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Home Remedies For Hunter Syndrome

Hunter syndrome is a rare type of genetic disorder which is inherited. This disorder is usually always seen in boys. It is an X-linked recessive disorder, which is caused because of a defective chromosome passed on to the child by his mother.

Home Remedies For Hunter Syndrome

Home Remedies For Hunter Syndrome

Hunter syndrome is a genetic disorder. It cannot be cured, but there are treatment methods to decrease the severity of symptoms and manage the disorder. The treatment methods can also help in slowing down the progression of the disease. (1)

Apart from the treatment methods, there are certain things which can be done to help the child cope up with the hunter syndrome. These are not exactly home remedies but these are guidelines that can help in giving the child a happy and meaningful life. Let us have a look at the following things that can be done to provide a better quality of life to the child suffering from hunter syndrome-

  • Give the child a healthy life, not only in terms of physical health but also mental health
  • Focus on including him in family gatherings and activities whenever you think it is safe for him to do so
  • Positive reinforcement is the key. Other people who are not aware of his condition, may not know what exactly to say or ask to you. Keep in mind they do not intend to be offensive, just curious to know. Explain to them about his condition in a matter-of-fact way. Also tell them how he is as a person, his likes and dislikes, his strong and weak points, his interests and how jolly personality he is. Tell people about his needs and abilities and let them know if they can be of any help to him or to you. (3)
  • Some level of activity might be good for your child. This may include some stretching or range of motion exercises. A physiotherapist can guide you about this. He can also tell you how to include these exercises in his daily routine as a part of his playtime activities. (2)
  • Prefer to pick large toys for him to play. He can grab large toys easily and can hold on to them easily as well. Avoid choosing such toys that get damaged easily by chewing.
  • Encourage other kids and their parents to interact positively with him. However, you should always keep in mind that kids will behave as kids. Hence, there are bound to be some stares, teasing and talks. It is good to prepare your child in advance on how it could be. This could be done in a playful and humorous way. Also, you may need to remind your child to not hit other kids, as he may be prone to act impulsively sometimes.
  • If your child goes to school, help and encourage him to learn to the most of his capacity, while his brain is still functioning well. You may talk with the staff, and if possible, give him an individualized education program. He may be given help with issues like hearing problems or others.
  • When a child suffers from hunter syndrome, the whole family goes through the trauma too. Never forget this and take time for yourself. It is best to stop and relax a bit to energize yourself from the ever-stressful task of caring for your child. If you have other, healthy children, they deserve your love and affection too. Never forget this and don’t let your other relationships get compromised because of this one condition. Remember, if you are healthy physically and mentally, you can provide your family with the love, affection and care that they deserve.

Hunter syndrome cannot be cured. However, treatment can manage the symptoms and complications of the disorder. Along with the treatment certain things can be done that can act as a supportive therapy in improving the quality of life in hunter syndrome.


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