An Excellent Mental Health Leads To An Excellent Mind

An Overview To Mental Health In Today’s Times

Scientific studies have shown that more than 85% people go through depression at least once in their lifetime. It is a high probability that you may have experienced depression or you will experience depression or any form of mental illness in the future if your brain has not perceived the real ultimate truth of life that life is nothing but ‘free’. A depressed mind is an unhealthy mind which cannot perceive the ‘relative reality’ absolutely clearly. The more you are not able to see through the reality clearly, the more you are sidelined from your uniquely relative true reality which further means that you won’t be able to experience the complete freedom life offers. This article explains the problems of mental health and steps to excellent mental health that can lead to excellent mind.

An Excellent Mental Health Leads To An Excellent Mind

The Problem of Mental Health

The problem with most individuals is they are not able to comprehend/understand the relative reality in it’s unique relevance & it’s relative context. The biggest blunder most people make is they usually tend to habitually sideline their own uniquely relative reality more often than not & focus on what the society talks about doing as a priority most of the time. They no more remain a unique individual that they really are while co-existing with others but succumb to the diktat of what other people around them in society demand from them.

Most people in society today often lose their individual uniqueness to the society while getting driven to death, many a times committing suicide, by the demands of the people living around them in society today. This way they get intimidated by the pressures of society & get dominated by the priorities of all the people living around them rather than focus on their own priorities as an immediate priority. This sort of pressure indeed creates a ‘burden of pleasing other people’ which defeats the logical rational thinking mind which suggests that “only a content mind can create contentment amongst others”.

The biggest problem with society today is that it does not encourage individual leadership, individual development & individual thinking. The day the global society starts encouraging individual leadership to bring change in society on a very strongly high note & wide scale; this will indeed bring about a paradigm shift specifically in terms of significant improvement in the mental health statistics of countries across the world.

Steps to Excellent Mental Health that Lead to Excellent Mind

Below you will find some of the most simplest ways to see your uniquely relative reality as well as achieve excellent mental health which in turn can lead to excellent mind . If you can prioritize correctly with the below mentioned technique, you will succeed without a doubt in setting the terms for your successful career growth, personal development & individual lifestyle. Below here are some of the techniques mentioned to find your priorities.

Steps to Excellent Mental Health that Lead to Excellent Mind

Focus on only those ideas, people, events & things that:

  • You can take a decision on. Drop those you cannot take a decision on.
  • Make you feel light more often than not.
  • You are very clear about with cutting-edge precision.
  • Are very simple in nature to deal with without any excessive complications.
  • Are very easy to deal with.
  • You often always find peace with.

Some of the tasks that most people with Depression & Other Mental Diseases need to do on a daily basis in order to overcome their mental illness:

  1. Walk 2 miles every day initially. Slowly increase it to 10 miles per day. Walking as an exercise will do a world of difference to the health of your mind
  2. Go for a light jog 5 minutes every day initially. Slowly increase it to 15 minutes on the stop watch per day.
  3. Exercise daily. Physical exercises keep the body & mind fit. Become physically strong and that will also make you strong mentally.
  4. Eat a lot of healthy organic fruits regularly on a daily basis.
  5. Do yoga for 30 minutes daily. Slowly increase it to 60 minutes a day. Yoga helps handle anxiety and stress better and impacts the mental and emotional well-being in a positive way.
  6. Meditate for 15 minutes daily. Slowly increase it to 30 minutes a day. Meditation plays a significant role in your ability to handle mental and emotional stress in a better way thereby leading it to an excellent mind.
  7. Declare to your self for 15 minutes everyday that you are grateful for all that you have received until now from your parents, siblings, spouse, kids, teachers, mentors, relatives, cousins, friends & well-wishers.
  8. Be a master of your own mind, heart & will.
  9. Always do what you love to do rather than force your self to do something you have no keen interest in.
  10. Capitalize on your unique natural talents, unique natural skills, unique past experience, unique preferences, unique passions & unique natural strengths.
  11. Expect less, give more. This will help your mind feel more relaxed and will improve your mental and emotional well-being.
  12. Be detached always.
  13. Dream big. Start small. Persist with your dream. Never quit. Make many mistakes. Fail fast. Learn from your mistakes & never repeat them. Make a note of all your mistakes, failures & successes of your day everyday in a diary before going to sleep. Making mistakes and learning from those mistakes is a sign of a excellent mind.
  14. Laugh at yourself. Laugh daily. Take life lightly, especially with a pinch of salt. Smile wide. Smile a lot relatively.
  15. Play sports regularly till your perspire intensely. Sports is not just about physical activity it also involves the mind and helps improve your mental health.
  16. Watch movies that interest you & invokes inspiration to do better relatively.
  17. Don’t allow others to decide what you ‘should’ do.
  18. Always be ready to say ‘no’ when required.
  19. Stop pleasing people. Enjoy yourself. Be yourself. Live your life.
  20. Never believe what others say about you without enough introspection & verification.
  21. Take criticism constructively & positively to improve the thinking ability of your mind.
  22. Believe in your own unique self is a step to improving your mental health.
  23. Listen carefully. Be alert. Speak less. Speak briefly to the point. Work on your communication skills daily to improve your mind.
  24. Help the helpless. Be the hope you want to see. Do some community work when you are free to do so or feel like or in the weekends.
  25. Listen to a unique story every day or read a story book daily. Einstein said “If you want to make your child smarter, read him/her a story. If you want to make your child more smarter, read him/her MORE stories”.
  26. Ignoring all the pessimists & the naysayers who pull you down & put you down is a good way to improve your mental and emotional health
  27. Be only with those people you like to be with rather than with people who dislike you or you dislike them or both.
  28. Believe that life is naturally simple, easy & peaceful and this approach will do wonder to your mental and emotional health.
  29. Affirm that life is positive, fair & just everyday.
  30. Affirm that you are worthy, capable & good enough everyday.
  31. Release the past by accepting responsibility for your actions, decisions & perceptions of your past.
  32. Make pain your friend rather than your enemy.
  33. Be competitive. Be a sport. Keep up the fighting spirit. This will help improve your mental health, also improve your will power and lead to an excellent mind.
  34. Keep a pet dog, pet cat or any loving pet if possible. A dog is known to be man’s best friend. Pets usually often heal mental & emotional scars albeit effectively & faster.
  35. Get a good night sleep always without fail. Providing the much needed rest to your brain is a step towards an excellent mind.
  36. Stop being a perfectionist to please people. Focus on excellence.

By doing these things, it is almost certain that you will improve on your mental health to par excellence each & every day. With excellent mental health, you will become an excellent mind over a period of time overcoming all forms of mental illness even if they are extremely very chronic to the hilltop. Good luck!

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