Massage Therapy for Diabetics

Diabetes is a condition where, due to inadequate secretion of insulin or poor utilization of insulin, the body is not able to maintain the glucose level in the blood. Massage therapy is beneficial for patients suffering from diabetes by decreasing their anxiety, stress and tension and thus improving physical conditioning.

Massage Therapy for Diabetics

Benefits of Massage for Diabetics

  • Patients having diabetes have increased glucose level in their blood and any stress or mental strain further increases their glucose level. This can be very detrimental to the diabetics. Massage does wonders in relaxing and calming patients having diabetes.
  • Massage therapy helps in reducing stress and strain and does wonders in preventing rises in the blood sugar.
  • Massage therapy also helps in increasing blood circulation and thus increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body cells. There is also increase in the insulin uptake of the body cells, which in turn leads to utilization of glucose and thus decreasing the blood glucose level.
  • Massage improves flexibility of the tissues thereby increasing blood glucose utilization.
  • Neuropathy is a known complication in diabetics. It is a painful condition and may also cause numbness in the limbs. Neuromuscular massage done with fingers using slow strokes with focused pressure on the painful areas such as in acupressure is a safe technique.

Foot Massage for Diabetes

Foot massage benefits a lot in diabetes. Gentle pressure is applied on the trigger points on the foot. It encourages the energy points and stimulates the pancreas in releasing the insulin. Massage also stimulates the body cells in utilizing the glucose from the blood.

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