How to Get More Air Through Your Nose|Nasal Breathing Benefits

Nasal breathing is breathing through the nose, when the air that we breathe in, passes through the nose into the lungs. Breathing is life and better breathing is known to have long lasting benefits on your health. Vitality, longevity and healthy lungs; research has it loud and clear that nasal breathing benefits can keep you healthy. Now, it is also essential to know, how to get more air through your nose, to be healthy?

How to Get More Air Through Your Nose & Nasal Breathing Benefits

Why to Get More Air Through Your Nose?

Your nose is developed for the function of breathing in and passing the air through the respiratory tract. They are designed in a way such that:

  • The nasal hair filter and flush out any impurities in the form of particles in the air.
  • The mucous in the nose has an enzyme that kills viruses and bacteria.
  • The sinuses warm and condition the air for absorption.
  • They also help in improved lung function.

These are the main structural benefits of nasal breathing, which are not offered when you breathe through your mouth. Moreover, mouth breathing increases the risk of respiratory and throat infections, can also cause dryness of mouth and can affect the oral cavity, teeth and gums.

Nasal Breathing Benefits

There are innumerable health conditions influenced by optimal breathing. The modern scientific researches as well as traditional form of exercises have shown us the potential benefits of deep nasal breathing (Nadi shodhan Pranayama). Nasal breathing exercise is basically an excellent breathing technique to calm and center the mind.

Some of the nasal breathing benefits include:

  • Nasal breathing allows the germs, dust and other foreign particles to get entangled in the protective hair along the nasal passage. This helps to purify the air, filter it along the respiratory tract and prevent allergies and infections.
  • Nasal breathing helps you take fuller, deeper breaths, which allows optimal use of lower lobes of lungs. This helps in body repair mechanism, allows body systems to function effectively, maintain body pH and positively influences the body temperature
  • By getting air through your nose, you get better oxygen, which helps to improve bodily processes, improves blood circulation and also helps to maintain a calmer state of mind. With increased oxygen, through nasal breathing, you can feel increase in your energy and vitality.
  • Nasal breathing helps the entire chest region to perform during deep breathing, thus helping effective work out of the ribs, heart and lungs. Another major benefit of nasal breathing is prevention of respiratory problems such as bronchitisemphysema and shortness of breath.
  • Practicing nasal breathing can help to prevent snoring, breath irregularities and sleep disorders. It can also help to reduce hypertension and stress.
  • Nasal breathing also relaxes the abdomen and exercises the diaphragm making us more efficient deep breathers in the long run. It also helps to reduce digestive problems.

How to Get More Air Through Your Nose?

In order to experience the benefits of nasal breathing, it is important to get more air through nose. Breathing through nose is an art and here are some tips on how to get more air through your nose.

Breathe Through your Nose – Your nose is for breathing and when you get air through your nose, it gets purified in the entire respiratory tract from the nose to the lungs. Breathing from your mouth allows a lot of unfiltered air in your lungs which is certainly not going to make it healthier.

Conscious Breathing – Most of our breathing is unconscious which does not allow our lungs to use its maximum capacity. To reap nasal breathing benefits, it is important to be conscious of your breathing and practice conscious breathing through your nose. Being aware of your breathing can also help you get more air through your nose.

Good Posture – Maintain good posture as it can help to improve your breathing and lung capacity. If you improve your posture, your lungs will get enough space to expand and you can get more air through your nose. A good posture can give you a better personality, body language and enhanced self-esteem, in addition to beneficial breathing.

Rhythmic Breathing – It is good to practice rhythmic breathing once in a while, to increase nasal breathing benefits. Breathe in slowly to the count of 5. Hold your breath to the count of 4. Release gradually to the count of 5.

Breathing is science and breathing through our nose is what our body is designed for. Nasal breathing is the natural way of breathing and as it offers great health benefits, it is better to practice nasal breathing. Conscious nasal breathing is a common form of meditation, and some asanas in yoga which are increasingly getting popular around the globe. These are great ways to get more air through your nose and enjoy nasal breathing benefits.

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