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Is Walking Good Enough Exercise?

It has been agreed wide and far that staying fit is one of the most effective ways you can keep several ailments at bay and can enjoy a happy, healthy and active life. Weight management is one of the major health issues which have received a lot of attention from health and fitness freaks all over the world. Different exercise methods and patterns have been suggested so the weight can be managed and the overall body can be kept healthy. Out of all these possible health management strategies, walking has emerged to be one of the best workout patterns. In the recent times, people have raised a query where it is questioned whether walking as a form of exercise happens to be satisfactory even if it is not combined or coupled with any other form of workout pattern. In response to this query, we shall take a look at the various benefits you can enjoy out of walking as a form of daily exercise.

Is Walking Good Enough Exercise?

Walking does take care of a number of health aspects and thus has been adopted by health-conscious people all over the world. This is an exercise pattern which is easy to follow, needs no expensive apparatus and can be done anywhere in the world. Walking has tremendous overall health benefits and is much more than a good enough exercise regime. The various benefits of walking include:

Aerobic Fitness as a Benefit of Walking:

Walking has been proven to be rather beneficial for aerobic fitness. Aerobic fitness will refer to the ability of the heart to pump oxygen to the muscles and how well that oxygen is being used by the muscles. (1) However for this to happen in a proper manner, you must do a brisk walk. A brisk walk is that stage where even while walking you can carry on a proper and a comfortable conversation without having to take quick breaths in between words and sentences. This is a form of walking that can be undertaken by most people.

Better results can be attained out of walking if it is a vigorous walk. Such vigorous walks can be differentiated from a brisk walk when you can talk to another person even while walking but your conversation gets interrupted by short gaps for breathing in between words and sentences. (2) This, however, does not mean that a vigorous walk can ensure better aerobic fitness than a moderate intensity or a brisk walk. In fact, it has been found brisk walking not just promotes your aerobic fitness but also improves your endurance or stamina to work for longer durations. While in a moderate intensity or a brisk walk your fat burning process continues for a longer span, it also improves delivery of oxygen to the muscles and helps improves the mitochondria density and affectivity. This reduces body fatigue. Moderate or brisk walking for thirty minutes a day can be a great way to boost aerobic fitness. If walking for thirty minutes at a stretch is not a feasible option you can walk for ten minutes three times a day. (3)

Increasing Strength

If you have been away from any pattern of workout for a long time you will see your body has lost much of its stamina and endurance. Now, it is true that walking as a form of exercise does not really do much for strength and stamina buildup for the entire body. This is something that you can do by resistance training in a gym. However, even then research has revealed the fact that moderate-intensity walking or brisk walking are forms of workout that can help keep sarcopenia at a bay. This is a process of muscle loss that occurs with age. You can increase the stamina of your legs if you walk on different terrains such as rough and rocky terrain. You can also walk with a slight and a comfortable weight like a backpack. (4)

Increase in Flexibility as a Benefit of Walking

It has also been proven that walking is a form of exercise that can do well for body and joint flexibility. (5) Joint pains, immovability, and even arthritis are some of the most common problems that plague a great many number of people in the current times. (6) Walking is one of the simplest exercises that will lubricate your knee joints and will help them to move in a smooth and painless manner. Walking also provides your knees with the required nutrition that keeps them healthy and working. (7) Walking can also keep knee degeneration at bay.

Managing Body Weight Through Walking

Weight management is one of the key goals which motivate people to take up a daily regime of walking. Many medical research centers have clearly pointed out that walking is one of the best ways through which you can reduce extra weight and can manage perfectly healthy body weight. This is true if you wish to reduce overall body weight or even weight in certain parts of your body, such as your belly fat. Walking uphill is one of the best exercises to burn belly fat, grow lean muscle and maintain a flat and a tight belly. (8) As a thumb rule, a span of 250 minutes walking per week is prescribed for people who are looking ahead to shed extra pounds. (9) however, if you can walk for longer it can give you better results.

Managing Emotional Health through Walking

Walking is yet again one of the best medicines to put up against mental and emotional health problems such as depression, anxiety, and even sleeplessness. (10) People who are suffering from panic attacks and sudden mood swings can also take walks by peaceful and calm places so that they can boost better mental health.


Walking is by far one of the most popular forms of physical exercise formats. This is a form of workout pattern that has been taken up by millions of people across the world. Irrespective of your age and medical background you can take up a course of walking to promote overall good health. Research has proven the fact that walking can help you physically and also mentally. It can help prevent cardiac problems, type 2 diabetes and certain forms of cancer. It has also been related to mood lifts and feeling happier and more content with yourself. Walking is, thus, not just a good enough but one of the best forms of exercise.


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