Massage therapy offers great relaxation and revitalization to the body. There are primarily two types of massage therapies namely, Eastern Massage and Western Massage.

These two different massage therapies differ in their approach. In this current article we will know about some of the differences between the two.

Eastern Massage Vs Western Massage: Differences Worth Knowing

Eastern Massage Vs Western Massage: Differences Worth Knowing

Eastern Massage Vs Western Massage: Basic Differences

Eastern massage approach is from the energy point of view and involves healing that is based on energy flow and balance, which tries to attain integration of energy in human mind and form. However, western massage approach is towards the physical body where you get a healing system that addresses various body parts.

Eastern Massage Vs Western Massage: Differences Based on the Strokes Required

Eastern massage makes use of technique of stimulation and soothes specific points on the energy meridians of the body and creating effects on various parts of the body regulated by points along the meridians. It requires pressure, rolling, rocking and striking during the process of massage session.

However, western massage promotes relaxation, motion, blood circulation and relieves muscle tension by various strokes like Gliding or Effleurage, percussion or tapping, vibration, friction and kneading in the entire massage session.

Eastern Massage Vs Western Massage: Differences Based on Steps on Which the Massage is Based

As mentioned earlier, eastern massage is based on energy flow and balances within the human body. However, western massage is based on concepts of anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Eastern Massage Vs Western Massage: Differences Based on Areas Worked On

Eastern massage works on stimulating and soothing points along energy meridians so as to create effect on other sites and also along meridians. However, western massage works in realigning and restoring whole system by working on various body parts like digestive system, musculo-skeletal system and nervous system.

Eastern Massage Vs Western Massage: Differences Based On Associated Wellness Techniques

Eastern massage comprises of associated wellness techniques like Yoga, Gong, Qi, Tai Chi etc. However, Western massage includes associated wellness techniques like Pilates, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, Hellerworks, Trager Approach etc.

Eastern Massage Vs Western Massage: Differences Based on the Diagnosis

There are differences in eastern and western massage based on the diagnosis procedures they include. In case of eastern massage, diagnosis is done by observing the tongue and pulse of the person, but in a radically different manner. The massage therapist can detect imbalances and disharmonies in various body parts by examining the pulse in this way. In case of eastern massage, the therapist aims in finding the root cause of the issue rather than a symptomatic diagnosis.

However, in case of a western massage, the western trained massage therapist directly addresses the ill health issue or disorder. In the therapist examines the general symptoms of the patient and considers the reasons for the same.

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