What is Intense Exercise|Can One Minute of Intense Exercise Help You Stay Fit?

“Train insane or remain the same!” Do you admire this quote in your fitness routine? If yes! Then you are one of those individuals who love to train hard, who love to go for intense exercises so as to keep self fit. Now, we all are much aware about the fact that intense exercise does actually help us in various ways. Here in this article of ours we will take a look on if one minute of intense exercise can also help you stay fit? It surely sounds unbelievable; but let us have an eye read on this so as to discover the truth of the benefits of one minute of intense exercise. We will talk about the various workouts categorized under intense exercise, know about the benefits of intense exercise and talk about the point ”Can one minute of intense exercise help you stay fit?”

Can One Minute of Intense Exercise Help You Stay Fit?

What is Intense Exercise?

Before we talk about the benefits of intense exercise or know about the fact if one minute of intense exercise can help us stay fit, let us know what an intense exercise is about. Well! Intense exercise is something where you have to push yourself to the best you can in small amount of time. Here, you are using as much energy as possible by you while exercising in a small time period.

So what exactly makes an exercise be regarded as an exercise with high intensity is that your goal while exercising is to get your heart rate up to 80-90% of its maximum rate. Usually a typical exercise may last from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. However an intense workout or intense exercise can last somewhere from half a minute to 5 minutes and provide you real effective results. It is like, you are going to feel real great even with this intense exercise done for a small amount of time. You are giving your best in this quick intense exercising time and that is followed by the typical exercise for 20-30 minutes; at least for 3-4 days in a week. Intense exercise is also known as HIIT or high intensity interval training that allows your body to burn calories, reduce fat, build up your muscles, etc. in a better way.

In our following arrays of the article we will talk about the benefits of intense exercise as well as talk about some of the best workouts that can be considered as the intense exercises.

Can One Minute of Intense Exercise Help You Stay Fit?

Now coming down to the point, “Can one minute of intense exercise help you stay fit?”; here is what we have to mention.

Well! each one of us love to shed the extra pounds, want to stay fit for long. But not all of us can make time for workouts. Isn’t it? Now; science has a great news for all those individuals who ever want to go for exercises that could provide effective results in keeping self fit for long, but in a quick time. The researches at McMaster University have come up with amazing news that even one minute of intense exercise can help you lose weight, keep self fit for long when done in an effective manner.

This kind of intense exercise where an individual puts the best of his efforts in exercising for a quick time at an intense rate, is very much a time-efficient workout strategy. It is now known that even one minute of intense exercise produces the health benefits similar to longer, traditional endurance training.

You can go for one minute of intense exercise, followed by 15-20 minutes of your regular moves at a comfortable pace on alternate days of the week and find effective results in enhancing your fitness, physique and mind to stay actually fit for long.

The researchers have found that intense exercises for one minute with proper rest, for 20 weeks have shown effective results in improving the health in case of individuals suffering from heart problems. One of the lead scientists recommends,”10 sets of one minute of intense exercise or high intensity exercise and one minute of resting for two periods of 20 minutes in a week can help people enjoy more than any other move.”

What Workouts are Considered to be Categorized Under the Intense Exercise?

So, this would be the part you would be interested in reading out with all your excitement. You can go for cycling, tabata, boxing, Burpees run intervals all with high intensity and have the essential benefits out of your intense exercises. Here are some of the workouts that can be performed with high intensity or can be known as intense exercises.

Cycling as an Intense Exercise:

Cycling is a low impact exercise which can be used to get your heart rate real high when done with high intensity. For using cycling as a HIIT workout or an intense exercise you need to follow the below mentioned ruled.

Starts cycling at a speed you are comfortable with, or at a comfortable level. Continue riding at the same speed for about 90 seconds. Boost the intensity and then pedal as fast as possible by you, for at least 45 seconds. Go back to your normal speed, or the speed that comforts you. Repeat the same. Go for this kind of cycling for about 30 minutes.

Cycling as an Intense Exercise

Running at an Intense Speed as an Intense Exercise:

Running can also be a great intense exercise if done in the right manner.

Start with a comfortable pace while running. Then, go for an intense running or run at an intense pace for at least 5-10 minutes and then slow down. This can work as an intense exercise and benefit you in various ways.

Tabata Squats as an Intense Exercise:

Tabata helps in burning energy as it involves exercising in high intensity. Tabata squats can be used as an intense exercise when followed in a proper way. Check below to know the exercise.

Stand with feet a little wider than your hips. Now, with your chest lifted, squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground, and arms raised in front of you as you sink down. Make sure you are keeping your weight on your heels while doing this. Do as many of such tabata squats as possible for at least 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds then after, repeat this process for 8 times.

Burpee-Run Intervals as Intense Exercise:

One more intense exercise could be burpee. Let us see below about how to do the burpee. Once you have done the burpee, go for at least a 400 meter run that is to be included in this exercise.

Start with a standing position. Squat down and place both your hands on the floor. Jump your legs back in to a plank position. Jump you legs back up to your hands. Then stand up and do a vertical jump by raising your arms. Do 10 such burpees and then run 400 meters. Go for this intense exercise for 3 minutes. You can do 4-6 such rounds.

High Intensity Boxing Workout/Intense Exercise via HIIT Boxing:

If you love boxing then there is a wonderful workout that can be considered as an intense exercise. Below is one interesting set of high intensity boxing workout you can try at home.

It is essential for you to have a jump rope and a punching bag for performing this exercise. To begin with the set of intense exercise, jump rope for 1 minute. Make sure you are trying to jump the rope as fast as you can in the last 30 seconds. Next, do 40 crunches quickly. Then go for 20 push ups. Then, perform 15 jump squats. For doing this, lower in to a squat position, jump up quickly and return back to a squat. Repeat this Rest for about 30-45 seconds then. Again, jump the rope for 1 minute. Then, hit the heavy bag for 1 minute. Do 15 push ups. Then, quickly go for 25 jumping jacks. End the workout with 25 crunches.

Benefits of Intense Exercises:

Here, we will be taking a look on some of the benefits of intense exercise to our health.

  • Intense exercises like running at an intense pace or even cycling can help you stay fit for a long time
  • Intense exercise benefits in weight loss
  • It is also known that intense exercise aids in muscle building
  • It is known that intense exercise even for 60 seconds to 5 minutes is going to benefit your body at the same amount as the low impact exercises done for a longer period of time(30-45 minutes)
  • Intense exercises are beneficial in improving the heart functions.
  • It is known that one can control or lower the blood sugar level by doing intense exercises
  • Intense exercise like any other exercises benefits in getting better sleep, enhances memory and aids in improving cognitive abilities and also keeps you happier.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Doing Intense Exercise:

Again, it is always essential for you to keep in mind certain things before you go for your intense exercises. It is just like the saying; “Push yourself, but stay safe!” Kindly have a note on the following things before you start doing intense exercise.

  • Be sure you are not performing intense exercise if you have heart problems. If you still want to perform some intense exercises, then kindly consult with your doctor for the same and only then begin with the workout. In fact it is noted that people with heart issues, who have done the exercises under medical supervision have shown improvement in their heart function. So, you can also try them out, but only under supervision of you medical professional or fitness trainer.
  • Make sure you are not to hurry! Take it slow. Don’t just rush in to the intense exercises. Just practice the moves you would like to go for in the intense workouts then know your ability about how intense you can make the moves, be mindful and only then go for the intense exercises.
  • Give rest to your body. Take at least 2 days of rest in between the sessions while performing intense exercises.
  • Do check that you are not overtraining or over doing the intense exercises.
  • Use effective tools while doing intense exercises; like wearing a heart monitor to track you heart rate and going on track.


They say, “If you don’t sweat, you haven’t worked that hard!” So, go for specific intense exercises that would actually help you burning energy, make you feel and know that your workout is something being real effective. Kindly make a check with an expert trainer to know the best set of intense exercises for you and also go for a check with a medical professional to confirm about your health condition before you begin any of the intense exercises or HIIT workout.

“Work out hard, but keep it safe!”

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