Aerobics Benefits and Side Effects on Health

According to the physical fitness experts, aerobic exercises and workouts are one of the best and most important factors for body fitness and those who do aerobics regularly get extended lifespan with great working capacity and decreased risk of coronary artery diseases, blood pressure issues, cancer and diabetes. Aerobic health and fitness is defined as the body’s cardiovascular and muscular system ability for providing required energy to maintain physical activity over a long period of time. Aerobic exercises include walking, aerobic dance, swimming, jogging, cycling, rowing and stair climbing. Aerobics is something that needs to be initiated with a slower pace and gradually can be increased with pace and intensity. Coming to benefits and side effects of aerobics on health, there are always two sides of a coin. Let’s have a look.

Aerobics Benefits and Side Effects on Health

Benefits of Aerobics on Health

Regular aerobic exercising promotes good health by stimulating healthy blood flow and heart as well as lungs functioning. Benefits of aerobics on health are numerous, because in aerobic activity your body’s large muscles repeatedly move and your body responds to those moves very quickly. Your breathing pattern becomes more faster and deeper which increases the amount of oxygen in your blood which means faster heart beat and faster blood flow to muscles and back to the lungs. While doing aerobic activities, human body release endorphins which are the natural painkillers that encourage improved sense of well being.

  1. Aerobics Increases Body Stamina

    Aerobic exercises can make you feel tired in short term but makes you feel strong and active on long term by reducing fatigue and increasing body stamina. Aerobics fills your body with energy and boosts your all body processes which is one of the most effective benefits of aerobics on your health.

  2. Weight Loss Health Benefits of Aerobics

    If you’re looking for shedding some extra weight or pounds, then you will love this super energetic exercise. Aerobics burn fats and calories super quick and helps in reducing body weight very fast and effectively. According to the health and fitness experts, no other form of exercises can shed your weight as effectively as aerobics do.

  3. Aerobics is Beneficial in Increasing Respiration Efficiency

    Aerobic exercises and activities makes the large working muscles demand more oxygen for which our heart works harder making the lungs work more efficiently to deliver oxygen to the blood and eliminating carbon dioxide as waste. One of the essential benefits of aerobics on health is aerobic activity makes diaphragm strong.

  4. Regular Aerobics Keeps You Healthy by Keeping Viral Illness at Bay

    Aerobic activities enhance and improve immunity which keeps all viral illness such as cold, viral fever and flu at bay. Not only this, aerobics also strengthens immunity and reduces getting caught by cold and flu more frequently.

  5. Increases artery health

    Aerobic exercises keep arteries clear and blood vessels healthy. These exercises boost high density lipoprotein HDL in blood and low density lipoprotein in blood which means aerobics control cholesterol levels by keeping blood pressure in check which is one of the crucial benefits of aerobics on health.

  6. Reduces All Health Ailments

    Aerobics keeps your body completely active and energetic by maintaining healthy blood flow throughout your body which reduces the risk of several serious health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, heart attacks, cardiac issues etc.

  7. Regular Aerobics Strengthens Heart and Improves Heart Health

    A strong heart is that which beats fast and pumps blood more efficiently and improves blood flow in all parts of the body. And this entire process gets a nice boost by aerobic exercising. Aerobics makes your heart work faster and efficiently which is another benefit of these exercises on your health.

  8. Increases lifespan

    According to University of Harvard research, walking for 15 minutes a day can increase your lifespan up to 1 day. Walking is one such kind of aerobic exercise which keeps your body active by increasing your life longevity.

  9. Slows ageing process

    This super sweating process can be super beneficial for you. One of the most effective benefits of aerobics on your health is slower ageing process. Aerobic fitness reduces your signs of ageing by impeding the ageing process.

  10. Boosts mood

    Aerobics are the natural activities that enhance and boost mood naturally by releasing tons of endorphins hormone known as happy hormones that gives you the feeling of well being and being relaxed.

  11. Aerobics Strengthens Muscles, Bones, Tendons and Ligaments

    Another super benefit of aerobics on your health is strengthening your bone health as well as muscles. Your bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons get damaged frequently by regular wear and tear due to several arduous physical activities as well as ageing. Women osteoporosis is one of the serious health issue that needs quick medical attention, but can be easily cured and relaxed by performing aerobic exercises.

  12. Improves Metabolism

    Aerobic exercises improve blood flow and increases body stamina which leads to enhanced body functioning, especially the metabolic processes. More the oxygen in your blood, the faster functioning of metabolic process in your body.

  13. Reduces Anxiety and Stress

    Another relaxing benefit of aerobics on your health is reduced anxiety and stress. Endorphins released while performing aerobic activities not only boosts your mood but also reduces stress and anxiety as well as depression.

  14. Improves cognitive skills

    Aerobic workouts are not only beneficial for physical health but for also mental health. Aerobics activates brain cells to work faster by transmitting signals to your body and from your body. Aerobics is very beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients as it improves memory power.

  15. Improves body efficiency

    “Aerobics benefits on health” is a long list and the most effective advantage on long term. Aerobic activities burn calories and fats very rapidly by improving healthy blood flow in your body by activating body immunity and endurance. Hence aerobics promote overall health improving body efficiency.

Side Effects of Aerobics on Health

As we all know “there are two sides of every coin”, too much of anything can be harmful. Certainly, aerobics and aerobic fitness is highly beneficial for human body but there are some or few side effects related to it too. However, if we start comparing the disadvantages of aerobics with its advantages, the benefits and advantages of aerobic exercises will steal the game. Now, let’s have a look on the side effects of aerobics on health.

  1. Muscle pain

    Rigorous and regular aerobics causes muscular pain in chest, shoulders, calf muscles, hips and thighs. Aerobic exercises put strenuous effect in muscles which help in losing fats and body weight by gaining a perfect toned body.

  2. Joint pain

    One of the very irritating and harmful side effects of aerobics on your health can be joint pain. Aerobics can cause temporary damage in delicate joints leading to several bone health issues such as arthritis, osteoporosis, low bone density.

  3. Overexertion

    Aerobic exercises such as jumping, cycling, swimming, running can cause muscle spasm, bone and joints pain, skin rashes, irritation, body ache, wear and tear of ligaments, sprains etc due to over exertion or high impact of aerobics which is one of the crucial side effects of aerobic workouts on health.

  4. Safety

    When it’s about aerobics, safety becomes the first concern because safety precautions are required to be taken while performing rigorous aerobic workouts. Perfect shoes, knee pads, helmets and many more are required while performing aerobic activities. But sometimes there remains the risk of injury when safety measures get compromised.

    Side effects of aerobics on health are quite less and manageable as compared to benefits and advantages of aerobic workouts. Aerobics are always the best option for losing weight and staying fit and healthy for a long period of time. Aerobics not only keeps you fit but also expands your life longevity but don’t forget the safety precautions while performing them.

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