Which Form of Exercise Can Seniors Take Up?

Which Form Of Exercise Can Seniors Take Up?

It is very important for seniors to stay active as a sedentary lifestyle is harmful for overall health. However, there are many concerns which come up if seniors decide to take up exercise in the older age. These concerns include weak bones and lower stamina, but not to worry as there are many forms of exercises, including (dance exercises) which can make the seniors fit and fine.

This guide talks about various forms of exercise which have a profound effect on your body and can leave you in good health too. Exercise increases your endurance and makes you physically fit. Seniors can take up walking and mild running, but other forms such as Zumba dance and ballroom dancing can also keep you fit and make you happier too.

What is Low Impact Exercise for Seniors?

Low impact exercises are those which are mild on the body and don’t require much stamina. Exercises such as running, jumping and jogging are good for your body by making you hit the high note of physical strength, but should be avoided at an old age because of some major concerns regarding the bone strength and low stamina. The difference between low impact and high impact exercises is about intensity and impact.

Some of the excellent Low Impact Exercises for seniors include:

  • Walking.
  • Riding.
  • Climbing.
  • Pedaling.
  • Yoga.
  • Dancing, such as ball room dance.

Most of the low impact exercises are super effective, as they make you fit and help in challenging the seniors in a safe way. Trying yoga is also very effective as it helps to increase your endurance and can leave you in better health and sound mind, but practicing it with consistency makes all the difference and for that reason, yoga has become a favorite of many in the present times.

Dance Exercises for Seniors

Dancing also comes under low impact exercise and can be done for 30 minutes each day. Dancing is a fabulous way to enjoy the growing up years of life in a very easy and enjoyable manner. The dance movements need to be mild and slow, so that too much pressure is not built up on body and you don’t end up burning loads of calories as well.

Those seniors who are not habitual of exercising would enjoy Dance Exercises more, because who doesn’t love to dance? Low impact dance exercise of chair can be very effective for making the best of your health. There are stretching exercises also which can be done. If you find it difficult to seek an instructor, then there are DVDs and CDs available which can act as your guide for making the right dance moves.

Dance workouts have been on rise in the recent times and the craze increases day by day, which not only keeps you healthy, but also happy and supple in the best of the ways. You need to warm up before any type of exercise and then dance your heart out to be in the finest of your health status. Given below are some beneficial dance exercises for seniors. So, try them out and dance your way to health!

Dance Exercise #1: Zumba for Seniors

If you think Zumba is a cakewalk only for youngsters, then check out these facts. This form of dancing has become a mass favorite with numerous people loving it like never before. Zumba exercise is also very well suited for those people who have crossed their 60s and who want to make themselves fit in a relatively short span of time. One can have lot of fun in the dance classes. Not only Zumba, you can try out hip hop, which is also a nice dance exercise for the seniors. The dance moves are easy to follow by the senior citizens. Dance exercises can boost the mood and keep the seniors active along with socializing. Zumba is a dance exercise which is meant for people who wish to stay fit and keep in touch with people; as in old age, getting connected with people has a greater role to play.

Benefits of Zumba are as follows:

  • Improves memory.
  • Makes the bone stronger.
  • Keeps the brain active.
  • Helps to maintain balance of the body.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Keeps you fit.

Dance Exercise #2: Ballroom Dancing For Seniors

Ballroom dancing proves to be very effective for people belonging to all age groups, as it has no major side effects and also keeps you mentally and physically healthy. There are many health benefits of ballroom dancing which includes the following:

  • Decreased level of exhaustion.
  • Strengthens the bones.
  • Reduced risk of injury.
  • Improved posture.
  • Improved muscle strength.
  • Balances your body and maintains your motor skills too.

Ballroom dancing strengthens your body and improves your overall health as well and it is very helpful in preventing the occurrence of disease and makes you fit in a comparatively lesser amount of time. Ballroom dancing is a type of dance exercise which helps in increasing the mental activity of the seniors where they find it easier to keep track of facts, which also enables better balance of body. Ballroom dancing helps in preventing illnesses and symptoms which has a great effect on the body and can make seniors fit and happy. Effects of ballroom dancing are very prominent on the overall health of the seniors and this also prevents the symptoms of brain degeneration as well, which includes dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Those who are suffering from major ailments are recommended to take up the dance exercise which can boost the overall health of the person even in an old age and with loads of physical activities that are available, seniors can choose what really suits them.

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