Massage Therapy For Disc Herniation or Herniated Disc

Massage therapy has many therapeutic health benefits. It facilitates back pain reduction, stress, and helps in improvement of range of motion as well as promotes sleep. Massage therapy is also beneficial in muscular injuries, in particular those injuries which affect spinal cord.


Massage Therapy For Disc Herniation or Herniated Disc


Massage Therapy for Disc Herniation or Herniated Disc

  • Massage for Disc Herniation should always be performed by a trained and experienced therapist.
  • The main aim of this therapy is to alleviate pain and speed up the healing process.
  • Massage is done on both sides of the herniated disc, near the disc space which appears herniated.
  • Massage is done using mild strokes in a lateral direction.
  • Massage should be initiated with mild pressure and the pressure should be gradually increased depending on how much pain the patient is able to tolerate.
  • Massaging helps increase circulation of blood in the herniated disc space and also promotes healing.
  • Always avoid direct pressure on spine or the intervertebral disc space, as this can potentially worsen the condition.


Deep Tissue Massage for Disc Herniation or Herniated Disc

If aroma oils are used along with massage therapy then this helps in cutting down the muscle spasm and thus calming down the pain in the affected region. Deep Tissue Massage and/or Trigger Point Massage works best for the herniated disc based on how severe the condition is.

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