Massage For Hip Pain Relief

Massage therapy is very beneficial in controlling chronic pain and the difficulties with limited movement of the hip joint. Massage therapy helps in promoting the recovery process and in strengthening the muscle tissue which leads to prevention of repetitive or re-injuries in the future. Massage therapy is thought to be an excellent solution for treating muscle spasms/stiffness and muscle tension.

Massage For Hip Pain Relief

Deep Tissue Massage for Hip Pain Relief

Deep tissue massage is a technique which focuses towards realignment of the connective tissue layers and the deep muscles. It is helpful in controlling chronic hip pain. Deep tissue massage technique comprises of using deep pressure along with slow strokes on the affected areas.

Deep Tissue Massage for Hip Pain Relief

Points to remember during deep tissue massage for hip pain:

  • Identify the specific points or the trigger points which are the painful "knots" on the hip joint.
  • To do this, you should lie down in a supine position keeping your back straight.
  • Using one finger, gently apply pressure on the areas surrounding the hip joint.
  • Try to distinguish the trigger points. Once they are identified, using your finger tips, gently massage these points. Avoid putting excessive pressure. Start with mild or gentle pressure and slowly increase the pressure as far as bearable.
  • The trigger points should be massaged slowly in single directional strokes.
  • Slowly increase the massage frequency and its duration.

Benefits of Massage for Hip Pain Relief

Massage therapy helps in breaking down the adhesions in the hip regions thereby reducing pain and restoring normal hip joint mobility. During the early stage of the massage therapy, individuals may feel pain and discomfort, which will gradually subside as the frequency of the massage therapy increases.

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