Types of Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercise is also known as cardio exercise. Aerobic exercises require oxygenated blood pumped by heart to supply oxygen to the working muscles of your body. Aerobic exercises are also named as cardio exercise because they stimulate the heart and breathing rate to elevate in such a way which can be sustained for the workout sessions. Sometimes aerobic workouts become anaerobic exercise when it is performed with high level of intensity. Aerobic exercises not only improve your cardio exercises but also promote overall physical and mental health.

According to the fitness experts, there are several types of aerobic exercises which are beneficial in preventing or reducing the maximum chances of diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer, cardiovascular diseasesosteoporosis and depression. Aerobic workout plans need to be practical, simple and genuine. All it needs is your full dedication. There are many types of cardio workouts or aerobic exercises such as swimming, walking, running, jogging, cycling, skipping, hiking, aerobic classes, cardio machines, aerobic dance, kickboxing etc. Let’s have a look on the types of aerobic exercises in brief.

Types of Aerobic Exercises

Types of Aerobic Exercises

  1. Cycling

    A very inexpensive and eco friendly type of aerobic exercise that works effectively for your cardio fitness as well as your mental fitness is cycling. All you need is a bicycle with a cycling helmet and fitness suit with perfect sport shoes. It tones leg muscles and increases your limbs strength and also keeps buttock muscles in shape. The best part of cycling is it puts less stress on joints for those who have joint issues as compared to running and stair climbing. The aerobic classes and gyms have also stationary cycles for indoor cycling which is also a great option if you want to stay away from sun.

Types of Aerobic Exercises: Cycling

  1. Swimming

    One of the super effective type of aerobic exercise that keeps your entire body in shape and enhances your cognitive functions is swimming. A swimming suit with a pair of swimming glasses is all what you need to perform swimming. However, there are many people who love to swim without all these accessories to enjoy the water activity. Swimming is a type of aerobic exercise that tones your shoulder and upper arm muscles as well as keeps your tummy flat and toned. Your legs get super strength by performing this activity and it is also a best option for summer exercises.

  2. Walking

    Walking is the basic form and type of aerobic exercise that keeps your overall physical and mental health active and increases your life span up to 30 years. Walking for 30 minutes a day can increase your life longevity up to 10 days. It is completely safe and low cost. All you need is a best pair of shoes and a long walking space be it a jogging park, a field, or treadmill. Walking keeps leg muscles toned and strong, enhances cardiovascular fitness, lowers and controls the blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attacks, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer.

  3. Running

    Same as walking, running is also an inexpensive and safe form or type of aerobic exercise that rarely affects your joints. Running improves your heart and bone health and is a good way to burn calories and extra fats to lose weight and stay in perfect shape. Running can be performed anywhere but not on a busy road. You can perform it in a fitness park, gym, a spacious field with friends and in groups. Running makes your heart work faster and burn calories effectively which is the best way to tone up your tummy and buttocks.

  4. Spot Jogging

    Spot jogging is another type of aerobic exercise that is a very easy, comfortable and inexpensive form of workout that needs a spacious room or a wise place. You have to stay at a spot and start jogging by moving your legs in a cycling motion like you do while jogging in a park. You can enjoy your room temperature and there will be no dust and harmful sunrays. Spot jogging is performed for consecutive 5-10 minutes with 60 seconds resting time. It improves heart rate to regulate fat and calories burning capacity.

  5. Stair Climbing

    Stair climbing workouts can be real strenuous but are the best and effectual type of aerobic exercise to lose weight faster. Stair climbing is one of the toughest and effectual types of aerobic exercises that tone your thigh, legs, buttocks, waist and lower abdomen muscles to give you a perfect shape and fitness. Stair climbing can be performed where you have stairs be it at your home, any jogger’s park, gym or even at your terrace stairs. But safety measures must be followed while performing this strenuous workout especially a pair of light weight sport shoes.

  6. Aerobic Dance

    One of the most enjoyable forms of aerobic exercises that can be performed with no risk factors and is highly beneficial as well as entertaining is aerobic dancing. These types of aerobic exercises are usually performed at aerobic dance classes or general aerobic classes and some gyms. Aerobic dances include ballet, disco, jazz and samba that tone up your entire body with a enjoyable music that not only improves your physical fitness but also improves your mental health by reducing depression and anxiety.

  7. Cross Country Skiing

    A very high intense cardio exercise that aids proper coordination between your upper and lower body is cross country skiing which is usually performed at icy and snowy hills that requires rapid and intense workout for hips, calf muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings and foot muscles. This amazing type of aerobic exercise needs proper training, skills and practice which improves cardiovascular fitness, lowers and controls blood pressure, reduces stress and depression and helps in losing weight. This particular exercise enhances the coordination between your upper and lower body by maintain a proper balance of your body while sliding down the icy hills.

  8. Skipping

    The best ever playtime fun of everyone’s childhood is rope skipping. Rope skipping is the most inexpensive type of aerobic exercise that needs a jumping rope. Skipping is performed by continuous jumping and skipping between the rope’s circular motions that can be increased to high intensity to get effective results in weight loss. Skipping tones calves, thighs, buttocks, tummy and waist which means an overall workout for achieving a perfect shape with rapid fat burning.

  9. Hiking

    Hiking is a wise way of exercising similar to climbing stairs. The difference between hiking and stair climbing is when you hike you climb a hill with no layers and when you climb stairs you get layers which can be risky for joint health. But hiking is not that tough for joints and is an adventurous type of aerobic exercise that tones thighs, legs, buttocks, waist and abdomen muscles.

    These above mentioned aerobic exercise types are the most effective workout forms that help to achieve cardiovascular fitness as well as entire physical fitness. Cardio exercises also improve mental health by reducing stress and depression promoting healthy lifestyle. However, safety precautions and measures must be followed and taken care of while performing these aerobic exercises.

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