Walking or Jogging-Which is Better? Know the Difference, Advantages, Effects on Human Body and Precautions!

They say, “Passion is pushing yourself when no one around.” Walking or jogging is something you can be passionate about if you want to keep yourself at the best of your fitness. Because as the saying goes, “No one can help you forever except you yourself!” We all meet with circumstances when our health, our body or mind experiences bad period of life. During such conditions, all we can do for self is try pushing selves towards life and being on a mission of turning self fit by all means. Talk about reducing weight or tightening of muscles or may be long life for heart; everything requires something strong in self for achieving the best. Jogging or even walking are couple of the best acts one can try for better fitness and for the best of life. Moreover, it is not just about after being out of fitness that one must try out such activities; it is also better to walk or jog on a regular basis so as to keep self away from moving out of the fitness track. The current article will revolve around the fact of walking and jogging and also make a comparative note on “walking or jogging- which is better!”

Walking or Jogging-Which is Better?

Differences between Walking and Jogging: An Insight to the Touch of Your Feet with the Ground!

“Your overall output depends on the duration you work, the intensity at which you work and its positive impact on your job!” Coming to the walking or jogging activities you do everyday for better health or fitness; how well you manage to remain fit depends mainly on three elements; i.e. Intensity, impact and duration you go for your acts in the fitness mission. Let us highlight some of the most crucial differences between walking and jogging below based on the mentioned elements.

  • Intensity while jogging is more than your intensity while walking. And as study says that more the intensity more is the benefit. So, Jogging gets you more of chances for enhancing your aerobic fitness level and also increases your work capacity.
  • Coming to the impact; while you are jogging your feet are in air for a part of every stride and thus the impact is more while you land on the ground while jogging. However, in case you are walking, your one foot is always touched with the ground and thus here there is a comparatively low impact.
  • Now coming down to duration, in case of jogging as you are moving faster the entire workout session will be finished in less time comparatively the duration taken to end up your walking session.
  • Apart from these, there is one more difference between walking and jogging. In case of walking there are less chances of physical trauma as compared to the case of jogging.

Advantages Of Walking: Why To Walk?

Here Below Are Some Of The Advantages Of Walking Listed:

  • Unless you are suffering from any major disability, you do not need any special training or any particular ability in you for walking. This act is pretty simple and can be done by anyone on his own.
  • There is no mandatory need of purchasing any special clothes, shoes or any other accessory for walking and it can be done in your everyday clothes and shoes in a simple manner. You must keep a note that walking for about 15-20 mins several times a day (as per your preferences and suitability), you get the same benefit as you get with a set of professional power walk of 30-45 minutes.
  • As mentioned above, walking being a low impact physical activity, there are very less chances of physical trauma or injuries. This in turn help you keep your move consistent and go for your walk anytime, as much you want to unless you feel tired.

Advantages Of Jogging: Why To Jog?

Let Us List Down The Advantages Of Jogging Below:

  • Jogging is a more intense activity when compared to walking. This means, the benefit one gets from walking or jogging may be same, but in case of jogging the positive results are seen in comparatively quick time than in case of walking.
  • Being a more intense act, jogging aids a person to have more of aerobic fitness and help in training self for other sports in a better way as compared to walking.
  • There is an enhanced fun added to your move while jogging on the long roads as compared to walking. This helps in a better feel at mind while jogging. However walking and jogging both have the benefits of shared social activities where you get to meet people outside, spend some productive and pleasant time outside and keep your mind relax.

Effects Of Jogging And Walking On Human Body And Mind: Explained To Its Best!

“Nothing can be more special than the feel of doing something special.” Take it on Jogging or walking, a person who is on the mission fitness, will surely feel special while doing any of the acts for his fitness. However there are some special effects of both Jogging and Walking on human body and mind. Let us discuss about the positive impacts of these activities on our health.

  1. Burning Fat: Comparison Between Jogging and Walking!

    • It must be understood that burning fats exercises do require fuel for the act. Long duration exercises make use of Fats as their fuel.
    • Walking being a long duration exercise than Jogging, it is better for burning fat from the body.
  2. Burning Calories: Comparison Between Jogging and Walking!

    • Losing weight is mainly about ditching calories. Walking and jogging both can be used for burning out calories and can be done for weight loss.
    • However, it must be noted that Jogging is better for ditching more calories in less time as compared to walking.
    • Presenting a simple example, in case you are going for a power walk of 4km/hr a day, you are losing around 315 calories from self. However if you are doing your jog where you move with 5km/hr a day, you are about to lose 600 calories.
  3. Bone Strengthening: Comparison Between Jogging and Walking!

    • Being high impact act, jogging is better for bones as compared to walking.
    • However it must be noted that certain cases, in case of any previous injuries to knee or leg one must consult a doctor before jogging.
    • If you are walking, go for swinging hands while walk which would help you grow the arms and shoulder joints in a good manner along with the leg bones.
  4. Heart Health: Comparison Between Jogging and Walking!

    • Usually jogging is better for heart health than walking, as you can go for 75 minutes of Jogging per week and get the necessary benefit which you need to go for 150 minutes a week if you choose a power walk for your move.
    • However it must be kept in mind not to start any of the moves without consulting a health care provider, in case you are suffering from any ill condition of health.
    • Make sure to keep the check of your heart rate instead of your leg speed, while jogging or walking for betterment of your heart.
  5. Mind Health: Comparison Between Jogging and Walking!

    • As explained before, walking and jogging both share their special benefits of enhanced social activities.
    • It means, when you go for a walk in the park or jog on the roads, you meet with enough of people, spend time outside with the nature and grow yourself with a pleasant mood or relax self in a great way. Thus, these both activities can assist you in keeping a good mind health along with body fitness.
    • However, jogging is more exciting and gives a greater fun dose while on the move.

Walking Or Jogging-Which One To Choose? Know What Would Fit You Perfect At Your Health!

“Every human being differs from every other. So as the needs and benefits.” Though Jogging and walking both can be taken as the right fitness activities, it must be noted that certain conditions, circumstances and some limitations keep some individual restricted to walking and some individuals go well with Jogging. The current section will make you know about your perfect move for fitness. Why not look at the same and start with your fitness mission?

  • In case you are elderly (over 60 years of age): Try to restrict your activity to walking in case you are at your old ages and not used to physical workout.
  • In case you are overweight and looking for weight loss acts: In case you are excessively overweight, go for walking instead of Jogging.
  • If you are looking for a better shape: Try to start with walking at first, then shift to jogging.
  • In case you are suffering from arthritis or any other related conditions: Do not prefer jogging if you have arthritis. It must also be noted not to go for walking without consulting your doctor.
  • If you are fit and a regular walker: If you are walking for keeping self fit, then gradually shift your move to jogging and also transform it to running if possible.

Now coming down to the absolute dose of walking or jogging one normal man can follow while he is on with his fitness acts; it must be noted that walking, or jogging 3 miles a day is the absolute dose you can have in your daily fitness session. Walking 3 miles would take around 50 minutes while jogging would take it 30 minutes to end 3 miles of distance.

It is up to you, which one you would like to take as your perfect move for fitness. Walking or Jogging!

Special Precautions To Be Taken While Walking Or Jogging:

Being a common man, it must be very much about the common sense of keeping self aware about some safety precautions while walking or jogging. Check out the below list.

  • Be known to the first aids, as sometimes injuries are possible while jogging and even during walking.
  • Be known to the proper shoes and clothes while planning to jog. Keep away from worn out shoes during walks or jogs.
  • Be sure you have consulted your health care provider in case you are sick by any means or condition.

Final Note To End!

“Your worry must not be about you cannot finish, your worry must be about you have not yet started!” So, if you are looking for a better health, a fit body or healthy mind; then all you need is quickly start your mission fitness, start walking, jogging or running as per your preferences. Remember, “Nothing can ruin you, if you have learnt how to love fitness!”

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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