Various Massage Techniques to Cure Vertigo

Vertigo causes a spinning sensation as well as dizziness. This condition can also lead to nausea, in addition to aloss of balance and hearing. Vertigo, along with imbalance and dizziness, are widely regarded to bevestibular disorders. They have the ability to affect the brain and inner ear.

Various Massage Techniques to Cure Vertigo

Various Massage Techniques to Cure Vertigo

If you choose to avoid medication or surgery, a massage could put you right by alleviating vertigo. A massage therapy has the ability to reduce pain caused by headache or neck stiffness. Massage therapy has been widely used around the world for a long time. There are various massage techniques to cure vertigo. Massage therapy for vertigo is commonly considered a part of complementary and alternative medicine in USA.

Ban Hui Massage for Vertigo

The Bai Hui massage will help cure vertigo, headache, and dizziness, among other conditions.

For a massage therapist, it is important to stand behind the person suffering from vertigo. The therapist will wrap his hands around your head while your thumbs rest on top of his head. Thumbs have to be placed on the Bai Hui point, which can be found at the top of the head. The therapist, while looking at your ears, will make an invisible line from the ears to the center of the head. The Bai Hui point is the halfway point. He will proceed to gently press downwards and then outwards.

Qiao Yin Massage for Vertigo

Another effective massage technique to cure vertigo is the Qiao Yin massage. The therapist will first locate the Qiao Yin points on your body. These are the points located behind the ears and in the middle. The therapists will place his forefingers on the Qiao Yin points before he begins to massage the area slowly in circular motions.

The massage will help treat vertigo. The treatment is aimed at clearing the head, relieving you of pain and stiffness associated with vertigo, while also checking ear pain and tinnitus. Entrust an experienced therapist when it comes to these specialized massage therapies.

Feng Chi Massage for Vertigo

The Feng Chi point is another massage technique to cure vertigo. During the massage, the therapist will place his hands on both sides of your head. He will then proceed to place his thumbs on both sides of the back neck muscle which can be found near the hairline. The Feng Chi point can be found in the depression. The therapist will slowly massage the area for close to one to two minutes.

The Feng Chi massage treatment goes a long way in treating vertigo symptoms, a stiff neck as well as dizziness.

Tai Xi Massage for Vertigo

Massaging the Tai Xi point helps in relieving vertigo, dizziness and headache.

The massage therapist will proceed to take your ankle in his hand before pressing his thumb on the Tai Xi point. This particular point can be found in the depression found midway between the medial malleolus’s edge and the Achilles tendon attachment. The therapist will massage the area for close to one to three minutes. He will then repeat the same process on the other ankle.

How Acupuncture Can Help Cure Vertigo?

A number of researchers have concluded that the combined effect of a massage and acupuncture can effectively treat cervical vertigo. This is a type of dizziness which is the result of abnormalities in the neck proprioceptors or caused by vascular compression. You will feel like your head is spinning with this condition. Some of the main causes of cervical vertigo are neck or head trauma, neck surgery, Meniere’s disease, neck arthritis, as well as inner ear problems.

Some of the main treatments for cervical vertigo include physical therapy, muscle relaxants, and surgery. The acupuncture and massage combine has a 95% success rate in treating the condition.

Some of the best acupuncture points on the body to treat vertigo include P6 or Pericardium 6, GV 20 or Governing Vessel 20, GB 20 or Gall Bladder 20, GB 21 or Gall Bladder 21, TW 17 or Triple Warmer 17 and SI 19 or Small Intestine 19. When you choose to stimulate these points over a period of time, you will get long-term relief from vertigo. It is recommended that you see an experienced acupuncturist before you anything on your own.

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