5 Perks All Healthcare Workers Should Know About

Being a healthcare worker has taken on a whole new meaning during the last few years. The coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on hospitals, doctors, nurses, and many others who work within the industry. An influx of patients, some of which aren’t very kind or appreciative, has made healthcare work more stressful than it already is.

Fortunately, there are many upsides to being a healthcare worker, too. Many of these added perks are smaller and undervalued, and perhaps healthcare workers don’t even realize they can benefit from them. Auto insurance for healthcare workers may be cheaper than other occupations because healthcare workers have college degrees.

Other perks could include getting discounted food at restaurants and public recognition for a job well done during the last several years. If you know a healthcare worker in your life, make sure you say thank you and let them know about these forgotten perks of their jobs.

#1 – Discounted Auto Insurance

Auto insurance and your occupation often mingle in unexpected ways. Companies view certain people as higher or lower risk than others depending on what they do for a living. In the case of healthcare workers, many companies give them lower rates if they have higher degrees and lots of education in their background.

Master’s degrees and other graduate degrees often prove someone’s work ethic and ability to be responsible under pressure because going through so much schooling is difficult. As a result, auto insurance companies view these people as being lower risk because they’ll bring the same responsible decision-making they do to their college experience and careers.

On the other hand, make sure you have a clean driving record and follow the rules of the road precisely. Being a medical or healthcare worker doesn’t guarantee you get cheaper insurance coverage, it only allows you to get discounted rates if you’re already a good driver. These things go hand in hand.

If you’re married to a healthcare worker, make sure you bundle your policies together if your insurer will allow it. Having both people on the policy in healthcare should present some great discounted rates in many instances.

#2 – Cheap Food at Restaurants

It became pretty well known that restaurants and businesses tried to show their appreciation for healthcare workers who are overworked during the height of the pandemic, but did you know there are still plenty of companies doing this over two years later? If you work in healthcare, consider searching for what eateries are still showing gratitude late in 2022.

The restaurant Delta Sonic is giving out a free meal to every first responder at all of their locations right now. Healthcare workers simply need to prove their identity to the restaurant team and receive their food without being charged.

Taco Cabana, Village Burger Bar, and Getaway are other restaurants offering up to 50% on their food to doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers. There’s not a lot of information on how long this is going to continue, so take advantage of these food perks while you still can.

Relaxing and enjoying food with friends and family is always a great way to tend to your social, emotional, and mental health after a long day on the job. Being with the ones we love is a great medicine for stress and work burnout.

#3 – Airline Discounts

Traveling is another effective way to combat fatigue and stress. A getaway with a family is a way to relieve stress and recover from all of the time spent fighting the virus. Many airlines have decided to get in on the discounts that restaurants offer, and a quick Google search will show some of the best deals on flights on hotels for healthcare workers.

Turkish Airlines has been one of the best airline companies for appreciating the healthcare industry with discounted flights. They offer up to 40% off for healthcare workers who fill out an application for cheaper flights.

Marriot Bonvoy is one of the hotel chains trying to make life hassle-free for healthcare workers by waiving all fees and streamlining the reservation process online. Check out their website for more information.

#4 – Good Retirement Plans

Many jobs no longer offer the same retirement benefits and pensions they used to. Fortunately, the healthcare industry is still one of the best for providing workers with money after they retire. This is dependent on the hospital or organization the healthcare worker is employed by, but 41% of nurses still receive a pension in the U.S.

Healthcare workers also have many skills that allowed them to get to where they are, therefore they can supplement their income with a side hustle in retirement to go along with their pension. Spreading their medical knowledge by giving speeches at a college or university is one great way to get extra cash.

#5 – Appreciation From Patients

This perk doesn’t help you save money on anything, but it might be the most emotionally rewarding of them all. Despite all of the viral videos showing people disrespecting healthcare workers and making their jobs harder, there are tons of patients who are the complete opposite of this.

Many folks feel like their lives have been profoundly affected by a healthcare worker and they make sure to show gratitude in a variety of ways. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a thank you, other times it might be a gift or something else that represents appreciation.

Many hashtags have trended on social media in the last few years where millions of people thank the healthcare workers in their lives for the vital work they do. Other times managers or hospital staff send letters to their workers to show them they’re appreciated by their peers and the company at large.

This can really make a difference and help someone feeling stressed while working in a hospital or other healthcare setting.

You can see that while there are many stresses making healthcare workers’ jobs hard, the world also appreciates these people in ways that shouldn’t go unnoticed. If you work in healthcare, try to search for some of these discounted rates at restaurants, airlines, hotels, and other locations to make your life easier and get the gratification you deserve.

Shawn Laib writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, AutoInsurance.org. He wants to help healthcare workers see the perks and benefits of their jobs in light of the pandemic.

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