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It is not an instantaneous movement which can be expected out of the body. Since it is the display of the fitness and the flexibility of a person, a split requires practice. Here we bring some of the most effective leg stretches for splits.

7 Leg Stretches To Help You Do Splits

Some leg stretches for splits done over a period of time, prepare you for the split. So try to master the art of a split, fret no more we have just what you need. Practice these simple yet effective leg stretches for splits.

Standing Forward Bend

A standing forward bend is one of the perfect basic leg stretches for splits. Exceptionally good for your hamstring muscles, the forward bend is easy to perform and practice. To do this pose, stand straight up, feet together and arms on the sides. Now lean forwards towards your feet from your hip, keeping your knees straight at all times and try to touch the floor. If you are not able to touch the floor, high the legs as far as you can reach to deepen the stretch. The daily routine of this stretch will help you gain much more flexibility and eventually help you in attaining the perfect split.

Standing Forward Bend Exercise To Help You Do Splits

Pyramid Pose

The next pose in leg stretches for splits is to increase the flexibility of the muscles is the pyramid pose. In this pose, you start by standing straight having your arms on your sides and then you take one foot 3-4 feet behind the other foot. The back foot should be a few inches to the side to help you have a better balance. Once in place, bring the hands to the either side of the front foot and lower the chest towards the top of the thigh. Try to reach further back with your hands to increase the flexibility.

Pyramid Pose Exercise To Help You Do Splits

Lizard Pose:

One of the other effective leg stretches for splits is coming into a low lunge position with the front knee bent and in line with the ankle. As for the second leg, it is extended behind you with its knee off the ground. Lower the lunge to the ground and bring both the hands on the inner side of the front foot. For increasing the stretch, try to move your chest closer to the ground by leaning more forward. This pose is again one of the poses that helps attain better flexibility for a split the hamstrings near the knee and near the butts as well.

Lizard Pose Exercise To Help You Do Splits

Pigeon Pose

A pose from the ancient art of yoga, but surely one of the most important leg stretches for splits. It helps in maintaining and increasing the flexibility required for a split. To do this pose, first come into the position of a one legged plank pose in which one leg extends behind your hips, whereas the other leg bends and sits in front of your torso. Now try to make the shin as parallel as you can to the sleeping line of the mat you are on. Then lower the body from the hips on to the ground, stretching your hind leg muscles and your arms in front of you.

Pigeon Pose Exercise To Help You Do Splits

Pigeon Pose

Straddle Pose

Taking you quite closer to the flexibility required for a split, the next pose in the leg stretches for splits is the straddle pose. To do this pose, sit with your legs stretched in front of you, with your arms behind your back on the floor and try to expand the legs as wide as they would go. Now, bring the hands in the space between the spread out legs and try to walk the outwards, until you fell the stretch and can’t reach any further.

Straddle Pose Exercise To Help You Do Splits

Leg Stretch

Lie on your back with your legs stretched in front of you, now try and take a single leg as far high as it would go and then try to catch the toes with your fingers until the stretch is felt in the quads. This is one of the important leg stretches for splits. Hold for 20- 30 seconds, relax and repeat again.

Leg Stretch Exercise To Help You Do Splits

Standing Stretch

The final leg stretches for splits that induces exceptional flexibility is the standing stretch. This stretch simulates the split but in a standing position. To do this pose, stand straight with your arms on your sides, and then raise one leg on to a stool or a chair with the height as that of your hips. You should feel your hip and hamstring muscles tighten. Hold the pose for 20 – 30 seconds, then relax, repeat with the other leg.

Sure to induce the required flexibility, these are the leg stretches for splits.

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