How to Do Kegels|Types of Kegel Exercises for Men & Women & Its Benefits

Are you having any type of acute lower intestinal problems? Doctor’s concern is absolutely important to get rid of various pelvic zone related health problems which become sometimes highly intolerable. Apart from the prescribed medicines, you should also practice some exercise through which you get enough relief and for this reason kegel exercise is absolutely appropriate. Kegel exercise is highly fruitful when the problems are related to any types of pelvic floor issues.

During any kegel exercise all the muscles contracts and relax following a rhythm which keeps your pelvic zone, as well as entire body fit enough. Traditional kegel exercise is recommendable but you can do it by using tools too. Kegel exercise is beneficial for both men and women. In female, urinary incontinence like multiple complications occur after childbirth which can be reduced by the kegel exercise. While in men, kegel exercise helps to reduce the chance of premature ejaculation and other sexual issues.

Benefits of Kegel Exercise for Women

How to Do Kegels?

There is always some rules that need to be followed before doing any exercise. Kegel is not different. Here also you have to follow some order while practicing kegel by yourself.

For doing Kegel exercises, it’s important to identify your pelvic muscles. The easiest way to find your pelvic muscle is to try stopping the flow of your urine mid-steam and then again relax those muscle to let the urine flow again and this will allow you to know which is the muscle to work out for doing kegels.

Note: The above information is provided for you to be able to identify the pelvic muscle to do kegels. Do not do kegels while urinating.

  • Always keep in mind that you need to breathe deeply and feel relax while doing kegels.
  • Keep your chest, stomach, buttock and thigh muscles lose while doing kegel exercises.
  • Practice the kegel exercise with an empty bladder.
  • Do the classic kegel and push kegel initially.
  • Hold the pelvic muscles tightly during practicing the activities. In contrary, relax the pelvic muscles by counting numbers as described below.
  • Do the kegel exercises by repeating at least twice in a single attempt.
  • Get yourself out of stress while doing the exercise and always take a deep breath.
  • It is good enough if you do the kegel exercise one to three times in a day but never try to do more than the recommendation.

Give your attention to some notes which will help you to do the kegel exercises in a proper manner. Some caution needs to be taken properly which all are discussed below.

  • Concentrate that the muscles which are you using in kegel exercise should stop urinating.
  • Never try to over exercise as overdoing the kegel exercises can cause straining during urination or when you move bowels.
  • For women, the caution should be followed appropriately. A woman’s vaginal muscles get extremely tight due to the overdoing or incorrectly practicing kegel exercises.

Types of Kegel Exercises

There are different types of Kegel exercises which you can practice at home. It may not be possible to practice all the exercise once at a time but you can do some easy exercise daily and repeatedly. Though most of the types of kegel exercises are mostly advantageous for women yet men can also do some activities where the effects are the same.

  1. The Simple Kegel

    This is one of the easiest types of kegels which can be practiced even when you relax at home. Just contract and relax the pelvic muscles minimum four times or maximum eight times and subsequently engage them by holding for a couple of seconds and then release. Try this by laying down, standing or sitting.

  2. The Side Leg Elevation Kegel Exercise

    Bend left knee slightly by sleeping on your left side. Keep your right leg straight and hold it up. Curve the left heel properly. Move your right leg up and down for at least five times in one attempt. Contract your pelvic muscles while doing the side leg elevation type of kegel exercise. Keep your right leg quite close to the left one and do the same thing again. Then repeat the same on the right side. Switch sides after doing three sets in one side.

  3. Fire Breathing Kegel Exercise

    This is one of the fastest types of Kegels exercise. Keep your spine erect and sit in a cross-legged pose. Place your hand on knees and shut your eyes. Increase the rate of breathing through the nose only by contracting the pelvic floor muscles. Try to take fifteen short’s series. Come to the previous normal position and relax by breathing at normal rate.

  4. Push out Kegel

    Push out kegel is another type of classic kegel which is also known as simple kegel. Just squeeze your PC muscles as describe in the simple kegel. While the time comes to release the muscles do it with a strong push.

  5. Butterfly Kegel

    To do this type of kegel exercise, bend your knees and draw them towards your chest while lying on the back. Stretch the bent legs by parting away to both the sides. Try to tilt the pelvic portion quite forward along with contract the PC muscles. Inhale at the meantime while contracting and tilting the pelvis region. Back your legs to the pivot zone and release PC muscles at the same time.

  6. The Bridge Kegel

    Lie down on your spine and bend your knees. Your feet and hip should touch the floor. Stretch your arms sideward. Keep your buttock relaxed and try to lift your pelvic zone by contracting pelvic floor muscles. In the meantime, up and down bent legs as a marching rhythm. Relax after lifting five times each foot.

Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegel exercises are beneficial for men just like women. Huge muscle strength you can easily get by practicing kegel exercise. Four different types of kegel exercises for men are known. Here the exercise discussed below.

  1. The Kegel Flutter Technique

    This is a very normal kegel exercises for men. Do the activity by turning between flexing and liberating the pinching on your PC muscles. Do the releasing and flexing rapidly. At the beginning practice this by ten repetitions. Take a break for approx ten seconds and then start another set.

  2. Kegel Combination Method

    This is a step by step process. It is one of the styles of modified flutter exercise. Practice the flutter exercise by doing five fast flexes. The last one should be squeezed tightly and should be held for a while. Try to contract the PC muscles powerfully. Try to do five flutters at a time initially and hold for five seconds. Take a deep breath before starting another set.

  3. Squeeze and Hold Kegels

    It is quite tough kegel exercises for men. Compress the PC muscles tightly and hold it for a while. Count up to ten initially as you hold your PC muscles by squeezing. Release the muscles by taking breathe slowly. Your holding power of the PC muscles gets enhanced with times by practicing. Do the exercise following three repetitions in a set. Three to four times practicing in a week is enough.

  4. Kegel Random Flexing

    Start the exercise by practicing almost ten flutter exercises in a rhythm. Then do substantial compressing and holding. When it comes to the toughest kegel exercises for men, random flexing comes first in position. Keep practicing properly to contract your PC muscles any time.

Kegel Exercises for Women

Kegel exercise is hugely beneficial for aged women especially. Due to many reasons, the pelvic portions of women get weaken. Kegel exercise works amazingly in pregnancy, childbirth, weight gain and aging. Here are some kegel exercises for women discussed below.

  1. The Karezza Kegel

    Karezza kegel is one of the unique kegel exercises for women which you can practice while having sex with your partner. Focus on the gently pulsing PC muscles around your partner’s sexual organ.

  2. The Viper Kegel Exercise

    Rotate your hips portion in a single direction for almost eight times and then change the direction for another eight rotations. Keep your lower abdominal part and your hips muscles engage properly with the activity during the rotation.

  3. The Kegel Goddess Pose

    Lay down on the floor by bending your knees and out the bent knees to both the sides. Try to touch the heels together. Try to seize the feet and bring close them towards the chest while knees still stretched and heels still connecting. Count up to ten while holding the position.

  4. Perform Wild Child Moves as a Kegel Exercise

    This is one of the easiest kegel exercises for women which you can do at any suitable time. Do a child’s pose just like yoga by only keeping your knees apart enough. Hold the position for twenty seconds. As it is very easy to do you can try the Kegel exercise to perform repeatedly without taking a long break.

  5. The Kegel Relaxation Beads

    Take two beads and place them in your pelvic zone. Try to raise the beads by using the pelvic muscles. Try to hold it for at least two seconds initially. After practicing for a long while you should try to hold it for maximum ten seconds. Then back in your relaxing position by releasing the beads. Repeat the kegel exercise after a couple of minutes. Practice the exercise while doing other activities such as clean your house, go for the shopping, go for the morning or evening walk or while you are gardening. Keep the beads inside for at least thirty minutes during these activities. It helps to contract the PC muscles interestingly.

    Practice kegel exercises thrice in a day to get a better result. You would feel the difference after four to six weeks when all your pelvic area related physical issues get lower. Apart from the physical problems, you can do these activities to make yourself sexually fit and healthy too. It is quite tough to manage the time though nowadays yet for practicing kegel, need not take vast time. As the activities are available for men and women both, you can also practice some exercises along with your partner during the time of intercourse. Kegel is getting hugely popular day by day due the amazing effects. All the effectiveness of kegel practicing is discussed above. You can easily play the exercise while relaxing or sitting calmly. For keeping the body and mind fit you should practice these exercises on daily basis. Kegel helps you to live the life amazingly as it reduces most of the problems which sometimes cause multiple other physical and psychological problems. So, do the kegel exercise and lead healthy and happy for a long while.

Benefits of Kegel Exercise for Men and Women

There are immense benefits of doing kegel exercises both to men and women, provided they are done regularly.

Benefits of Kegel Exercise for Men:

  • Kegel exercises give assistance to all the pelvic organs like the bladder, bowel, and urethra of men and women both.
  • Kegel exercises are beneficial in enhancing sexual function in both the gender.
  • The strengthening the pelvic floor muscle is the other benefits of doing kegel exercise regularly.
  • All the pelvic floor muscles are placed in proper place by doing the kegel exercises appropriately.
  • Any types of pelvic surgery get cured by the kegel practicing appropriately.
  • Kegels is beneficial in restoring bladder control due to prostate surgery in men.
  • The practice of kegel exercises can benefit men with erectile dysfunction.
  • Kegel exercises helps address the issue of premature ejaculation and improves libido.
  • These exercises help women to get rid off from multiple pelvic problems.

Benefits of Kegel Exercise for Women:

  • Kegel Exercise is beneficial in preventing almost all types of prolapse in women.
  • Accurate kegel activities help to reduce the pelvic pain during intercourse in women.
  • Multiple damages occur due to pregnancy and childbirth. Kegel exercises help to repair the damages that women undergo during pregnancy.
  • After menopause, the pelvic muscles get weaker in women. Proper kegel practicing helps tighten the pelvic muscles for a long while.
  • Some kegel exercises for women provide amazing stretch throughout the hips area and the inner thighs area.
  • The pelvic tilt help in open up the pelvic portion. It also enhances the blood flow to the V zone of women.
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