation in the body.

Increases Positivity

Many seniors face emotional problems, negative thoughts, depression and feeling of loneliness. The best part of aerobic routines for seniors is that it helps to elevate mood by releasing stress reliving hormones, endorphins, which reduce stress. Being healthy, energetic with aerobics also helps to keep emotional problems at bay. Thus aerobics helps seniors by providing relaxation of mind, increasing positivity of thoughts and controlling mood swings.

Improves Cognitive Functions

Aging is also known to affect the thinking capacity and many seniors have memory issues. Aerobics can help seniors by improving blood circulation, thus improving cognitive functions, improving memory and thinking abilities. Aerobic routines for seniors are often aimed at maintaining brain functions to prevent conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s, so that they can live their life without being dependent on others.

Easy Aerobic Routines for Seniors

To being with aerobics, the body as well as mind should be prepared to prevent injuries and other health risks. Also, for some seniors, it may be necessary to seek medical opinion about your health status. Here are some tips to follow before getting into aerobic routines for seniors. You need to know how to manage and control your body. While doing such activities it will be clear to you how much load, how much stress you are capable of shouldering.

It is advisable to start aerobic routines for seniors under the supervision of practiced trainer who is qualified enough in dealing with older generation. It is better to practice in open environment where sufficient air circulation is there. Make sure you warm up first and then go into regular aerobics activities and cool down with some stretches at the end. Go for easy steps in the beginning and depending upon stamina and capacity, complex steps should be tried out.

Aerobic routines for seniors usually comprise aerobic exercises and other aerobic activities like walking, cycling, jogging or swimming. You can choose one activity each day, if your health permits or stick to one type only. These activities as a part of aerobic routines for seniors should be ideally performed for 20 to 30 minutes at least five days a week.

Apart from these, aerobic routines for seniors also includes aerobic exercises that work on the body muscles to strengthen them. Some of the exercises included in aerobic routines for seniors are

  • Neck Stretch helps in reliving tension in the neck area also the shoulder area. While doing such exercise hands should be kept straight by the side. It should be repeated at least for five times. Relax your shoulders so they are not scrunched up near your ears.
  • Abdominal Contractions is the best way to enhance strength and tighten abdominal muscles. You need to hold breaths also releasing the same in calculated pace.
  • Wall Push-Ups help increase strength in shoulders and chest. Keep the spine straight and repeat it 10 times.
  • Pelvic Tilts help in enhancing and strengthening the lower back muscles, tighten your buttocks. Back strengthening exercises are essential in aerobic routines for seniors.
  • Toe Taps can be done while sitting on a chair, here you can feel the muscle toning closer to lower leg area.
  • Heel Raises help in strengthening the upper calves. It should be repeated for 20 times.
  • Knee Lifts help in strengthening thighs. This would be contracting the thigh muscles and help to improve knee stability. This is an important exercise of aerobic routines for seniors.
  • Ankle Rotations help to gain in flexibility and help in different activities.
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