Why are Deep Breathing Exercises Good for Your Health?

While so much is spoken about breathing exercises, you may wonder as to why deep breathing exercises are good for your health? Deep breathing exercises are considered as a natural pain killer and they also offer a host of health benefits. People who are overstressed can easily feel calmer with just few breathing exercises. It may also help them to release anxiety, anger and fear and enable them to focus better. Deep breathing is widely used today in medical field to treat sleep disorder and anxiety problems in patients and also in various pain related conditions.

Why are Deep Breathing Exercises Good for Your Health?

How to Breathe Deeply in Correct Way?

To experience the health benefits of deep breathing, it is equally important to breathe correctly. To practice deep breathing exercises, you need to sit in a comfortable position with shoulders relaxed and hands on the knees. Before you start, you need to exhale all the air to make lungs completely empty. Start inhaling through your nose and exhale through your mouth while you count to five. Keep the muscles of your abdomen tensed. Remember, to pause for two counts at the end of each breath and inhale slowing while counting to five. Try to expand your belly as much as possible while inhaling. Repeat this 5-10 times a day with closed eyes. The more you stay focused on your breathing, the better for you. With regular practice of deep breathing exercises, they will surely prove good for your health.

Why are Deep Breathing Exercises Good for Your Health?

Although deep breathing exercises are good for your health in many ways, the primary benefit is reduction of blood pressure and stress level. Breathing exercises are helpful in strengthening abdominal muscles and also acts as great body pain reliever. Deep breathing exercises are also recommended to people who want to release toxin from body naturally, promote good blood flow and enjoy healthy and sound sleep.

Know some of the health benefits of deep breathing to understand why deep breathing exercises are good for your health.

Increasing Cardiovascular Capacity

Deep breathing exercises are known to increase the cardiovascular capacity of your body, as they give you a feel of cardio and aerobic exercises. In aerobic exercises fat is used as energy, while in strength training, glucose is used as energy. With deep breathing, you can improve your cardiovascular capacity so that you can easily perform the cardio exercises to burn more fat cells.

Detoxifying the Body

Deep breathing exercises can help to detoxify your body naturally. The human body is designed to detoxify toxic chemicals from body through exhalation. Carbon dioxide is the primary and built-in toxic waste that is produced during metabolism in your body, which must be removed from the body to maintain good health. But, when we breathe shallowly the wastes are not eliminated properly through the lungs and the detoxification process remains compromised. Deep breathing exercises are mainly good for your health, as they allow you to completely exhale and remove the toxic wastes or detoxify naturally.

Relieving Pain Naturally

Regular deep breathing exercises promote the release of endorphins, which are the feel-good, natural pain killers. When we breathe deeply, the downward and upward movement of diaphragm is helpful in removing the toxins from organs and also promotes better blood flow across the body. Oxygen is the source of energy and with deep breathing you inhale large amount of oxygen which is also circulated well. So, breathing deeply when in pain can help your body to release endorphins, which can naturally relieve your pain.

Strengthening Organs

If you practice deep breathing exercises, your organs like heart and lungs will become stronger than before. When you breathe deeply the lungs expand, which compels them to work effectively. It also improves your blood circulation and more oxygen can reach your heart. This helps the functioning of the heart, reduces the pressure and workload on the heart. Better circulation and oxygenation to all body parts and organs improves their working capacity and reduces risk of major illnesses. Deep breathing exercises are good for your health as they provide oxygen and strength to the major organs.

Improving Digestion

When you practice deep breathing exercises, more oxygen is supplied to the digestive system, which improves the digestive function. It also increases blood flow across your body including digestive tract and hence it stimulates intestinal action. Regular deep breathing is good for your health as it can prevent digestive problems like indigestion, bloated abdomen and constipation.

Improving Posture

Bad posture may lead to several disorders and in most cases, it is linked to incorrect breathing. With proper deep breathing exercises you naturally straighten up, as the lungs expand, they encourage your body to straighten up the spine, thus improving your posture. Better posture and improved blood circulation due to deep breathing is good for your health as it can prevent spine, joint and muscle problems.

Reducing Stress

It has been found that people who practice deep breathing exercise regularly stay happier than others. Deep breathing exercises are good for your health as they improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the body. This helps to increase the neurochemical production in your brain naturally, which can relieve stress, regulate your mood and control pain.

Today in the middle of high stress busy lives, we hardly get time for deep breathing exercises and as a result we tend to breathe shallowly. But, if you can include deep breathing exercises, which are good for your health, they can help your lead a healthy life.

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