Massage for Neck Pain Relief

In today’s age, people are more involved with desk work and are very less involved with physical activity leading to bad or stooped posture resulting in various problems in neck and spine. Massage is a procedure which is noninvasive and helps relax the neck and back into its proper position. Massage therapy can benefit both the young and elderly people.

Massage for Neck Pain Relief

Massage for Neck Pain Relief

  • Lying down on the floor and keeping the shoulders relaxed and the neck stretched out.
  • Time should be allowed to pass for the neck muscles to relax.
  • Next is to sit on a chair.
  • Capsaicin oil can be used to massage the neck. It helps in warming it up and gives relief from stiff and painful neck muscles.

Trigger Point Massage for Neck Pain

  • Trigger point therapy consists of the use of continuous or balanced pressure to help release spasm in the neck muscles and it also promotes blood flow to the neck region for faster healing. The tender points or knots in the muscles are located and pressure is applied to them in order to release the tension. These points are often the cause of referred pain from the shoulder and back to the neck.
  • First step is to try to find the most tender point in the neck, which is causing trouble.
  • Using your fingers, knead the muscles of the neck using substantial pressure in a way that you feel the pressure but not the pain from the pressed finger.
  • Stretch your neck towards left and right direction, between the massage. This helps relaxing you.
  • You can get a partner to help you in doing this massage, as self massage may be difficult to perform.

Swedish Massage for Neck Pain

Swedish massage is a variant of therapeutic massage techniques to release tension when pressure is applied to the surface muscles. Swedish massage is helpful in decreasing tension and emotional stress, which can contribute in neck pain.

Shiatsu for Neck Pain

Shiatsu is a form of a Japanese massage where the massage therapist uses one’s body weight to slowly apply pressure on acupressure points. There is an arrangement of vessels through which the body’s energy flows. This is felt by palpation or touch by the “Shiatsu” practitioner and one is able to sense and concomitantly regulate the flow of energy (“Ki”) in the body.

Deep Tissue Massage for Neck Pain

Swedish massage and deep tissue massage and may be performed simultaneously or in combination with each other as this helps in releasing tension from the connective tissues present in the neck and thoracic spine and the deeper muscles. When doing this, the pressure applied is harder and intense. The main aim is to release the knots or the scar tissue which could be responsible for the neck pain.

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