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How To Start Exercising In Mid 40s?

It is always important for each one of us to remain physically fit and healthy. It is also true that exercising in mid 40s can actually be a potential protector against heart diseases, frailty, and many other health issues. In fact it is also known that exercising in middle age could prevent you from several chronic illnesses, reduce osteoporosis, dementia, and keep a good overall health. However, you need to know some of the best things on how to start exercising in mid 40s. So, read on and discover about the same.

How To Start Exercising In Mid 40s?

It is never late to get in the right shape or remain healthy! The same is explained in a study published in the Journal JAMA Network Open.(1) In fact, improving your physical activity in later part of your life leads to a reduction in cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and mortality.

There are studies which demonstrate that our bodies remain active or fit longer if we remain active for a long time. The studies demonstrated that human bodies are a “Use it or lose it” situation. So, the longer we remain active, the longer we will be able to remain active.(2, 3, 4)

So, it is always a wise step to start exercising in mid 40s if you have not yet started with the same. However, you need to know some of the things that must be paid attention towards while exercising after your 40s.

Get Comfortable:

First of all you need to get comfortable with your shoes, with your clothing and with the place where you are about to exercise. If you are a beginner you need to start slow; however if you are used to intense level of exercise, you can continue with your exercising routine but only under supervision of a fitness trainer who would let you know about the exercises that you need to do.

Check With Your Doctor:

You must always keep a strict note to check with your doctor before you start exercising in mid 40s. This is because the older we get, the greater are the risk of getting medical conditions. So, always talk with your doctor about any sort of pre-existing conditions that might help you in determining the safer exercises for you. After that you need to set a goal and make a plan that is customized for you. It is better to hire your personal fitness trainer.

Choose The Right Activities:

Choose the activities which are suitable for you or whatever fits to you. You also need to know not to do the exercises which you do not enjoy, because this is what quite appropriate for your age. There are people who enjoy walking; if you too enjoy the activity you can start walking; else you need to plan for something that excites you or motivates you to exercise in mid 40s.

Start Exercising With Nice Warm-Up:

You must know that irrespective of how experienced you are in fitness moves, you must always start exercising with a fair warm-up and it is more important for you as you begin to age.

Work On Flexibility:

You must work on your flexibility level. There are several flexibility tests for assessing if an individual is at risk of high BP or poor heart health. According to fitness experts you need to go for active isolated stretches wherein you have to hold every stretch for about 2 seconds, thus improving the blood circulation and elasticity.

Pay Attention To Cardio Exercises:

You are at a risk of getting heart diseases once you are at middle age. So, you need to look for something that would benefit your cardiovascular health. You need to check on your level of cholesterol in every few years and you also need to focus on working out your heart by performing cardio workouts as it helps in getting the blood pumping and in keeping the heart quite health. You can try brisk walk, or can go for jogging. This will help you to prolong your quality of life.

Try Deep Breathing And Yoga Techniques Before Exercising:

Deep breathing before exercising is beneficial in delivering more of oxygen to your muscles. This in turn helps your blood pumping and also makes your exercise more worthwhile. Apart from this, deep breathing also helps you in alleviating stress and you are able enough to focus on your exercise more and more. You need to spend at least 10 minutes at the start of your fitness routine with a brisk walk simultaneously focusing on your breathing, i.e. proper inhalation through the nose and exhalation through the mouth.

Change Your Exercising:

There are chances that you might be quite vulnerable to injuries and also get bore when you perform the same exercises every day. Changes in your body with aging make overuse injuries only more likely. So, switch up your routine and add or subtract some exercises so as to increase variety, reduce boredom and injuries. You can consult you trainer in every 2 months for a change in your fitness routine.

Make Exercise Your Priority Without Any Excuses:

One of the best things you need to keep in mind is to not make excuses and make exercises your priority. It is essential for you to remain more active. It is true you might be packed with lots of barriers such as right time, home life, work life, kids and so on. However, you must never make these excuses and make exercise your priority.

Get Social Support If You Require:

You must try to get social support in case you need. It actually helps when you get support from family and friends while exercising in mid 40s. Moreover, you can also find some exercise partner for exercising if you do not want to exercise alone. You can try and join local walking, running, swimming and cycling clubs where you get good companionship for exercising together.

Pay Attention To Your Old Injuries:

You must always take care about any of your old injuries. You must choose an exercise that can be tolerated by your body. Check with your doctor before exercising with any pre-existing health condition or any old injuries.

Make The Mid 40s Exercising Fun:

You must also know that when you are exercising in your mid 40s, you must try to make exercising fun! Find a partner to exercise with, count on physical activities like gardening that are good exercises too. You can also include yoga for increasing your flexibility that would also help you in relaxing you and relieving unwanted stress. So, the best is to choose workouts that entertain you and that you would like to do without getting bored or losing interest. This way you can achieve your fitness goals in a better way.

Pay Attention To Your Diet:

Apart from all the exercising tips you need to pay strict attention on what you eat. You must have a healthy diet and includes plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and proteins and reduce taking excess of processed food items or sugar. You need to increase your protein intake at some days while exercising. Adding protein to your diet will lower the glycemic index effectively.

Take Away:

We are aware about how important it is to start exercising in your mid 40s and we also know about some of the tips that help you start exercising in your mid 40s. It is always important for you consult with your doctor before starting any workout and you also need to hire a personal fitness trainer for self so as to plan the right exercises and set proper goals for your overall health and fitness.


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