Why It Is Healthy To Start Walking Barefoot?

“Every now and then give your feet a break by walking barefoot!” This sounds really great. Isn’t it? If you are wondering about what exactly this mean then all you need to know about, is how magical the barefoot walking could be in real. We all know the wonderful benefits of walking, jogging or running. In this present article we will be knowing about walking barefoot and its benefits. Probably after reading this, you might also adopt barefoot walking into your fitness routine.

Why It Is Healthy To Start Walking Barefoot?

Know About The Barefoot Walking:

We all need a refreshing breath when things in life go real hectic. How about giving our body the most relaxed deep breath with something real healthy to our feet that would help us walk long without break? Well! Barefoot walking is something where one goes for walking without the shoes and allows the feet to feel the touch of the ground in open. The best thing about barefoot walking is, it is something so easy and simple that can be done by anyone and everyone. Moreover it is gentle and a much kinder way to provide your body the right form of physical exercise required at all times. Maybe you do not have enough strength or maybe not in a proper health or maybe you are too old or too bulky to go for any exercises, then you can begin with this simpler form of workout called the barefoot walking.

Barefoot walking is something which aged people can do to keep them fit, gain strength, flexibility and balance; and the young ones can do so as to make their feet and limbs grow stronger. Believe it, walking barefoot provides you the best form of peace in mind in a healthy way. We will be talking about the most essential benefits of barefoot walking in the following array of the article.

Why It Is A Good Idea To Start Walking Barefoot!

If you are wondering about why to start barefoot walking, then here are some crucial reasons behind it.

Why It Is A Good Idea To Start Walking Barefoot!

  • Your Walk Begins Lighter: Barefoot walking is kinder and gentler where you directly get your feet touch with the ground. Walking without the heels or the shoes will make you feel light and comfortable.
  • Barefoot Walking Improves Posture: Going barefoot allows you to stand with a right erect posture.
  • Confidence Is What You Gain From Barefoot Walking: You know you can walk on any surface if you go for barefoot walking. You grow with confidence on self and gain a higher sense of belief on self with this.
  • Lower Chances Of Injuries: Walking barefoot is simple and gentle. Thus there are very less chance of any injury to the feet or leg with barefoot walking. As the walking involves no shoes, there are also very low chances of twisting your ankles, or growing the symptoms of hammers’ toe, ingrown toe nails, corns’ disease etc.
  • The Nature’s Effect On You: When you are walking barefoot, your feet are directly touched with the ground and you get the nature’s touch on your body. It gives a calm feel and relaxes your body when you come in contact with the ground.

Health Benefits Of Barefoot Walking:

“The early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” Giving a barefoot walk will add on the blessings. Let us check out the wonderful benefits of barefoot walking in this section.

Health Benefits Of Barefoot Walking

  • Benefits Of Walking Barefoot On The Feet And Ankles:Barefoot walking has its greatest benefits to feet where it has its direct effect. There are various benefits of walking barefoot which helps in attaining a better feet and ankle health. Below are some of the benefits of barefoot walking to feet and ankle.
    1. Stabilizing muscles in feet help in proper balancing and overall performance of the body. Walking barefoot allows you to strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the feet and ankle.
    2. Around 30% of our body joints are in feet. Walking barefoot helps in strengthening the joints including the ankle and heel joints.
    3. Walking barefoot also helps in improving stronger foot arches.
    4. Walking barefoot also assist in increasing the flexibility of the feet and thus help in proper motion.
  • Walking Barefoot Helps Improve Muscle Alignment: Barefoot walking is also beneficial in improving muscle alignment. Various muscle segments are used while walking barefoot without shoes and thus it assist them in growing stronger. It is also known that barefoot walking help in improving the neuromuscular pathways in legs and foot and thus assist in muscle alignment.
  • Barefoot Walking Helps Improving Balance: Overall body balance and sports performance of the body is improved with barefoot walking. Actually walking barefoot helps in increasing our proprioception which in turn help in improving balance.
  • Benefits To Mind: Barefoot walking helps in improving mental state of a person. Walking barefoot allows one to feel the touch of the ground and thus keep one calm and relaxed with the nature’s touch. It provides peace and bliss to the mind and thus good for mind health
  • Overall Benefits Of Barefoot Walking: Walking barefoot improves our Chi (Qi) and thus help in strengthening our entire body and promotes better health.

Are There Any Negatives Of Barefoot Walking?

Well! It is an obvious thing that if you are starting your barefoot walk in coming days, you will be worried about knowing if there are any negatives of barefoot walking. Let you be informed that there are more positives of walking barefoot and thus the negatives go overseen. There is only one risk in walking barefoot and that could be the risk of growing some kind of feet infection because there remains no barrier between the ground and the feet. People suffering from diabetes should be very careful or they should refrain from walking barefoot. It is still better that they consult their physician before starting to walk barefoot.

Tips To Follow Before Starting The Barefoot Walk:

Now, if you have decided to leave your shoes back and entertain you feet by gifting it the nature touch of ground while walking barefoot, then here are some of the things you need to know and follow accordingly.

  • Do not be in hurry; start slow. Make sure you are going for a short barefoot walk at first, take around 10-15 minutes. Gradually grow the distance and the time of barefoot walking.
  • At first try to walk barefoot on pavement as there are risk of stepping on pebbles or glass pieces.
  • Make a note; if you are diabetic do not go for the barefoot walking unless approved by their doctor.


Now that you are known to the wonderful benefits of barefoot walking, why not give a break to your sports shoes and present your feet a chance to step on the ground without any barrier? Follow the tips and go for barefoot walking now!

“Let your feet step on the self love stones and let you start growing by health and mind with barefoot walking!”

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